Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Was Wrong.

I did not end up working out yesterday. By the time I finished blogging I was having three conversations (one via Facebook, text, and actual) that stretched out over a period of time. One was about a possible upcoming race. One and part of another were about this ridiculous situation that my friend and I are rumored to have something to do with (we are not - and I'm starting to wonder if it was some kind set-up to make us look bad or something...Who freakin' knows... It's just drama, drama...Oh boy!). And other than that I was just having usual conversation with my boyfriend. Anyway, between all the texting, talking, and Facebooking, before I knew it, it was 8:13 (and I missed the first 13 minutes of Pretty Little Liars). It was suddenly too late to workout (and I didn't wanna miss the show!) and I wasn't hungry for dinner.  Dinner ended up being a snack (Smartpop) so that I could get a few more calories in my system. I watched PLL and, of course, fell asleep on the couch.

Tonight I met up with some friends and consumed a couple margaritas and my monthly splurge on Mexican food. I actually kept it as light as I could by eating chicken tacos with corn tortillas instead of flour. I typically plan ahead when I go there so that I get something that isn't quite as bad as all the rest. The food itself wasn't bad (under 500 calories for three tacos that I did not finish) but the margaritas weren't the best. Obviously. Of course, they fill those suckers FULL of ice so even though I counted a full 12 ounces per drink, I'm not convinced I was actually drinking 12 ounces of margarita. Heck, just the ice I add to my protein shakes makes the liquid measure up to the two cup mark when it's actually only one cup. See...Eight ice regular ice cubes can make it seem like you have two cups of liquid! I find the same true of like 12 or 16 (I forgot how many are in the try) tiny ice cubes. So chances are that 12 ounce margarita I am tracking is more like eight ounces - or even six! I don't know the info to calculate an exact amount. Although, now that I'm thinking of it.... I just may take a measuring cup and try to figure it out next time I'm there.  Yes, I'm fully capable of such dorkery (made up that word.. Clearly).

Now I'm writing and deciding if I should try to workout or not. I most certainly could stand to do something (and will most likely do that TIU arms routine that I was going to do yesterday). I'm not sure about cardio. An after dinner walk is something a lot of people do. However, I'm not sure they do this after having consumed margaritas. I'm not by any means drunk so I should be perfectly fine. My Mom came with and I decided just to stay at their house tonight (silly to go home for less than 12 hours!) so it's still early enough that I could easily do some very light cardio, like a walk.

It's the full factor that's weighing me down (hardy har har).  I honestly want to put on my pajamas and just relax (probably fall asleep on the couch). I shouldn't though. I took an unplanned rest day yesterday so I really need to do SOMETHING today.

So, off I go... Time to walk and then do some arm work!

Hope your week is going well!!


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