Thursday, February 20, 2014


That? Is the sound of this week flying by! Wow, guys, have I been busy - both at work and after! I guess by the time I've gone to the store, done errands, gotten home to workout, make dinner, and then do things around the house I just haven't taken the time to blog. It's been crazy! BUT the good thing about that is that I took time to buy a bunch of healthy things and have cooked quite a bit. And after not having worked out for a few days, I'm back into that routine too!

I haven't had my CLX DVDs with me, so I'll be starting that again Sunday. Until then I'll continue doing the TIU workouts and HIIT that I've been doing. I haven't wanted to get on the treadmill so I decided that I'd do some different HIIT workouts. The one I did last night was really good - burned 255 cals in 20 minutes! Best one I've done this week. I'm not sure what I'll do tonight... I definitely want to some more TIU moves for strength but I'm undecided on my cardio. I want to do a HIIT workout, but I need to slowly get back onto the tready too (since it's been like a week!). I found a shorter HIIT (12 minutes) so I'm thinking I'll start with that and then I'll at least walk on the tready for half an hour... More like a run-walk mix, I'm thinking since I generally have a hard time just walking (unless I'm sick...I've learned I'm good at walking when I'm sick). Then I'll do my TIU toning workout. I'd guess I'll probably end up working out for just over an hour tonight, which will be good. The last couple nights have been 35-40 minutes. Not bad, but not quite as long as what I generally do either. At least I've been moving though, right!?

Luckily dinner is already prepped so it just has to be heated. Last night I made a spaghetti squash that I plan to eat with sauce and a little cheese...Nothing too extravagant or involved tonight, but that's okay. It's healthy and it won't take long to heat it up! I will probably have some steamed veggies along with it.

So.... Food.

I've done a fair amount of cooking this week -and trying new things! On Monday I used what I had on hand. I ended up making (not the healthiest) some Hawaiian Kielbasa with brown rice.  It was pretty good - had a good mix of flavors with the ingredients. Like I said, not the healthiest but it was homemade and could've been worse. Also? I didn't eat a lot of the sausage so it was mostly brown rice with sauce and a little pineapple and sausage. I was going to have some veggies on the side but I got full super fast and didn't end up eating much. Tuesday's menu was thin pork chops in a sauce and mashed cauliflower. I found both recipes on Pinterest and they were from Clean Eating Magazine.  I also found a recipe for garlic Parmesan roasted chickpeas and made those for snacks. I portioned them so that I only eat a serving at a time. Otherwise? I could've eaten the whole dang batch - they were that good!

And Workouts...

On Monday I did not end up having time to workout - and I had a killer headache. My boyfriend got there around seven and I was already in pajamas. He asked if I worked out and I told him I did not. He looked a little surprise and wondered why. Naturally his response to me having a headache was "well, take something then!" I didn't, of course. Oh well... I think I was still tired from the weekend which probably had something to do with it. That and it was super cold and the weather was bad... Just not a very motivating day. Seriously. Sunshine and good weather can make SUCH a difference when it comes to my "workout mood." Most days I do it anyway, but Monday was not that day. Tuesday I got back into the swing of things with a TIU workout and a HIIT workout I found on Pinterest. Both were good. The HIIT could've been a little more intense but it wasn't bad.

Last night I was pretty much busy from the time I got home until I went to bed. I worked a bit later than planned (did that on Tuesday too...hmmm....I see a trend this week!) so I was home a bit later. Since my house sitting is about over, I had to get things back in order. I immediately started the laundry and changed into my workout gear. Dinner would take a while to make (mostly because it was a bit of a process) so I started that before I started my workout. I made Rosemary Chicken Potato Salad with a home made vinaigrette (also from Clean Eating Magazine). It was delicious, but due to cooking, cooking, and other steps, the whole process took a bit. After that was all made, I cleaned up the kitchen. I then did my workout - a HIIT workout (awesome one this time!!) followed by a TIU workout.  After my workout was done, I finished the laundry and then decided that I'd make my Dad some cookies. So, I baked. Then I cleaned up again. At least by that time the laundry was done! Then I got my stuff ready for work today, and finally, around 10 I actually sat down to relax before I went to bed.

So, here I am, enjoying my last night here, with nothing but a nice long workout, an easy dinner, packing my stuff up, and some relaxation on the agenda. I'm thinking it's going to be a nice evening!! I'm pretty much all packed up so I just have to take out what I'll need for tomorrow and I'll put the rest in my car. Easy.

I can't believe the weekend is almost here!! It's going to be a busy one so it will probably fly by a little fast. On Saturday my Grandparents want to do lunch and my parents want to do dinner to celebrate my adopted Birthday. I'm thinking my parents can come down to my town for dinner since we will be up there during the day Saturday. I don't want to be up there all day but I also don't want to have to drive back and forth twice. There are a couple good restaurants by my house so I'm thinking that's the plan... Or, weather permitting, we'll drive a bit farther.  Then on Sunday we have to go back up to town to celebrate my Grandpa's Birthday. That won't take long and I'm guessing we'll just be there for dinner or something... Shouldn't be too bad.  It's not like it'll be a crazy, rushed weekend. We just have a few things going on that will take a bit of time. There's also the typical "around the house" stuff to do, which I'm sure will begin with shoveling since we haven't been there in days and days. I have to say that I'm super thankful I have my boyfriend to help with that! So, tomorrow shoveling will be a part of the workout plan!

Anyway... I need to get moving so I can get this workout done! 

I hope you are having an excellent week!!


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