Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Work it OR Rest, THAT IS the Question...

The answer is yet to be determined.

I'm freaking tired today. Yesterday I was too (that's because SOMEONE kept me up super late Sunday night). I'm not sure why I'm so tired today. I dozed off and on during one-and-a-half to two of the three hours of wrestling we watched last night (lightly dozed, I should say...my eyes were closed but I heard all of what was happening). Some date I am...Can't even stay awake! Then again, it was his fault for keeping me up so late on Sunday night. Anyway, so I'm tired again.  After work I went to the Chiropractor, picked up the dogs, and made the trek home. It's nearly six. I'm tired. Also? I'm hungry. Apparently my spaghetti squash and yogurt didn't hold me over that well.

So now...I'm in my Tuesday predicament. Do I rest or work out? This seems to be a trend on Tuesdays (probably because I'm up late on Mondays). In the end I'm pretty sure I'll end up doing some kind of workout. I probably won't run, but I can imagine I'll do a TIU workout (I think it's an arms routine today - not bad) and maybe some walking or biking. I'm definitely feeling too tired to run....I know that a run would be less than good if I were to do it. On top of that I am SO sore. I'm not sure if it's because I hadn't done any running for a while and then did two days in a row (Sunday and yesterday) or if it's a combo of things... I suppose WHY doesn't matter and isn't all that important. My thighs and glutes are sore, which I actually like because I'm some weirdo who enjoys muscle soreness...This kind anyway. Not the kind of muscle soreness that screams "injury!"

Dinner will be some fish, baked, and brown rice. This means I'll be under calories. UGH. WAY under. I suppose I'll find some kind of snack or something to eat later. Or just have a light day. Tomorrow is a dinner out kind of night so I'll be, at least, at my goal, if not over. I'm also pretty sure I'll live if I'm under calories for a day. I was under for several days when sick and it took a while to get my appetite back and ...I'm still standing. I don't like to be under but it happens periodically. I just don't make a habit of it. Just like going over... It happens, but not often. Can't dwell on it either! This actually makes me feel better about doing a lighter workout. It's definitely not healthy to push it if you don't have enough energy (calories) to move!

I suppose that's about it for now... Need to go get this workout done!! 

So there is the answer. I guess the question was irrelevant. I usually end up working out even when I think I won't. Silly me.... Why even ask?

Hope you are having a great week!


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