Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap: Another Tuesday Edition.

I was a little busy to write yesterday so I'll have to do my catching up now!

Friday I had another follow-up with my cosmetic surgeon. He said that my arms are looking great and they look better than he expected at this point. I guess I'm a good healer because he said that for not even a year post-op they're already very smooth and not as red as he'd expect.  And I've not put any scar cream on them in quite a long time. YAY!

After my appointment I got back to town and had to run a couple errands, then I picked my boyfriend so we could get his car from the shop. Then we headed toward my house. He stopped for gas and I stopped for a few groceries for dinner on the way. He decided to wash his car too so I beat him home. And carried all of our stuff in. I think he did this intentionally....To get out of the work! Ha! We just spent Friday night in, and didn't do much of anything. I made turkey burgers (which he LOVED, by the way) and roasted cauliflower for dinner. I, of course, seasoned them up to give them a little extra flavor.  I used lettuce as a substitute for a bun around my burger. I peeled off two large leaves and they worked perfectly. He had a bun and potato chips instead of cauliflower. See? There are easy ways you can make things healthy for one and not for the other(s). After I cleaned up, we watched TV (wrestling, of course) and just hung around for the evening.

We didn't do a whole lot on Saturday either. I ended being called into work which kind of messed up going out of town for my friend's little guy's first Birthday party. Bummed to have missed it but since I didn't feel the greatest  (thought I was getting a cold; turned out to be allergies) anyway, so I had pretty much decided that I'd stay home.  I did a little cleaning and stuff at home, we went and got more groceries (Friday night had been a quick trip for like three things), and pretty much just spent time hanging out together. Saturday night I made jalapeno popper melts that I found on the Kraft website. Except I added bacon, which I saw on Pinterest.  They were easy to make and I used some lighter cheese and light whole grain bread for my sandwich to make it a little less deadly.  They were delicious - my boyfriend was, once again, impressed with my awesome cooking skills.  I love how he doesn't hesitate to tell me how awesome something is, or how it is better than a restaurant version. I guess I like knowing that I'm a good cook and he enjoys that.

On Sunday I decided I needed to get some more stuff done around the house - like packing! I had started picking up a few little things on Saturday but needed tape to tape boxes back together, which I did not have until we went shopping (and this was later in the day). I got an entire room and closet (holy cow - my skills at filling a closet rock - that thing was PACKED!) cleaned up and packed away. All that is left in that room (my third bedroom/computer room/craft room) is my computer and desk, and a table that is folded up. I  won't take that stuff until it's time to move. It took me most of the day (although having consumed an entire bottle of wine may or may not have caused me to move a little slower for a while there - I was getting distracted by the "treasures" I was finding). I ended up filling up three large lawn and leaf bags (although one and part of another was from some cleaning I did down in the basement - yes I did a little of that too!) I also did some more cleaning and the laundry (seemed to have a lot more than usual this week!)...Nothing too exciting. After I we were done with all of that, we had dinner (I didn't actually cook this time), I packed our lunches, and spent the rest of the evening relaxing. By relaxing I mean I zoned out on the couch watching TV while my boyfriend napped for a good two hours (I had to wake him up, for fear he'd sleep all night and then be up at four in the morning or some ridiculous time).

Yesterday it was back to work for both of us. After, I went to pick up a shelf I bought from someone for the new house (SO cute; shabby chic!) and then headed to my parents' house. I spent some time on the tready, showered, made dinner, and then headed over to the boyfriend's house. Like I even need to say this by now? This happens weekly...I should write about something that has CHANGED; not the same ol' thing. We're also together more days than not (most, actually) so it's not like being together is all that noteworthy. Last night was the same ol' wrestling date ritual as usual.

Today I had a hair appointment so I ended up going home after, and got there later than usual. It was a "quick" night. I did a quick workout and made a quick dinner (left over turkey burger) and some spaghetti squash (ate a little; mostly made it to take to work tomorrow).  I'm writing this and getting ready to relax for the evening. I feel like I should do something more around the house, but I'm feeling kind of tired and I've done quite a bit today...And it's after 8:00. I feel like I deserve a little relaxation time. Truth be told, I'll most likely do a few more things around here...Unless I fall asleep on the couch.

I hope you had a great weekend and a fantastic week!


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