Thursday, February 13, 2014

Decisions. Decisions.

Wow! WHAT a week! Life has been crazy, mostly at work, this week. It hasn't been "bad" but very, very busy. Home hasn't been quite as busy, although tonight it will be. I'm actually thinking I'll take my first rest day since last Thursday. I have a few things I need to get done, the big one being backing for a little getaway. Naturally this is a process that may take me a year-and-a-half. My boyfriend and I are headed out of town after work Friday, and I won't be home tomorrow night, so I need to get these packed up for tomorrow night, Friday, and the weekend. So, anyway, dinner will be quick and I don't think I'll do a workout. I'm okay with that since I've done something daily for almost a week without rest. Even if some of it was lower impact and lower intensity because  I was sick, I was still working. Yay!

Last night I ended up doing a the TIU Legs and Booty workout after my CLX and tready time. I know I wasn't sure if I'd do that or the HIIT so I went with that. My booty and legs can always use a little extra work!

Tomorrow I have a meeting after work and then need to go get the things to put my boyfriend's Valentine's Day present together. I imagine by the time I'm done with those things, I'll be home around seven. I'll take CLX with me so it's likely that I'll get that done and probably not much else... Maybe the TIU HIIT workout or something else quick. It'll be a little shorter than usual but I need to get something done. Since I'll be closer to work, I'm hoping planning to get up early on Friday to get a workout done before work so that I don't miss all day Friday and Saturday.

So that's that. Life is hectic all around... But where there's a will, there's a way, right? SO I'll just have to find ways to make it happen!

When I was sick, I missed the deadline for the deferral for the Princess Half.  This means that I totally just lost between $150 and $200 on my registration fee. Ouch. I tried to do the deferral before, but it wasn't taking my card as the system said it was not the card I used to register. I'm not sure what other card it would've been, although my previous card that I registered with my have expired. I was busy at the time so I was going to get back on and try to figure out who to contact later. Then... I got busy, distracted, and whatever else and then last week totally forgot to get on and try again. So, anyway, I'm bummed I missed the deferral deadline...Not so much because I lost this year's money, but because when I register for next year, it'll be like paying double because of the missed deadline. Grrr. That's why I'm mad at myself.

I loved the Princess Half last year and when it comes up next weekend, I'll be totally bummed that I won't be there. But...What can you do? I got a new job and didn't want to ask for time off right away or use the vacation time I'll accumulate that quickly. I like to work up a little bit of a safety net, especially since I tend to take more time off during the nice weather. So anyway, part of me will be a little sad that I won't be at Disney next week, but I know that I made the right decision.

Speaking of decisions....

I'm not sure if I'll do next year's Princess Half or not. Had I deferred, I'd have done it. No question about it. Since I missed the deadline I'm not sure now. There are other Disney races that I'd like to do and I know that I'll be ready for a fun vacation before a year is up. My dilemma is that if I still decide to do the Princess Half, one of those races is just a couple months before. It's the Wine and Dine half that's held in November. I know people who do frequent half marathons. But for me... I don't know what I think about the idea of doing one in November and then one again in February. Plus, it seems a bit close together in terms of vacationing. Then, of course, there's the weather in February. What will it be like? I know if it's anything like it has been this Winter, I'm not going to want to drive to Florida. So, I'd most likely want the fam to go too, so that my Dad can drive through the bad parts. Ha! That's not the only reason. Our vacation was a ton of fun last year and it would be great to get away with my parents again! This is the time of year they like to go, so it just might work out.  I could always fly, which is also risky because of cancellations and such.

The other race I want to do, which I need to decide on fairly soon, is the Tower of Terror 10 Miler. It looks super cool and is in October. That's 3.1 miles less than a half. And it's another month (almost two) before Princess. This one is at night (starts at 10 PM) and goes through Hollywood Studios and to the Wide World of Sports Complex and back, rather than through the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. This one has a "scary" theme and villains are all along the race course.

Wine and Dine is also a nighttime race that starts at 10 PM.  It's run in conjunction with Epcot's International Food and Wine Festival. Um...Super cool for the wineo in me! The other cool thing is that Disney typically puts their Christmas decorations up around the first of November. This race is the weekend of the of the eighth, so it's entirely possible that the race course will be all lit up and Christmasy!

The stinky part about both of these races is that they occur during football season. My boyfriend will not be thrilled about missing one of his beloved Lions games (as he will be going with me, obviously). Unless the Lions are playing a Florida team or are on a channel he can get, I'm not sure we'll be able to watch the game. He'll just have to suck it up and miss a game if we can't find it. I think he'll live. It may take some convincing on my part, but I'm confident I can do it.

So. I've got to decide, fairly quickly since registration for the 10 Miler is already open, which race to do. The good news is that it most likely does not fill up as quickly as the Princess Half, so I probably have a little time to decide...But I don't know how much. If I decide on this one, I don't want to miss my window of opportunity. The Princess Half shows a bar of the percentage of capacity the race is at. I do not see that on the website for this one, so I'm thinking I have a little more time. Hopefully they do that for all of their races. I'll definitely keep an eye on it as I decide.... At this point I'm leaning toward the 10 Miler because I'd really like to do the Princess Half again. There's a part of me that says "you've done the half; experience some other Disney races too." Then I figure that those races will be in existence for a while so I'll just do one this year and the other one next year! So many things to think through.... Such a big decision for me to make!

Well this packing is not going to do itself so I should get moving... Anyone with experience in doing either the 10 Miler or the Wine and Dine race, please share!

Happy Hump Day (Night)!


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