Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap...On Tuesday.

Yesterday was a super busy day for me (both at work and after). I went to my parents', as usual, to prepare dinner and workout (and shower!) before going to my boyfriend's for the night.  Luckily I had pre-made dinner, turkey chili, so I just had to turn the crock pot back on to heat it through. This meant that I had time to workout for longer than 20-30 minutes like I usually do Mondays! Yay! I was feeling a lot better so I attempted some tready time too. I just walked but that's a half an hour longer than I've been on the treadmill in days! I don't think I used it at all last week!  For the other part of my workout I followed the TIU arms and abs routine that was posted for the day. After I was done with that, eating, and my shower, I headed off to my boyfriend's for our standing Monday night night.

So that was Monday... It was over in a flash! Today has been quite similar!  Work was busy and here it is, after 5:00 and I'm home and about to get ready for my workout. I have my CLX workout to do and will likely spend some time on the tready after. I'll most likely just walk again today. My cold is much better but I am still congested and have these random coughing fits. A fast walk is better than nothing at all, so I'm okay. I'm feeling well enough that, knowing me, I'll probably attempt to run a little...Which will end up being a bad idea. I need to keep telling myself not to run so that I don't push it too hard. The last thing I want to do is not finish because I'm having a coughing fit. Today's TIU workout is fat burning plus legs and booty. I'll most likely do the booty work this evening while I watch TV...It's all pretty standard (lunges, squats, planks, and punch & crunch). It won't take long and is something I can easily do upstairs while I watch TV.  Not a huge burner but it's always good to do a little extra! It's actually the HIIT routine I did last weekend, so it's three rounds per exercise, as intense as you can go, with a rest in between rounds.  It takes under 20 minutes so I'll be done before an episode of a show is over. Honestly, how can you NOT do something that easy!? And by easy, I mean in terms of getting it done....NOT in terms of how the exercises will be. I'll be trying to go as fast as possible and make the moves as hard as possible.

So anyway, now that I'm all out of order... Back to the weekend...

I posted on Saturday so I don't really have a whole lot to add.  I just did the one workout which was sufficient. After my workout Friday night and on Saturday afternoon, I got the lecture about being careful from my boyfriend. That's why I didn't push it either time. Saturday night we didn't do much. After my workout we got a few groceries, gas, and came home.  I made him a homemade version of the Grilled Stuft Nacho from Taco Bell, and he said that my home made version was much better. Of course, I put all my love into it, so it should be better! Haha! I added some ingredients that are not in the fast food version, and while I'm fairly certain mine was just as unhealthy,he said it tasted better so I was happy about that. I didn't eat one because it was too unhealthy for me. And I still didn't have an appetite. I did take some of the stuff and made it into a small salad and ate that. I needed to eat something because other than a mix of a fat-free cappuccino and coffee from the gas station, I hadn't eaten much all day.  So anyway, we watched a movie and cuddled on the couch...Then he fell asleep and I watched another movie (chick flick that probably would've put him to sleep anyway - haha). When he woke up we watched a little TV and hung out for a bit before bed.

Sunday we slept in (just like Saturday) pretty late. Having both been sick I guess we really needed our rest...Which was kind of my plan for the weekend, I just didn't think that rest would involve as much sleeping as it did! My version was just laying around and relaxing, but hey, sleep is better I'm sure! I did a longer workout Sunday - just over an hour. I kept the intensity low by biking. I also did a CLX DVD and apparently my body wasn't ready or I was lifting heavy because it made me a bit nauseous during some of the moves. Either is a valid possibility.  We didn't do much else on Sunday. I cleaned and did some laundry but we stuck around the house. Being that the weather has been so bad and with us both being sick lately, this has been our routine and we've been okay with it. We spend time together, don't spend a lot of money, and enjoy ourselves. It's great to be happy doing absolutely nothing with someone. Although this weekend we are going out to celebrate Valentine's Day so I'm looking forward to that. It's kind of a corny holiday (I knooooow) but it's our first one, so we thought it should be special. Or I did and he thought my idea was great...Same thing.

Well I suppose it's about time to get moving!! I'll be putting in just over an hour with the DVD and tready time and I still need to figure out what to make for dinner, so I should get to it. 

I hope you're having a great week!!


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