Monday, March 24, 2014

The Week in Review

This post is from Friday, March 21, 2014. I must not have hit "publish" when I was done posting.

Since I didn't post much this week I thought I'd write a post this evening and just recap the week. It started off in the typical manner; made dinner at my parents' and had Monday date  night. On my new schedule Monday is a "rest day" so I decided to just go with that. Plus my Mom was home sick so I didn't want to do much to disturb her (and honestly wanted to leave as soon as I could). So I made dinner for my Dad and I, cleaned up, and headed out.

Tuesday I planned to workout, just like my schedule said. I did not.  Instead...TOM.  And let me tell ya, this month was a bad one in terms of how I felt physically. Fatigue was huge. I got home and honestly wanted to just sleep. I did do a few things around the house, ate a terribly unhealthy dinner (and probably broke the calorie bank for the day), and then laid on the couch. I was cranky too, but luckily my sweet boyfriend was understanding about it and didn't think I was being too much of a jerk. I love that he can tolerate the hormonal shifts. It wasn't that bad this month...There was no uncontrollable sobbing or anything bad, I was just cranky. And I told him I was cranky. And he just kinda went with it and let me be pissy without getting sucked into the hormonal black hole.

Wednesday I went to my parents' after work... I did my run from Tuesday and ate dinner there before hanging out with the boyfriend. We watched wrestling and then a movie before bed. No crabbiness. My appetite returned to normal so I didn't feel like a ravenous monster; so junk food binges. Wasn't super fatigued. Survived the day without any major drams...Except feeling like crap about myself because of the day before and my unhealthy evening of eating. Which then made me feel fat. And then I thought about the weight that I gained back and how I'm working to lose it but apparently not hard enough. Oh, hormones, you certainly can shake things up, can't you!?

Yesterday I was feeling pretty normal again. I had a small twinge of "I feel so bad about myself" but that went away quickly. I had to remind myself that I've lost over ten pounds since December without putting in as much effort as I could. I felt better. Focus on the positive, not the negative... Keep plugging along. I think some of that came from the fact that I should've ran, and biked, due to missing Tuesday's workout but instead I just biked. Basically I'm a day behind in my plan....But I'll make it up tonight or tomorrow.  I have to look at the plan to see, exactly, what I should be doing and how to alter it but since it is week one and most of the workouts are run/walk two miles, I'm covered if I miss a day. It's not like I can't already run two miles.  I will, at the very least, get something done tonight...Whether it be biking or running. I'd really like to run tomorrow morning so maybe some biking tonight. We. Shall. See.

Well I suppose I should go get my workout done so I can get dinner started for the man. I'm home much later (like two hours!) than usual (had to go out of town for work) so I'm fairly pressed for time this evening. I think he'll be getting hungry soon. If not already. But he'll also understand I need to workout before I eat... Nice guy that he is. He's probably already had snacks anyway!

Hope you have a great weekend! Ours will be busy with more packing, cleaning, and moving some stuff.


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