Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sporadic Posting.

As you can tell, I've been super busy lately...Mostly with trying to get this move done. What. A. Pain.  The really super fun thing is that the place I'm moving to will only be temporary. I'm living in a house that my Dad owns and will rent out (eventually) until mine sells and I find a new one to buy. I may be there a year. I may be there two. It just kind of depends on when my house sells and what's available and when.  Anyway, so at some point in time I'll be doing this all again. At least I've thrown away quite a bit and I will, hopefully, not accumulate so much stuff in a matter of a year or two. I'm going through about ten years worth of stuff now, which is crazy.  The good thing about it is that I'm getting rid of a lot of stuff, so there's that. I just need to be mindful about what I buy, and when I do I need to get rid of something else....Because moving? Is a pain in my ass. This is something I hope not to do too many times in my life.

So.... With all that's going on I haven't posted much.  Tuesday I did more cleaning and packing, at the "strong suggestion" of my Dad. He tried to convince me that doing so could replace my workout. Not quite, but I did need to sort through more things. So I did. Shoes. Holy cow do I have a lot of shoes!!! I found 26 pairs to sell or donate. I threw away at least 10 pairs that were just old and worn out; not even worth donating (like those cheap Old Navy flip flops, which I generally replace every summer anyway). So...At least between 36 and 40 pairs of shoes. To be gone.  So far. That was just some of them. I still have more in my bedroom closet. I may not want to know how many pairs of shoes I have.... It's a lot. I know I counted once and had over 100 pairs. BUT I got rid of A LOT at that time. Of course, I've bought more, soooo who knows.  Sorting through shoes and deciding what to keep or not actually took quiet a bit of time. I also cleaned off the top shelf of my closet and found some really random weird things. I have no idea why or when I purchased a hideous brown wig (no, NOT for Halloween...YIKES!) but I found it.  I believe I trashed it because...Why? Just why.

So anyway, I'm eating pretty healthy but my workouts the last couple weeks haven't been quite up to my standards. I guess with all the cleaning and packing I've taken on an attitude of "at least I'm up and moving," which is true but that doesn't mean I like it. But, what can I do? I have to get this stuff done and with working full-time and everything else in life, I do it when I can.  Luckily my runs are only at 2-3 miles this week, which isn't much. I can handle them. However, I do wish I could be doing more of them right now because I need to build up to longer runs again. Siiiigggghhh... Why must things be so hectic?!

Yes, I KNOW I could get up in the morning and do a workout. For some reason I completely fail at this. I guess it's because I leave about 40 minutes before I have to be to work and I'd have to get up so early. And I do not go to bed early enough to get up that much earlier in the morning. I prefer my 6-6:30 time over a 5-5:30 time. And to get up and run? No. I need time to wake up and get moving a little before I do that. I'm just not one of those people who can get up and go. I need to ease into my day. I suppose I should be doing something though... I can handle a light exercise like biking. That's something I can get up and do right away. It's not intense or high-impact.  I think that's a good thing to do while I'm in the midst of all this cleaning and packing. So tomorrow I'll get up and do 30 minutes of biking. Heck I could even do that later in the evening and not have trouble sleeping. I don't typically do high impact exercise late because they I can't get to sleep. So late night or early biking. That works. That must be done since I'm not doing any other typical exercise right now. Sounds. Like. A. Plan. 

Well I guess that's about all I have time for now. I need to get back to cleaning out the spare bedroom closet (luckily there isn't much left). I want to finish that tonight so that another room is packed up and ready to roll. After that I'll pretty much just have my bedroom and the basement to go through (which could take a while). I'm going to toss what I can and pack what I can so that it's easier down the road. I've done a few things in the basement but what I really need to do is sort through clothes. That's pretty much all that's left to do in my room too.  I have a lot of clothes... A LOT. Other than sorting through that stuff and finishing off the bedrooms, it's pretty much just stuff that I use and big stuff that needs to be packed up.Getting there... I am getting there.

Hope your week is going well!!


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