Monday, March 31, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap

Another Monday has come and (nearly) gone. I was super busy at work today, which wasn't so bad because it made the day go by quickly. If I have to do Mondays, I'm better with them going by fast rather than slowly. I didn't cook dinner for my parents today but I made a huge pan of lasagna last night, and even with me eating a piece for dinner, my boyfriend taking two pieces for lunch (and packing those same amounts for our lunches today), I decided to put some in a container for my parents for dinner. They can have some kind of veggies or salad or something with it. I won't be eating any since I had it for dinner last night and lunch today, but that's alright.

No workout today either... Which isn't good but isn't bad either. I have eaten at the low end of my calorie range so in terms of that aspect, I'm okay. I'm really missing my usual workouts but things have been SO busy lately. UGH. I feel like I'm making excuses but I'm not. I really have been using my spare time to go through things and pack... That in itself is a bit of a workout, but mostly it is time consuming.

My boyfriend had to work all day Saturday (BOO!!) so I babysat solo. Because of that we didn't do much Friday night - hung around and watched basketball; that was about it.  On Saturday I decided to take Little Miss to a town roughly an hour away from mine for some fun activities. I messaged my cousin who lives about an hour in the other direction to see if she wanted to meet up and it worked out so that we could, so we had some fun with them!

Little Miss was up and ready to roll when I got there around 6:45 on Saturday morning. I knew immediately that I was not going to be going back to bed with her or napping at all. We stopped by my parents' because when I drove by I saw that the TV was on. I thought maybe my dogs were there. Nope. My Dad or Mom thought we'd be spending most of the day there, I guess, and left it on.  So we stayed there for a little while and ate some toast for breakfast. We then picked up my dogs, got gas, and headed to my house. On the way there she said she was hungry so I stopped by McDonald's and got her some pancakes.  I got her set-up with breakfast and then we got ready for the day, and headed out.

First we made a stop at Hobby Lobby... I wanted to look at their furnishings but I didn't have time to really look to see what I thought I might buy. I picked up some tutu making supplies to make a superhero tutu for another cousin's daughter (and Little Miss too because as soon as she found out Haley would be getting one, she HAD to have one too) and that was about it for that trip. Then we went to meet my cousin Samantha, her husband, and her little boy at a place that is full of super fun inflatables to play on. We let the kids play there for about an hour (which went by SO fast!) before heading home. We could opt to purchase different lengths of time but they had a dinner that night and things to do at home, and we had to be home by a certain time (and I wanted to take her to lunch too). The kids had a great time running, jumping, climbing, and sliding. One of two of us grown-up ladies may have joined in on some of the fun!

After that, I took Little Miss over to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch. Oh. My. Gosh. She. LOVED. It.  It was her first time there and she was amazed by all the games and rides. We played a couple games near our table while we waited for our pizza, and then ate, before walking around and doing more things. I could tell she was starting to get tired but she did really well! She mostly wanted to ride on every single little ride there was, which she did. Since kids earn tickets for little prizes, I had her play some of the games too. I wasn't gonna pay all that for nothing, so I figured she might as well get some cheap junk treasures to bring him. I also bought her a little Teddy Bear. So she got some candies, a spinning top, a whistle (stupid idea for a car ride home, but luckily she fell asleep!), and a little spider. After that we didn't have time to do any of the other things I wanted to do, which was fine. I hit the Starbucks for a drink and got her a cake pop and then we were on the road home. She slept most of the way home, but was still tired when we got back to my house.  We cuddled on the couch and watched some cartoons (Doc McStuffins) until her Mommy got there.

My boyfriend was home from work shortly after that so I didn't get time for a nap or anything. We hung out for a bit and then decided to go out for dinner to a bar/restaurant nearby.  We stayed there for an hour or so before heading home to watch basketball.  He fell asleep on the couch  and I did sometime after the game. When he woke up, he munched on some chips but never said he was going to bed...The little rat let me fall back asleep on the couch for a bit! Luckily I woke up a little while later and went to bed.

We didn't do much on Sunday. He asked about packing things and said he'd be fine with it but since he had worked Saturday, I just wanted to hang out. So we did. We were fairly lazy in the morning. I did do some laundry, a little cleaning, made a trip to the grocery store, and made dinner, but that was about it. We spent the afternoon watching basketball and just hanging around. After I cleaned up from dinner I packed our lunches and we continued to be lazy throughout the evening.  It was kind of nice to just spend the day relaxing. I think we both needed it after having been so busy on Saturday. I guess I thought that since he only got one day off this week, he should spend it relaxing. He did have to fix the toilet, but that didn't take long and wasn't all that stressful... I tube had come off and just had to be put back on. I'm actually the one who figured that out, but he had been trying to fix it before that...And he's the one who put it back together. I wouldn't have figured it out on my own, I'm sure... Like he said, "we make a great team." 

I really think that's true... In a variety of ways; all the ways that matter.  He definitely is my other half; the one who completes me.  It's amazing how we've wanted someone just like the other is and we've never really found it.  Now we get it... Now that we have found one another, it seems so easy. Sure, everyone has ups and downs and nothing in this life is perfect but this relationship is one that is unlike any other that either of us have been in. It's crazy how our paths ended up together - especially since we'd met several years ago but didn't really know one another. Who knew that not that far away was "the one." So funny how life works out... Obviously we were brought together at the right time, when we were supposed to.

Anyway... I suppose I ought to get moving. My Dad and I shopped for appliances for the new house after work so no workout today... Time to get a couple things done before Monday night date night. I laugh that I STILL call it that. We are together more often than not and we don't do anything, but I guess since it's been that way all along, Mondays will still be date nights to me (even if we generally just stay in and watch wrestling!).

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and that your week goes well!! I'm doing some more cleaning/packing/moving so I'm sure my updates will be similar to last week!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sporadic Posting.

As you can tell, I've been super busy lately...Mostly with trying to get this move done. What. A. Pain.  The really super fun thing is that the place I'm moving to will only be temporary. I'm living in a house that my Dad owns and will rent out (eventually) until mine sells and I find a new one to buy. I may be there a year. I may be there two. It just kind of depends on when my house sells and what's available and when.  Anyway, so at some point in time I'll be doing this all again. At least I've thrown away quite a bit and I will, hopefully, not accumulate so much stuff in a matter of a year or two. I'm going through about ten years worth of stuff now, which is crazy.  The good thing about it is that I'm getting rid of a lot of stuff, so there's that. I just need to be mindful about what I buy, and when I do I need to get rid of something else....Because moving? Is a pain in my ass. This is something I hope not to do too many times in my life.

So.... With all that's going on I haven't posted much.  Tuesday I did more cleaning and packing, at the "strong suggestion" of my Dad. He tried to convince me that doing so could replace my workout. Not quite, but I did need to sort through more things. So I did. Shoes. Holy cow do I have a lot of shoes!!! I found 26 pairs to sell or donate. I threw away at least 10 pairs that were just old and worn out; not even worth donating (like those cheap Old Navy flip flops, which I generally replace every summer anyway). So...At least between 36 and 40 pairs of shoes. To be gone.  So far. That was just some of them. I still have more in my bedroom closet. I may not want to know how many pairs of shoes I have.... It's a lot. I know I counted once and had over 100 pairs. BUT I got rid of A LOT at that time. Of course, I've bought more, soooo who knows.  Sorting through shoes and deciding what to keep or not actually took quiet a bit of time. I also cleaned off the top shelf of my closet and found some really random weird things. I have no idea why or when I purchased a hideous brown wig (no, NOT for Halloween...YIKES!) but I found it.  I believe I trashed it because...Why? Just why.

So anyway, I'm eating pretty healthy but my workouts the last couple weeks haven't been quite up to my standards. I guess with all the cleaning and packing I've taken on an attitude of "at least I'm up and moving," which is true but that doesn't mean I like it. But, what can I do? I have to get this stuff done and with working full-time and everything else in life, I do it when I can.  Luckily my runs are only at 2-3 miles this week, which isn't much. I can handle them. However, I do wish I could be doing more of them right now because I need to build up to longer runs again. Siiiigggghhh... Why must things be so hectic?!

Yes, I KNOW I could get up in the morning and do a workout. For some reason I completely fail at this. I guess it's because I leave about 40 minutes before I have to be to work and I'd have to get up so early. And I do not go to bed early enough to get up that much earlier in the morning. I prefer my 6-6:30 time over a 5-5:30 time. And to get up and run? No. I need time to wake up and get moving a little before I do that. I'm just not one of those people who can get up and go. I need to ease into my day. I suppose I should be doing something though... I can handle a light exercise like biking. That's something I can get up and do right away. It's not intense or high-impact.  I think that's a good thing to do while I'm in the midst of all this cleaning and packing. So tomorrow I'll get up and do 30 minutes of biking. Heck I could even do that later in the evening and not have trouble sleeping. I don't typically do high impact exercise late because they I can't get to sleep. So late night or early biking. That works. That must be done since I'm not doing any other typical exercise right now. Sounds. Like. A. Plan. 

Well I guess that's about all I have time for now. I need to get back to cleaning out the spare bedroom closet (luckily there isn't much left). I want to finish that tonight so that another room is packed up and ready to roll. After that I'll pretty much just have my bedroom and the basement to go through (which could take a while). I'm going to toss what I can and pack what I can so that it's easier down the road. I've done a few things in the basement but what I really need to do is sort through clothes. That's pretty much all that's left to do in my room too.  I have a lot of clothes... A LOT. Other than sorting through that stuff and finishing off the bedrooms, it's pretty much just stuff that I use and big stuff that needs to be packed up.Getting there... I am getting there.

Hope your week is going well!!


Monday, March 24, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap

This weekend seemed to fly by pretty quickly. Again.  I don't know why I am ever surprised about this; it seems to go that way every weekend. Friday I got home later than usual because I'd been out of town for work. I ended up biking for a bit and we had a late dinner. I just made grilled cheese sandwiches (loaded though, not just plain). I made them man-friendly since the man would want something with a bit more substance to it than the average grilled cheese. I used pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, and bacon. Again, I did a little make-over on mine so it wasn't quite as bad for me..I also do not like jalapenos so I left those off of mine too. I guess I pretty much just a had a lightened up basic grilled cheese. Oh well... It had a nice kick to it so I was good with that. After dinner I cleaned up and then we watched wrestling and basketball. We went to bed fairly early that night (around midnight; someone fell asleep on me and then I managed to fall asleep after the basketball game).

We were up at a decent hour on Saturday - between 7:30 and 7:45. We got up and hung out for a while and then got started on getting some work done around the house. I did a little more packing but not a lot since my living room was pretty much taken over with stuff. We loaded up both cars with stuff we had packed and drove them up to the new house.  My Mom met us there so it didn't take quite as long to unpack it all. I tried to organize it so that it boxes went in the rooms that they'll be put away in, and I think it seemed to go pretty well. Bedrooms will be harder to do because of space and having to set up beds, but I think things are good to go for now.  After we unpacked we went out for lunch and then my boyfriend and I headed home.  We hung out for a bit, deciding whether or not to take another load up. We did. This time we didn't quite have enough to load two cars (one car would've had like two boxes in it, which seemed kind of silly), so we loaded up my car and dropped off another load. These things were larger (book case, shelves, end tables, and a few boxes) so it didn't take quite as long to load or unload.

We decided to take a little drive on the way home, so we took a "back way" back to the house, driving through some other smaller towns on the lake on the way. My boyfriend had never really driven the route we took or even been to the other small town by mine (which is a huge tourist area and thrives in the summer...Sand dunes are the huge draw). It's still pretty quiet this time of year but it was still a nice day for a drive!

After we got home we watched more basketball, finally showered, and just spent some time together at home...Relaxing. I decided I did not need to do any more work for the day. We ate dinner and just spent time together, mostly watching basketball.  He fell asleep on me again, while watching TV (see a trend here?) and after a while I woke him up to head to bed.

Yesterday we hung out at the house all day. I did some stuff around the house...Cleaning, laundry...The usual. I also started cleaning out bedroom closets, so my living room was emptied out for part of a day. I may load up the car one night this week and drop a load off after work, but we'll see. If anything I'd do that on Wednesday. If not I'll just wait for the weekend and we'll spend some of Saturday hauling more stuff.

Two of my cousins and my favorite Little Miss came over for a few hours yesterday afternoon so I didn't accomplish much while they were there. They sorted through some of my old jewelry (mostly odds and ends, costume type jewelery - not the expensive stuff) and each of them ended up with a bag full. I think they pretty much took everything I had planned to sort through. There were a few things I wanted, but mostly I let them have it.  I can always borrow something if I want to... And if I haven't worn it in this long, chances are I wouldn't be wearing it again. I also sent the oldest cousin home with a big box of glasses, mugs, some bowls; another bag of glasses; and a rug. They were splitting some little mirrors I had and taking a bench but my cousin forgot those so I'll have to drop them off sometime this week...When I remember. It was nice to get rid of some stuff without having to throw it all away or worry about dropping it off at Goodwill.

After they left I finished watching the basketball game and my boyfriend ended up napping. After the game I had to run to the store for a couple things, and then I came home and started dinner (barbecue baked pork chops and veggies). We ate after he got up from his nap and then spent the evening doing nothing. Well, I finished laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, and packed our lunches but that was about it.

Today we were back to the usual routine... I'm going to run today because I didn't over the weekend because of all the packing, moving, cleaning, and other things that kept me busy.  I'm not following my training plan perfectly right now (with this move, I don't think that will happen) so I'm altering it to fit my needs. So I'm going to do a few miles, shower, make dinner, and then head out for Monday date night.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!


The Week in Review

This post is from Friday, March 21, 2014. I must not have hit "publish" when I was done posting.

Since I didn't post much this week I thought I'd write a post this evening and just recap the week. It started off in the typical manner; made dinner at my parents' and had Monday date  night. On my new schedule Monday is a "rest day" so I decided to just go with that. Plus my Mom was home sick so I didn't want to do much to disturb her (and honestly wanted to leave as soon as I could). So I made dinner for my Dad and I, cleaned up, and headed out.

Tuesday I planned to workout, just like my schedule said. I did not.  Instead...TOM.  And let me tell ya, this month was a bad one in terms of how I felt physically. Fatigue was huge. I got home and honestly wanted to just sleep. I did do a few things around the house, ate a terribly unhealthy dinner (and probably broke the calorie bank for the day), and then laid on the couch. I was cranky too, but luckily my sweet boyfriend was understanding about it and didn't think I was being too much of a jerk. I love that he can tolerate the hormonal shifts. It wasn't that bad this month...There was no uncontrollable sobbing or anything bad, I was just cranky. And I told him I was cranky. And he just kinda went with it and let me be pissy without getting sucked into the hormonal black hole.

Wednesday I went to my parents' after work... I did my run from Tuesday and ate dinner there before hanging out with the boyfriend. We watched wrestling and then a movie before bed. No crabbiness. My appetite returned to normal so I didn't feel like a ravenous monster; so junk food binges. Wasn't super fatigued. Survived the day without any major drams...Except feeling like crap about myself because of the day before and my unhealthy evening of eating. Which then made me feel fat. And then I thought about the weight that I gained back and how I'm working to lose it but apparently not hard enough. Oh, hormones, you certainly can shake things up, can't you!?

Yesterday I was feeling pretty normal again. I had a small twinge of "I feel so bad about myself" but that went away quickly. I had to remind myself that I've lost over ten pounds since December without putting in as much effort as I could. I felt better. Focus on the positive, not the negative... Keep plugging along. I think some of that came from the fact that I should've ran, and biked, due to missing Tuesday's workout but instead I just biked. Basically I'm a day behind in my plan....But I'll make it up tonight or tomorrow.  I have to look at the plan to see, exactly, what I should be doing and how to alter it but since it is week one and most of the workouts are run/walk two miles, I'm covered if I miss a day. It's not like I can't already run two miles.  I will, at the very least, get something done tonight...Whether it be biking or running. I'd really like to run tomorrow morning so maybe some biking tonight. We. Shall. See.

Well I suppose I should go get my workout done so I can get dinner started for the man. I'm home much later (like two hours!) than usual (had to go out of town for work) so I'm fairly pressed for time this evening. I think he'll be getting hungry soon. If not already. But he'll also understand I need to workout before I eat... Nice guy that he is. He's probably already had snacks anyway!

Hope you have a great weekend! Ours will be busy with more packing, cleaning, and moving some stuff.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Busy Week.

Wow I've been slacking this week!! I've been so busy (or totally trained on Tuesday) that I haven't taken time to post. Shame!

Here's today Thirteen Thursday... 

Thirteen favorite healthy meals. 

1. Spaghetti squash and sauce; salad
2. Flatout pizza
3. Ground turkey chili 
4. Turkey burgers (bunless), steamed veggies 
5. Baked chicken; salad; steamed veggies 
6. Baked lemon flavored tilapia; steamed veggies. 
7. Protein shakes 
8. Chicken stir fry
9.Quinoa salad
10. A big ol' salad. 
11. Roasted veggies with some kind of protein (chicken usually)
12. Cauliflower crust pizza
13. Scrambled egg whites with veggies. 

Happy Thursday!

I have a busy day tomorrow but will try to post tomorrow evening...


Monday, March 17, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap!

Happy Monday, All! I can't believe it's time, once again, to recap my weekend. Time sure does fly when you're having fun!

Friday I went home and the man was already there, cleaning dog poop up since the snow is melting and showing where the naughty dogs went when they couldn't (or wouldn't?) go to their designated area. He got most of it cleaned up before I got home and when I got there, nicely allowed me to do my workout without having to participate in this round of poop clean-up.

So I did a spinning HIIT workout that was pretty cool. I'm not sure it was as intense as I thought it might be but that's alright. It was some cardio and the higher intensity moments (bumped the resistance way up and went as fast as I could - NOT fast, actually) really worked my legs.  Then I did some weight training - arms and glutes. After my workout I showered and got dinner ready...Well, mine anyway, which was just a salad. I had originally planned on going out of town for work and was going to bring home some Buffalo Wild Wings wings for him but since that got cancelled I didn't. Apparently wings sounded good so I picked up take out from a local place for him - hot wings...Not the same but at least he got some wings! I ate a salad  (spinach, strawberries, blueberries, a little feta, and a few walnuts, with a light raspberry vinaigrette). We watched wrestling and spent the evening goofing around.

Saturday was... A loss of a day, basically. We went to a St. Patrick's Day parade around noon and proceeded to do nothing but consume adult beverages and eat until about 8:00. Apparently the beers went down really well for me (rare) because my parents had to pick us up that evening. YUP. I.  Got. Drunk.  That does not happen often. At all. They took us out to their house, where we both feel asleep (passed out, some may say) on the living room floor around 9:00.  I woke up around 12:30 and suggested we go sleep in an actual bed, so we did. That is a pretty rare instance for us, but it was a fun day full of celebration with some family and friends. Good times, for sure!!

Because we went to sleep so early on Saturday night we were up early on Sunday. I woke up for the first time around 4:30, then we were both up off and on from then until almost 8:00 when we decided to get up. We went back to my house where our big plans of doing more packing and moving some stuff to the new house did not happen. Instead we spent the morning watching two movies (well, I watched part of the second one then showered and went out to get groceries, gas, and finally pizza). Other than grocery shopping, doing about six loads of laundry, dishes, and cleaning, we didn't do much yesterday.  Actually I guess I got a decent amount of stuff done around the house so that's not too bad. Saturday and Sunday definitely did not go as planned but we had a good time doing something different so I'd call it a good weekend.

Now I'm just sitting at my parents' with my sick Mother trying to decide if I should cook or not. I don't want to make her feel any worse than she does but then I suppose my Dad would like to eat something. I guess I'll get an answer out of her eventually. Today is supposed to be my "rest day" from training (schedule starts again this week) but since I didn't work out on Saturday or Sunday I will most likely at least do a little something... Maybe just a walk and some weights for a bit. I was supposed to have a meeting this evening which got cancelled which would've been great with the rest day. Now that I have some time I might as well do something. BUT then again I could get over to the boyfriend's a little earlier if I don't rest.  Most importantly I would really like to stick to my schedule. If I don't rest today I'd have to pick another day which would throw my schedule off-track. And I do not want to do that. I guess I have to look at it as today being a fresh start with a new schedule. What I did or did not do over the weekend really has nothing to do with this training schedule.... And training is my focus right now.

But we'll see...I'll continue my internal debate about whether or not to cook first. Then I'll debate that.

Hope you had a funtastic weekend!!!


Friday, March 14, 2014

Why my Boyfriend is Amazing (Well, Just ONE of the Reasons).

I love my boyfriend. That's pretty obvious. I've never been the type to rely on anyone else to "make" me happy and always rolled my eyes when someone would say something like, "oh he makes me so happy." I always wondered if they didn't feel happy on their own. Why give someone else so much power? Why allow yourself to be happy because someone else makes you feel that way? I didn't get it. Single or in a relationship, I did not get it. I always maintained that I make myself happy and that I never would rely on someone else for that.

I've learned a thing or two recently. Sometimes when someone says, "he makes me so happy" it doesn't mean that they weren't happy before.  I'm happy with myself... Most of the time (we all have our days!). But I've discovered a different type of happiness... A true happiness in a relationship where it isn't dependant on anything but each other. A happiness that money can't buy. A happiness that isn't forced. It just comes naturally. While I still don't like the wording, "he makes me happy" because it still (to me) sounds as though the person isn't happy before, I get it. I get that saying that doesn't mean that. But it is true, He DOES make me happy. Happy in a way that no one else ever has. Am I still happy with myself? Yes, of course. How he feels about me doesn't determine how I feel about myself (although in the past, for me, that has happened in relationships - and NOT in a good way). I'm a much different person than I used to be. I've come to a place where I love and accept myself. I honestly think that I had to discover this in order to feel happy and free inside... I had to discover his in order to find myself in a relationship that does, in fact, make me happy.

Wow...I feel like I'm rambling and not saying much of anything. Or saying too much of the same thing. The basic version? I am happy with myself, but my boyfriend makes me happy too; in a different way."

That being said, you should all know how amazing he is. He's supportive and encouraging. He is willing to try (some) new (healthier!) foods. When it's something that I think might be too "weird" or too much of a shock to his All-American burger-dog-chip style diet, he appreciates that I take the time and effort to cook him something that's more appealing to him. I frequently make something general and then make little tweaks so it fits my healthier diet. Sometimes I end up buying more groceries, but that's okay. I do not push him to eat my healthy diet and offer him options. He doesn't push me to eat his unhealthy stuff (although it would, most certainly, be an easier task for him - not as much arm twisting here). He doesn't mind that it means that, sometimes, dinner takes a little longer because I have to make two of something. He waits for me to get done making my lightened up version before he eats.

He also encourages me to workout... I used to feel guilty about taking time to workout when I felt like I should give him all my time and attention. He's okay with the fact that I might spend an hour of our day in the basement. I generally try to do this before he is up and ready, while he's on the phone with his Dad or buddies, or when he takes a little nap. I find a way to fit it into my day so that I can still workout and spend time with him. I suppose that being farther into this relationship is helpful on that. If I workout and he isn't around, he'll ask if I worked out and then ask how it was. He has taken an interest in the 30-60 minutes (or more sometimes) of my day that I'm doing something I enjoy. He does that with everything, actually. He always asks how my day was, how something went, or whatever can be asked about what I've done when we're apart. And I do the same for him.

He gives me compliments. Some are so sweet, like when he calls me "beautiful" or tells me how nice I look. Some are things that don't seem as sweet but that I LOVE. Like when he notices my muscle. I may flex at times, but I like when he comments on the changes and compliments me on that. Given that I haven't done so much ST lately (my workouts haven't been that great, honestly) so I won't be flexing anytime soon, but when I do, he says things that make me feel like I'm really making some good progress.  Just the other day he told me, "maybe you're making me an ass-man."  He's, historically, been a boob guy.  My boobs are okay, but my butt wins (I think anyway). He smacked me (in a playful way; no worries) and made a comment about how my butt is different since we started dating. He thinks it's smoother/more firm. Cool. Guess that glute work is paying off!!

The odd thing about that is that I put on about 30 pounds over the course of this relationship (now I'm about 20 pounds heavier, but still heavier). Interesting that the scale says I weight more, I was certain that my butt had gotten fatter, but he's noticed it's in better shape. Guess the gain was more wide-spread and that the work I'm putting in IS really paying off. Also? The fact that he noticed this and is turning into a butt guy makes me want to work that much harder. I'm already working to lose weight and build muscle, but now I want to be sure I'm doing more glute-focused exercises. Despite the fact that I'm heavier and I'm not wearing the same size clothes I had been, I feel pretty good.  I feel like I'm working out more than I did over the summer (sometimes; other times it seems like I'm not... I guess maybe it's WHAT I'm doing and the fact that I've incorporated more weights). I'm also eating healthier than I did over the summer. And consuming fewer adult beverages.

Weight loss is still a goal... I want to weigh no more than what I was when we met. I'd like to drop more pounds than that, though. I'm working on it and I feel like I'm being healthier about it than I had been recently. I'm cooking more and eating actual meals rather than whatever I found. I dropped a bunch of weight a month or so ago but I wasn't eating enough. I had too many sub-1200 calorie days. Of course I dropped a lot. And I gained it right back. UGH... WHY would I allow that to happen? I KNOW better, yet I still do stupid stuff sometimes.  At any rate, I'm back on the losing track and weigh less than I did in December (my highest recent weight). I'm also not obsessed with the scale. I weighed myself today because I haven't weighed myself in so long. When I do I tend to get way too focused on the numbers and watching the scale go down. That's most likely what lead me to dropping weight in an unhealthy way a month or so ago. The scale does crazy things to my head. I need to use it to weigh in once a month or so.  I can't even do once a week because even that makes me obsess and then once a week leads to twice, and then three times, and then daily. I'm really trying to focus on just living healthy - eating good, healthy foods and working out. If I do those things (especially focus on the eating), the weight loss will come....Without the obsession.

Another thing? He's supportive during all of this craziness. Of course I have this better mental perspective so I'm not exactly driving him nuts with weight talk. If I stay off the scale it's better for me.... But even if I were to get tangled up in some crazy obsessiveness, he'd tolerate it. I'm also pretty sure he'd try to give me some other encouraging words to help me through it. I'm still being healthy but not in an obsessive way. I love that whether I was acting like a crazy scale-obsessed person or not, he's there for me.

So that is that. He's amazing. And I had to brag.

And on to another topic... I really need to sit down and revise my schedule. I've learned that one of my problems is that I try to pack in too much. I think I'll make some time to do that this weekend between packing and fun festivities. I didn't end up re-starting my half marathon training as planned because my schedule was a hot mess. And that needs to be my focus right now.  I've also decided to hold off on starting CLX again until I move. With my schedule lately it's too hard to get that much in. I think that for right now I need to start with more a schedule that's more manageable. When I move I'll be close to work so getting up in the morning and doing CLX will be a lot easier. Each workout is 30-some minutes long. I can easily get up and get that done before I have to get ready for work. Now I had to get up super early to do that and it's just been kind of crazy and "too much" for me lately. I think I'm failing at following a schedule because my schedule is too much for me to actually accomplish right now. Anyway, I will continue to do some ST but in the madness that is my back-and-forth life right now, I'm not sticking to a set schedule with CLX. I'll use some TIU moves instead and make them work better with my half training schedule.

With that, I need to get moving! I want to get my workout done so that I can get dinner started and we can relax for the evening.

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thirteen Thursday

Yay! I remembered! Only because I saw another blogger's Thursday post and that reminded me of my own.  I'm going to do a quick update first though.  I think that I wrote late enough of Tuesday that you all were aware of how I spent my evening.  I did not end up eating spaghetti squash at dinner. I was so hungry by the time I got to eat that I had the left over turkey burger and a small serving of chips. I didn't want to wait around for a squash to bake. I did bake the squash and had some for lunch yesterday.

Yesterday after work I went over to my parents' house and worked out for a bit. I did some treadmill time and then I did some glute work. After my shower I made dinner which was delicious. Because of seasonings and sauces it didn't LOOK so pretty though...It looked...Brown. But it tasted good and it was healthy which is what matters. Obviously.

I found a recipe on Pinterest and decided to modify it a little. It was for stir fry! The recipe called for pre-cooked fajita meat (steak and chicken). I already had chicken breast so I cut that up and seasoned it with fajita seasoning instead of getting the pre-cooked stuff. The other ingredients were broccoli slaw and mushrooms with a little soy sauce drizzled on while cooking. That was it. I cooked my veggies first, set them aside, and then cooked the chicken.  When the chicken was done I put the veggies back into the pan and let it all heat together for a few minutes. That was it! This was intended to be a low cal and low carb recipe, which is how I ate it. My Mom wanted some rice with hers so I made some brown rice. Then she got some flour tortillas out and filled the tortilla with the rice, the stir fry, and some salsa.  Good idea!! I did not eat mine that way as I did not need the extra calories (or carbs, although I don't really pay that close of attention to my carbs). I was definitely full from just the bowl of stir fry that I had.

After dinner I spent the evening with my boyfriend. We just hung out and watched TV for the evening. We were going to watch a movie but ended up watching TV too late so we will save the movie for the weekend.

I was supposed to have a meeting tonight but it was cancelled due to illness....So I'm home early enough to maybe get some stuff done around here...Maybe. I'm going to workout (biking and ST). There isn't much on TV tonight so depending on how tired I feel I might do some cleaning and/or packing so that there is less to do over the weekend. We have plans for part of Saturday so I'm not sure how much we'll get done then. Well I suppose I should write my list so I can get moving...

Thirteen Favorite Exercises (in no particular order):
1. Running
2. Biking
3. Walking the dogs/talking walks with my boyfriend/family/friends
4. Squats
5. Bicep curls
6. Tricep extensions
7. Planks
8. Kettlebell swings
9. Burpees (even though I hate them)
10. Jumping Jacks
11. Squats with weighted bar or dumbbells
12. Lunges
13. Foam Roller exercises/stretches (in general)

Well that's it - Happy Thursday!!!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap: Another Tuesday Edition.

I was a little busy to write yesterday so I'll have to do my catching up now!

Friday I had another follow-up with my cosmetic surgeon. He said that my arms are looking great and they look better than he expected at this point. I guess I'm a good healer because he said that for not even a year post-op they're already very smooth and not as red as he'd expect.  And I've not put any scar cream on them in quite a long time. YAY!

After my appointment I got back to town and had to run a couple errands, then I picked my boyfriend so we could get his car from the shop. Then we headed toward my house. He stopped for gas and I stopped for a few groceries for dinner on the way. He decided to wash his car too so I beat him home. And carried all of our stuff in. I think he did this intentionally....To get out of the work! Ha! We just spent Friday night in, and didn't do much of anything. I made turkey burgers (which he LOVED, by the way) and roasted cauliflower for dinner. I, of course, seasoned them up to give them a little extra flavor.  I used lettuce as a substitute for a bun around my burger. I peeled off two large leaves and they worked perfectly. He had a bun and potato chips instead of cauliflower. See? There are easy ways you can make things healthy for one and not for the other(s). After I cleaned up, we watched TV (wrestling, of course) and just hung around for the evening.

We didn't do a whole lot on Saturday either. I ended being called into work which kind of messed up going out of town for my friend's little guy's first Birthday party. Bummed to have missed it but since I didn't feel the greatest  (thought I was getting a cold; turned out to be allergies) anyway, so I had pretty much decided that I'd stay home.  I did a little cleaning and stuff at home, we went and got more groceries (Friday night had been a quick trip for like three things), and pretty much just spent time hanging out together. Saturday night I made jalapeno popper melts that I found on the Kraft website. Except I added bacon, which I saw on Pinterest.  They were easy to make and I used some lighter cheese and light whole grain bread for my sandwich to make it a little less deadly.  They were delicious - my boyfriend was, once again, impressed with my awesome cooking skills.  I love how he doesn't hesitate to tell me how awesome something is, or how it is better than a restaurant version. I guess I like knowing that I'm a good cook and he enjoys that.

On Sunday I decided I needed to get some more stuff done around the house - like packing! I had started picking up a few little things on Saturday but needed tape to tape boxes back together, which I did not have until we went shopping (and this was later in the day). I got an entire room and closet (holy cow - my skills at filling a closet rock - that thing was PACKED!) cleaned up and packed away. All that is left in that room (my third bedroom/computer room/craft room) is my computer and desk, and a table that is folded up. I  won't take that stuff until it's time to move. It took me most of the day (although having consumed an entire bottle of wine may or may not have caused me to move a little slower for a while there - I was getting distracted by the "treasures" I was finding). I ended up filling up three large lawn and leaf bags (although one and part of another was from some cleaning I did down in the basement - yes I did a little of that too!) I also did some more cleaning and the laundry (seemed to have a lot more than usual this week!)...Nothing too exciting. After I we were done with all of that, we had dinner (I didn't actually cook this time), I packed our lunches, and spent the rest of the evening relaxing. By relaxing I mean I zoned out on the couch watching TV while my boyfriend napped for a good two hours (I had to wake him up, for fear he'd sleep all night and then be up at four in the morning or some ridiculous time).

Yesterday it was back to work for both of us. After, I went to pick up a shelf I bought from someone for the new house (SO cute; shabby chic!) and then headed to my parents' house. I spent some time on the tready, showered, made dinner, and then headed over to the boyfriend's house. Like I even need to say this by now? This happens weekly...I should write about something that has CHANGED; not the same ol' thing. We're also together more days than not (most, actually) so it's not like being together is all that noteworthy. Last night was the same ol' wrestling date ritual as usual.

Today I had a hair appointment so I ended up going home after, and got there later than usual. It was a "quick" night. I did a quick workout and made a quick dinner (left over turkey burger) and some spaghetti squash (ate a little; mostly made it to take to work tomorrow).  I'm writing this and getting ready to relax for the evening. I feel like I should do something more around the house, but I'm feeling kind of tired and I've done quite a bit today...And it's after 8:00. I feel like I deserve a little relaxation time. Truth be told, I'll most likely do a few more things around here...Unless I fall asleep on the couch.

I hope you had a great weekend and a fantastic week!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday Thirteen

I was looking for something different to add to the blog since my posts are frequently similar. I mean, what can you write about on a regular basis about healthy eating and fitness? I feel that my posts have become fairly routine; diary style. I haven't had a recent race to post about so I've decided to add some theme days in. Now if I can remember to stick to the theme weekly, well, that will be another story.

I just Goolged themes for Thursday. Naturally Throwback Thursday came up, but that typically seems to be a social media picture type thing. I suppose I could write about something that happened in the past, but that just doesn't seem to be as much fun. I suppose I could write something to go along with a picture however I'd have to dig and I don't have the time for that right now, as I am in a bit of a rush (between work and a meeting and have only 30 minutes to post and do an on time equals a shorter post!).

I found Thirteen Thursday. I like it. It's a theme and it has the whole "t" thing going on. AND it's a fun list of thirteen random things. I'll try to keep my lists related to health and fitness but I'm sure I'll have difficulty with that at times.

For my first list...

Thirteen of my Favorite HEALTHY Foods (in no particular order):

1. broccoli
2. cauliflower
3. pinapple
4. strawberries
5. carrots
6. peaches
7. lettuce (once I ordered JUST a cup of lettuce at a Taco Bell after the bar... So weird. SO NOT a burrito, taco, or other unhealthy menu item).
8. turkey
9. spaghetti squash (butternut too, since we are on the squash subject)
10. chicken
11. seafood - but only white fish, shrimp, lobster, crab, scallops (although the time I had them they were fried, so, not so healthy).... Any MILD seafood I'm good with. Nothing fishy tasting. Yuck.
12. nuts - almonds and pistachios are my favorites
13. almond milk (I only use regular milk if I absolutely HAVE to)

And there you have it... Thirteen of my favorite healthy foods. I'd say they are most likely the top thirteen since they're the first thirteen that came to mind.

I'm off to this meeting and then off to spend the evening with my guy.... No workout tonight because of the time factor. I tried to get up early to get it in but failed miserably (totally fell back asleep - oops!). Last night I did not end up running because my poor muscle that had been cramped was still super sore and when I tried it started to cramp again. I wanted to do something so I kept it light. I did a foam roller workout (combo of stretching and some light strengthening moves). It wasn't a huge burner but it was some movement and it made my calf feel a lot better!

I suppose that's about it for now!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014


My first naturebox came today!! I tried one of everything and all of the snacks are yummy! The chili lime pistachios have a little kick to them - more than I expected but they're good!

Looks Like Spring... For Today.

I'm SO ready for Spring...Well, Spring weather. The season itself starts in two weeks and judging from recent weather, just because the calendar says Spring does not mean that the weather will be reflective of the season. Here in the North country we are still buried under inches upon inches of snow. It's still cold. Suddenly I wish I was a kid so I could have Spring Break! I suppose I COULD however I haven't been at my job long enough for vacation and my boyfriend doesn't get more vacation until April. We'll for sure be taking an actual vacation at some point - hopefully before fall vacation!

The weather actually looks like Spring might make an appearance at some point in time, possibly before the start of Summer. It's sunny today and concrete surfaces have that wet look to them, as though snow and ice are melting. The temp is in the 20s and I actually see 30s (and no snow!) on the ten day forecast. They're calling for rain, and a high of 37 on Friday. Let's hope that the high does get to that and that it isn't slippery, as I have a follow-up with my surgeon that day! Someone else is riding with me for her pre-surgical consult so it's pretty important that the weather cooperate. She doesn't know where she's going and has to have her consult before surgery (obviously). So, if I cancel, she's SOL. SO. Dear weather, behave.

Anyway... So that's that.

Today will be another running day and hopefully some ST. That will depend on how long it takes me to clean out the driveway. We got some snow the other day and we haven't been at my house to clear it out....soooo...There's my agenda. I really want to use the barbell set that I bought last weekend so I'm hoping that I will be able to get things done pretty quickly. I also have a few things I'd like to get done around the house before the weekend hits. We shall see... I'm not even home yet (at my Dad's business in his office waiting for something so I figured I'd blog) so who knows what time will be like this evening. I'm not anticipating it to take all that long so I should be able to be home and ready to roll by six. In a perfect world I'd start my run between 6:30 and 7 and have time to get some stuff done. This will also depend on how tired I decide I am. I'm pretty sure that my dinner will be spaghetti squash since I typically have that once a week and it sounds pretty darn good today!

Other foods have been a protein shake with a banana and milk for breakfast; salad (lettuce, carrots, turkey breast, cheese, and dressing) and yogurt for lunch, roasted sea salt almonds and an apple for my snacks. Plus lots of water, of course!

Well I suppose that's it for now... I need to get moving so I can get home and get things done.

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

National Nutrition Month!

I learned, via TIU that this is National Nutrition Month! So, this month, I'm going to put some extra focus (and work) into nutrition. I'm not going to aim so much at calories and whatnot as I am at eating foods that fuel my body properly.

So far today has been good...

My breakfast was a protein shake (vanilla powder, frozen strawberries, milk, and ice). Lunch was a delicious salad when I was out doing some work-related stuff today. One of the places I was marketing/visiting/touring offered for me to have lunch with them. We had a nice salad made of lettuce, cilantro, peppers, strawberries, pineapple, some blueberry Craisins, broccoli, and tomato (I skipped the tomato). It was delicious! I had some dressing on mine, but not a ton. Because I as out working I missed my morning snack which wasn't a huge deal. That big ol' salad did the trick! For my afternoon snack I had some roasted sea salt flavored almonds. YUM!

Dinner tonight is something I'm kind of excited about. This is odd because I do not generally get all that excited about meals. Tonight we're having burrito-style bowls...Minus the burrito. Bowls seem to be a huge trend right now and it's pretty easy (for me) to see why. They're very filling, include lots of healthy foods (if you happen to make them in a healthy way), and are actually pretty easy to put together. They're like a salad with different ingredients - and hot! Tonight's bowls will include chicken seasoned with fajita seasoning, low sodium black beans, corn, avocado, lettuce, cilantro, and brown rice (or at least mine will). Lots of people put more things like tomatoes, onion, and various peppers in theirs. This just happens to be the way that I want to eat mine. I may have a little sour cream on top. Or some salsa. I'd LOVE to have this for lunch tomorrow but since I did not eat the lunch I packed I have a salad, yogurt, and an apple already packed. I guess I'll have to eat the left over bowl the next day!

The super awesome thing about this big focus on nutrition? All of that food I just wrote about... Less than 1300 calories. See?! You can eat A LOT when you eat healthy... And things that are flavorful too! My 1300 could be a possible over-estimation of calories but that's okay. I prefer to be a little over rather than under. I didn't have the means to measure my salad ingredients today so I'm sure I didn't consume quite as much as I tracked, but the salad was 97% healthy so those calories wouldn't be too far off. Plus I'll be working out, so I'm totally fine with it!

I was kind of bummed that TIU doesn't have a weekly workout schedule on-line this week. And because I am not going to be at home I won't be getting back into CLX today either. I'm fairly certain that this means I should just start the entire program over again. I've missed two full weeks of it and what I've done has been using lighter weights. I'm pretty sure my strength has gone down some. Oh well... I'll live, and I like the program so I don't mind starting anew!

I'll also be focusing more on running as my half marathon training has (re)-started. I kind of got away from that with other things going on and being sick so I'm ready to start again. Luckily I had planned so much extra time that I was going to be repeating several weeks of the plan before the next half I want to do. So. I'm good... Yay for extra time! I just can't get off-track now. So. I.  Won't.

I suppose that's about it for now... I'm off to do a treadmill run and maybe some weights before the busy process begins for the evening... Dinner, shower, boyfriend, etc.

I hope your week is off to a good start!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap.

I had another busy weekend of running...

On Friday I ran for a while (and AGAIN forgot to submit my time so I probably won't get my medal. I'll check into it but I'm fairly certain that two months in a row of ditzy behavior and they may say "no") and then showered and got ready to head out to meet up with my boyfriend.  We went out for dinner at a local bar/restaurant so it wasn't exactly the most healthy thing in the world. The salad I had for lunch had upset my stomach so I didn't really eat much of my food anyway...I guess that's a plus. Friday night we just hung out and watched Smackdown, talked,and just spent time together before bed. Love those nights!

I got up on Saturday and headed out of town for a girls' day/night that was full of action! We did some shopping (finally bought a barbell and plates!!), lunch, went wine tasting, then went and checked into the hotel and got ready for dinner. We had time to kill so we had a few drinks and an appetizer at the hotel bar. The day and the night were pretty much a fest of unhealthy consumption - beer and lunch out, wine all afternoon, drinks and appetizers at the hotel, then dinner and drinks out, and after dinner more drinking at the hotel bar.  I honestly feel like I did nothing but eat and drink all day and evening!! Luckily the only place we went after dinner was the bar at the hotel, which closed at midnight, so we weren't out all night...Bonus! I'm not quite sure any of us could've handled being out any later than we were though. It was a fun time, there were varying numbers of us throughout the day depending on where we went and what was going on. We were all together at the first winery and then at dinner, so that was cool. Mostly there were three of us who hung out together and we had a really great time!

We had lunch at a place called North Peak Brewing Company and it was delicious! We got two beer flights to split and finished one and maybe half of the other (one girl got her own and I'm pretty sure we could've split just one three ways!). I had a pretzel crusted chicken sandwich that came with home made barbecue chips (yum!). I ate about half of the sandwich before I was full but it was so good I wanted to keep munching. No worries; I didn't.

After lunch we went to the first winery where we spent most of our time. We had three samples, then we each purchased a wine flight (which came with a little snack). And then we each had one more flight. The flights included two different wines. After that winery we went to one more and spent some time there. We had planned on going to one or two more, but one was closed and we never did end up looking for the other one. We were going to have our pre-dinner appetizers and drinks at a restaurant called Stella before we went to the hotel but they didn't open until five and it was already four. So anyway, we headed over to the hotel to get ready for dinner and just relax for a bit.

We sat in the bar and had a couple drinks (more wine - I was on a roll I decided I should stay on, rather than mixing) and we shared some nachos.  We just sat and chatted for a while before heading over to Firefly for dinner. We had planned on going to a sushi restaurant called Red Ginger but they were booked until 10 pm, so we decided on Firefly instead. I'm glad we ended up there! It was a nice, fun restaurant and our waitress was wonderful.  I got a pomegranate mojito and some seafood fondue to share with friends, and my entree was sushi (California rolls - I keep it tame). It was all SO delicious!!! I was so full from everything that I didn't end up eating much of my sushi - maybe two of the eight rolls.  Of course I did bring the rest home with me. I  ate a couple pieces, put the box on the counter and of course the dogs attacked it - and they took the big piece that had a big shrimp sticking out of it! Little monsters!! Oh well...At least I got some of it!

Anyway, so after our amazing dinner we said bye to four of the girls who decided to head home, two went to the casino for a while, and then three of us went to hang at the hotel. We thought that the two were going to meet up with us but they didn't make it back before the bar closed. The three of us who went had a blast! We had more drinks, eventually shared some shrimp cocktail, and just had a good time talking, dancing, and laughing. It was fun night without too much craziness (although I may have dared someone to go up to a complete stranger and ask for a bite of his steak). We chatted with a few of the people there (mostly older locals and the staff but did meet a cool younger couple). For some reason I thought we needed more beer to take to the room and I'm pretty sure we each opened ONE and maybe had a couple sips of it. Oh well... My boyfriend was happy that I brought him home some beer (and a new hat for his collection). And then we all just crashed out. I actually fell asleep with my phone in my hand (still in my dress) because I was going to call my boyfriend. Apparently I was a bit tipsy because the two times I got up after that I had to tell him that I was up to use the bathroom. Poor guy... Got all the details of the day - probably more than desired!

Yes...I was "that" girl. I think my phone was pretty much glued to my hand. What can I say...?! I missed the guy! It's weird to not spend an entire weekend with him! I think this was one of three where we didn't see each other for the whole weekend. I realize people need that time away now and then and, as much fun as I had, I did miss him. I think you can see my phone on the table in every picture taken of us! I didn't want to miss a text or call! He said he appreciated the fact that even though I was away having fun with friends, I still made it a point to try to share my weekend with him. I sent pictures, told him what we were up to, what I bought, and what I ate...Haha...See? ALL the details! I just wanted to share my fun with him even though he wasn't there.

I got home mid-afternoon on Sunday...From where we stayed to where my house is, it's quite a drive because there are lots of little towns where the speed limit is lowered and such. It's between a two-and-a-half and three hour drive. Luckily the weather was pretty decent and the roads weren't too bad. I had a couple phone calls to make and groceries to get, and a little laundry to do, but that was about all I did for the evening. We had very unfancy meal (late lunch/early dinner) and watched TV, and napped for a bit. My boyfriend's nap was more successful than mine.  Dang him!! You'd think we hadn't seen each other in ages! It was like we had to share every minute of the time we missed, and there were lots of little smooches and cuddles. It's amazing how being away from someone for one day can seem like such  a big deal! But I can see how both of our perspectives on things have changed as we've been together and compared to how we both were in the past.  I guess we just really appreciate and truly love one another... That's a good thing, obviously. It definitely shows how much we really are in love...Okay...Mushy fest over!

I've gotta get back on track today - I'm going to go get some tready time done and maybe some arm moves with weights if I have time. I've gotta start dinner and then head out for Monday Date Night. I'm for sure going to be falling asleep on the couch tonight (as usual - but I'm SUPER tired today!).

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!!!