Monday, February 24, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap

Friday was another busy day, so busy that I didn't have time to post!

Before the re-cap a small NSV... The shit I wore today (purchased in January I think) is much baggier than when I bought it. At that time I'd describe it as more fitted (supposed to be). Good to know that, at the very least, my upper body is slimming back down! Yay!! 

Thursday I ended up doing some treadmill time and some toning (TIU) exercises. It was pretty good - burned some cals, continued the streak...Fun times.  My parents got home from vacation but I stayed there anyway. I got all of my stuff packed up and loaded in the car and just spent time hanging out with my parents.  Plus? It was nice to be close to work and have another day of sleeping in.

I finally went home which meant that we had a driveway full of icy snow waiting to be cleaned up. Yay.  Guess what my workout on Friday evening was? Yup...Shoveling.  My boyfriend always uses the "good shovel" so I used the "not-so-good shovel," as I like to call them. I feel like I probably got a better workout than he did. Of course because he had the good shovel he was able to lift more and break-up the chunks. My stupid shovel was like, "" So I ended up scooping up the deeper areas of snow and he broke-up the chunks. I tracked it as 30 minutes but he says we were out there for more like an hour. I think he exaggerated, but I honestly forgot to check the clock when we started. Not that it matters... I burned some cals, so that's good.  By the time we were done, that is all I did. We didn't in the house from shoveling and unloading the car until after 7 ( maybe we were out there for an hour...) so it was just getting a bit too late to workout. Oh well - shoveling did it for me. I think the arm work I did all week really impacted me because I could feel it when we shoveled!

Other than shoveling we didn't do much on Friday night... Just hung out at home, watched Smackdown and ate a terrible dinner because I had like zero groceries. He had some frozen White Castle sliders (blaaaacccchhhh) with chips (because we had chips!) and I had some SmartPop.  Not the healthiest but I didn't feel like going to the store and there wasn't much that I could throw together to make a meal. So...Junk night it was.

Saturday we spent the morning hanging out at home. I worked out for about an hour - tready and a TIU workout. The TIU workout was supposed to be a "quickie" workout that I'd be done with in 10 minutes. It was four exercises, 30 reps each, and was to be repeated four times. I modified it slightly by using heavier weights so it took me a lot longer than 10 minutes. I'm thinking that 10 minutes was for one round...Because that's about how long it took me to do one round. Or it is meant to be done with much lighter weights, in which case I'd have been done quicker. Anyway, so I used heavy weights and it took me about 30 minutes. Honestly? It sucked. I think it was because of the heavy weights. I'm used to doing fewer weights with heavier reps. I think I went too heavy for that many reps.  I just broke it up into smaller sets (some of the moves) and took more time. I definitely felt the work!!

After my workout we both got ready to head out. It was a gorgeous day and given the insanity of the Winter we haven't gotten out to do much of anything. Our trip out of town last weekend was the most we've done in months. We're both really tired of Winter!! We can't even go outside so he can kick the snot out of me in ladder golf or something. It's cold and it stinks to drive in this stuff...So we've been cooped up at home more often than not. We have had Applebee's gift cards since Christmas so we decided to take a little drive to a town not far away. We went to the mall and Target for some shopping. I got Starbucks. Twice.  I got the first one when we left Target and planned to walk the mall with it. I dropped it. Seriously it was like the little kid that drops their ice cream cone.... Minus the tears. I even paid the extra dollar for the reusable cup, which promptly rolled under another car. Not that I'd use it after it hit the ground, but I'd have at least thrown it out (I HATE littering). Starbucks Round Two was a success.

After our mall wandering and coffee drinking, we drove over to Applebee's for dinner. Talk about busy!! My gosh! They told us it would be a 25-30 minute wait to be seated but it seemed longer. Of course, when you're standing among several other people also waiting to be seated, with others going out and more coming in,that tends to make things seem a bit longer.  At least their entry way was heated! We were there for a while after we were seated and it was a little slow, but that's to be expected when it's busy and there are large parties (and like six birthdays...If I never hear that song it'll be too soon). We enjoyed dinner and drinks before heading home.  I think we got home around 10 and just hung out for a while and watched TV. We both fell asleep on the couch (I knew he was going to the second he used me as his human pillow) and then finally got up and went to bed.

Yesterday was pretty similar. We hung out for a while in the morning - I worked out while he watched part of a DVD. I just put in some tready time and I figured my other muscles could use a break. And I just wasn't into the idea of ST yesterday. I also did some laundry and a little cleaning. Then we got ready to go to my Grandparents' house to celebrate my Papa's birthday. We spent a few hours with my fam before heading out to his house for a few. Then we went over to the home of some friends and watched the Wrestling Pay-Per-View.  Gosh. I talk about Wrestling a lot. I suppose when you watch it at least three times a week it takes up some of your life! Silly boyfriend... Actually I think it's cute that he is still into something he liked as a kid. Most people don't hang onto that kind of stuff. And it IS pretty darn entertaining. I'm most impressed by the strength and muscles. I honestly spend time looking up workouts and watching videos (not A LOT of time, but sometimes if I'm just hanging out watching TV I'll youtube a vid or something). I can't help it...Scripted or not, there is definitely athleticism involved!!

So after the PPV we stayed up too late and had to get up too early...And that was that! I definitely wished we could've stayed in cuddle mode this morning instead of having to get up.  Coffee helped to get me through my day today. Luckily work went by pretty quickly and now it's time to get my workout done before our standing Monday date!

Hope you have an excellent week!!


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