Thursday, February 27, 2014

Toned Up Thursday (Or So My Schedule Says!)

The TIU workout of the day is supposed to be running (which I'll do) and an ab routine. Unfortunately I will not be following the TIU running workout. They have a specific plan laid out for the running but I have to finish my February virtual race (5K) by the end of the month, which is tomorrow. I'll most likely just do a typical run, walk, or combo (most likely a combo) so that I can log my 5K time so I get my medal. So, I'll still be running, just not following the TIU plan. The TIU workout also calls for abs and given the time of day that it is (and how insanely hungry I am), that's not happening.

I had a meeting after work, around five, and it lasted for about an hour. Then I had to pick up the dog-children before heading home. So, as you may be able to guess, it is going on seven. There's just not enough time in the evening to do a long workout and eat dinner at a decent time. I'd actually like to eat now (did I mention I'm super hungry?) but need to get that run done because... A. I need to workout, and B. I need to get my time entered. So, that's that. Tready time on my own terms, sorry TIU... I like your plan and all but I have to adapt it today (as I do, fairly often).

I will let dinner bake (the tilapia I was going to eat a couple days ago; and some rice too) while I workout so that I won't be eating too insanely late. By the time finish this, change, and get started it'll most likely be after seven. Oh well... Not too much after so I'll be done and eating by eight (I really wanna eat right now - why am I so hungry today!?). My legs are finally not sore anymore so that will make running a little more enjoyable today! I'm not quite sure why I was so stinkin' sore earlier in the week but I'm glad I'm not anymore!

I never did get back on track with CLX this week. I guess it just wasn't a good week for it... Now I'm out of the CLX program for two weeks. I'm trying to decide if I should just pick up where I left off or if I should start again. Any beachbody experts out there have any input on that? My thought is that since I'm doing it for strengthening I will most likely just start again this coming week. My goal for the program is to build muscle so it's not like starting again will be detrimental to my program. Of course I'll be my weight for some of the exercises will end up being lower than it was before! I've been doing some weight training but different moves and with lighter weights (higher reps) so it could be interesting. We shall see....!

I suppose that's my little update for now...Nothing all that noteworthy, I know. I suppose when you're on track with clean, healthy eating (minus last night) and exercising during a fairly quiet week, there really isn't much to report. That's a good thing though, right? I'd much rather just do daily entries being healthy than writing about an injury or falling off the wagon. I think that once the weather clears up and my workouts can change a little (ohhhh to run outside and do some races!) my posts will be a little more exciting.

Hope your week continues to go well!

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