Monday, February 3, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap

Okay so the weekdays have been flying by, but I feel like this past weekend just went by super, super quick. Of course it's Monday evening and I don't feel well, so I'm pretty certain that I wish it was still the weekend so I could've lazed around with my manfriend today. But, I couldn't. Sigh...First time since starting my new job that I wished Monday hadn't come so soon because I actually did not want to go to work. I always miss my boyfriend when we're apart but today was different... I think that's because the stinkin' love of my life gave me a cold. I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse. He's pretty sick today with a nasty cough (I think he has more than a bad cold - more like an upper respiratory infection). So I won't be too hard on him for giving me part of his funky germs. At least he didn't give them all to me...Yet.

Anyway...So I don't feel well. I feel run down and really would like to just put on pajamas, snuggle, and sleep. My throat is sore. I'm stuffy. I feel tired. I don't have much of an appetite and almost worked through lunch today. I guess I didn't feel hungry so I didn't realize it was almost lunchtime. I did eat my lunch because I KNOW that I need to fuel my body to keep it going. One thing I try to do is eat even when I don't have an appetite (unless more disgusting sickness-related things are happening). I had my Shakeology this morning, string cheese for a snack, and a salad and yogurt for lunch. Not bad. Anyway, sickness... I also feel as though I may have a low grade fever. Nothing bad... Actually my temp is frequently a little low so my low grade fever is probably a "normal" temperature. I usually run in the 97-range rather than the typical 98.6, so even a normal temp is a fever for me.

I'm going to do a workout anyway though. I don't think that I'm so sick that I can't. I'm just not sure how intense it will be. Yesterday should've been my first workout in the next phase of my CLX program, however I got behind last week so I completed the first phase and will start phase two today. I've now just under completed four weeks of the part of the program. I've diligently done my Burn Circuit 1/2/3 DVDs however I haven't been as good about the other workouts - abs and recharge. I know that to get the most out of the program I should be doing them, but I am feeling slightly over-extended with all the stuff I have going on. The TIU challenge and my half marathon training (sad as it may currently be) kind of throw things off as far as that schedule. As does the craptastic Winter weather and changes in plans and where I will be from day-to-day. It makes it hard to get every single workout in, but I am adapting and fitting things in where I can. I guess there are just certain pieces of these various workouts that I've decided to give priority to.

I never took measurements at the start of the program like I was supposed to. I suspect that I've lost some inches, as I look smaller. I've also lost some pounds (seven last time I checked two weeks ago - then TOM came and threw my weight off as it usually does - I'm sure I was up, so I didn't even bother to weigh-in that week; then this past weekend I just plain forgot to weigh before I ate and worked out). We'll see what this coming weekend brings. I'm hoping for a total loss of about eight pounds. Yes, that's just over a pound more than what I had been at a couple weeks ago, but the effects of TOM are always hard on my system. And I ate out last week. And whatever else...So, anyway, this weekend will be just over a month into the swing of things again and I think that eight pounds (heck even six at this stage in the game) would be a good rate of loss for a month. Long gone are the days of losing 10 a month (of course I was a lot heavier then too; and had more to lose!).

The most important factors of this last almost-month... I feel better. I look smaller. I'm engaging in healthy habits again. Most of the time. I definitely took too many "rest" days last week. And felt it this weekend. I splurged a little more this week than in the past couple weeks (Mexican night, then for the Super Bowl last night) but I kept it in check and didn't go too crazy. I'm not 100% thrilled with my actions of this month, but I'm not super disappointed in myself either. There's always room for improvement and this last week - and month - have shown me areas I need to work on.

Now for the weekend....

Friday evening I got home and got busy with a few things around the house before starting my workout. My boyfriend went out and shoveled while I worked out, which I nearly begged him not to do. I was hoping he'd wait until I was done so that we could do it together. I was thinking maybe I'd burn a few more calories. But he was sweet and did it all so I didn't have to, while I worked out. I can't complain... He's so good to me and does so many little things for me. I'll admit that it was pretty nice not to have to go out in the cold!

So for my workout I did CLX and some treadmill time. I had a 5K to do for my virtual race (gotta get that medal, ya know!) so I did that plus some extra minutes just for the heck of it and too cool down. I did a jog/walk combo. Dinner was kind of weird. I wasn't all that hungry and we couldn't decide what we wanted anyway, so I didn't cook. I had left overs (small steak and half of a baked potato) and my boyfriend had frozen burritos (YUCK!). We just hung out and watched TV for the night...Nothing exciting.

Saturday we slept-in for a bit and then got up and hung around the house.  I did a little cleaning, then worked out. I did a CLX workout that I'd gotten behind on during the week, and then spent some time on the treadmill. For some reason (probably because I hadn't been so great at workouts during the week and then worked out on Friday night), my legs felt heavy and sore. I have a muscle (an oblique, I'd guess) that's been making my hip and lower back sore recently and that was really bothering me when I tried to run. I think I walked almost all of my treadmill time. After I worked out and showered we went to get some groceries. The man wanted subs for dinner so I decided to make them at home instead, thinking it might save on some calories. After I added up all of my dinner calories, I think it would've been about the same to go to Subway! Oh well.. They were homemade and much tastier than Subway subs would have been!

After we got groceries, we just hung out for a while before I made our subs. Ours were a little different as I did not put as much stuff on mine as I did on his. Honestly I made him such a giant sandwich he could barely eat it! We used white sub buns (blah; all I could find at the store), deli turkey and salami, pepper jack cheese, provolone cheese, lettuce, pickle, onion, mayo, and mustard. Mine didn't have everything on it, but those are the things we got. We ate some chips with them too... I had only eaten toast and a Shakeology so I was safe to have a larger dinner. It wasn't healthy but it wasn't seriously unhealthy either. Could have been much worse! We ate and watched "Bad Grandpa" (pretty funny!). Then I cleaned up and we watched the NFL awards (well, mostly me since someone decided to nap). Oddly he woke just in time to watch some low-end wrestling show. About that time the Flexeril I took for my muscle was kicking in and it was my turn to start dozing. I slept off and on until we decided to go to bed.

Yesterday we got up and just hung out again. My boyfriend was starting to get a cold on Saturday and it was a little worse yesterday. So we didn't do much. I did workout - finally caught up on the last of the first phase of my CLX workout - but not for long. I decided to skip the cardio since my hip/back and been so sore. It actually felt a little better but I did not want to push it. So my workout wasn't a huge calorie burner, but I got something done. I made my boyfriend another sub for lunch (and one to take to work with him today) but I didn't really eat much. I had some salami pre-workout for some energy and then later some chips because I knew I'd be eating some unhealthy stuff later. I did laundry and we pretty much just hung out before headed out for a Super Bowl party.

The party was a lot of fun! It was at my boyfriend's Step-Brother's house and it was pretty small - just family. His Step-Brother's wife and three boys were there, and his Dad and Step-Mom were there. It was small and pretty quiet so that was nice. I had a decent balance of healthy and unhealthy snacks/dinner. I don't typically condone eating super light all day for a one-meal pig-out, but I did that yesterday. I took some fairly healthy snacks with us - veggies and dip, black bean tortilla chips and pretzel chips with hummus, and dill pickle roll-ups (with light cream cheese and ham). I tried to stick to munching most on my veggies with a little dip and the black bean tortilla chips and hummus (both of which my boyfriend liked -YAY!!!). My roll-ups were a pretty big hit and went fast! I did eat a couple of those before they were gone. My indulgences were a slice of pizza and some garlic bread stick things. Oh and some peanut butter and Frito bake thing that my boyfriend's Step-Mom made. I completely avoided spinach dip, cheese dip, and regular tortilla chips. I was also pretty happy that I filled up on veggies and didn't eat much pizza or garlic bread. No dips (ranch like I usually like!) for them either. Oh... and my other indulgence... I drank some beer.  I haven't been drinking much at all this month, a bad habit I'd gotten into over the summer. I've definitely cut down on that but did have some of my "diet beers" (the 55 calorie beers) last night.  We left the party shortly after the game ended and actually went to bed at a decent time (by 11, I think!).

This morning both of us felt kinda yucky - my boyfriend more than I. He has a nasty cough (that kept me up part of the night) and was feeling really rundown. Poor guy. I was cranky because I wasn't feeling so hot either AND his dang coughing woke me up way earlier than necessary and I couldn't get back to sleep. I feel kind of bad...He just wanted to be cuddled and taken care of and I was like, "Gosh! Now I can't get back to sleep, thanks to your stupid cough." I thought my throat felt sore just because it was dry during the night, but apparently it's a bit more than that. I just hope that I don't get whatever it is he has....Seems to be respiratory and I'm hoping it's just a super nasty cold or something easy to treat - and not the miserable flu that's going around!! I most definitely do not want to catch that.

I suppose I should go get this workout done so I can start dinner. I'm going to start the next phase of CLX and, hopefully, do my TIU workout too. I definitely do not have the energy to jump on the tready today and quite honestly it is not at all appealing. Luckily the TIU workout is considered a HIIT workout (hopefully I can handle it!).The workout includes lunges, push-ups, squats, planks, and a move called punch & crunch. There are three rounds for each workout and it appears that each round changes the moves little. I think this workout will go by pretty quickly! Today's workout is also supposed to include  around of total body, but since I'm doing CLX I probably won't do that part. I usually just to TIU on Monday but since I got behind with CLX, I don't know that I will have time. I guess we'll see how it plays out and what I decide to do this evening. It's typically date night but I don't know that either of us are feeling up to doing much of anything. And I know I don't want to be up until after 11 watching wrestling... I guess I could always just go to bed when I get tired and let him stay up. Hmm...Yes, perhaps that's what I will do....Which means I need to get going so I can try to get ALL of the TIU workout done. Honestly? It probably won't happen as I always end up trying to do too much and short myself on time on Mondays! But I at least need to do my HIIT and CLX. I go...

I hope your weekend was great!!


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