Saturday, February 8, 2014

Health Update...

I don't typically post on Saturdays and this will probably be short...

I am still sick but feeling a little better. I think anyway. I woke up feeling pretty weak (after sleeping for like 10 1/2 hours and sleeping-in until 10 AM!) but as the day has gone on I feel a bit better. I still don't have much of an appetite but we have spent the morning doing basically nothing so that might be why. Or at least part of the reason. 

On the plus side, I did war a sloppy Joe for dinner last night. So my calorie total for the day was better than the two days prior, but still not up to 1200. Meh. It'll get there.... 

I'm still not feeling well enough to try anything super intense. Last night during my ST workout I had some coughing spells and it felt difficult to breathe. So I knew cardio was out of the question. I was pretty worn out after that so I decided not to do anything else. And my boyfriend kind of scolded me. He told me how awful I sounded and how I really need to just take it easy. It was, of course, meant with love and he may have been right. 

So today my largest accomplishments have been doing his taxes and cleaning the bathroom. I picked up the kitchen a little too but it wasn't really all that messy.  At the moment I'm biking. I decided that I could probably handle a little biking today. I haven't done any ST or any other type of workout today so I think my biking will be fine. I'm obviously not going   at an intense speed or high resistance since I'm writing while I bike. My heart rate isn't getting high but after very little activity I'm definitely feeling it in my lungs and chest. I'm not really breaking a sweat... Maybe a little but that's probably because I haven't showered yet. 

I'm just happy to be getting a little activity on and I'll be glad if I burn a couple hundred calories in thirty minutes. Today really isn't about the burn so much as it is just moving and getting my body back into the swing of things. I feel that by doing light activity that I can tolerate, it won't take as long to get back into the intense stuff.

I may attempt a slow walk or maybe a other round of biking later this eve isn't. We shall see how I feel!!

We don't really have much going on today. I may do a little more light cleaning or packing. We need to run to the store of a couple things. Ummm otherwise we are being lazy. Or resting I should say. Lazy sounds like we don't want to do anything at all. If that were true we wouldn't. I'm at least trying to accomplish whatever I can. So I suppose we are just having a lightly active recovery day. That sounds far less negative. And ten times better than using the word "lazy."  

Well I suppose that's it for now. I think I will go browse Pinterest while I finish up this bike ride to nowhere (stationary bike). 

Hope your weekend is going well!!!


Update: Got an e-mail from TIU not long ago... The HIIT workout is not the legs and booty workout. There was a second one they hadn't announced yet. Now I'm not sure which I will do.... 

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