Monday, March 3, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap.

I had another busy weekend of running...

On Friday I ran for a while (and AGAIN forgot to submit my time so I probably won't get my medal. I'll check into it but I'm fairly certain that two months in a row of ditzy behavior and they may say "no") and then showered and got ready to head out to meet up with my boyfriend.  We went out for dinner at a local bar/restaurant so it wasn't exactly the most healthy thing in the world. The salad I had for lunch had upset my stomach so I didn't really eat much of my food anyway...I guess that's a plus. Friday night we just hung out and watched Smackdown, talked,and just spent time together before bed. Love those nights!

I got up on Saturday and headed out of town for a girls' day/night that was full of action! We did some shopping (finally bought a barbell and plates!!), lunch, went wine tasting, then went and checked into the hotel and got ready for dinner. We had time to kill so we had a few drinks and an appetizer at the hotel bar. The day and the night were pretty much a fest of unhealthy consumption - beer and lunch out, wine all afternoon, drinks and appetizers at the hotel, then dinner and drinks out, and after dinner more drinking at the hotel bar.  I honestly feel like I did nothing but eat and drink all day and evening!! Luckily the only place we went after dinner was the bar at the hotel, which closed at midnight, so we weren't out all night...Bonus! I'm not quite sure any of us could've handled being out any later than we were though. It was a fun time, there were varying numbers of us throughout the day depending on where we went and what was going on. We were all together at the first winery and then at dinner, so that was cool. Mostly there were three of us who hung out together and we had a really great time!

We had lunch at a place called North Peak Brewing Company and it was delicious! We got two beer flights to split and finished one and maybe half of the other (one girl got her own and I'm pretty sure we could've split just one three ways!). I had a pretzel crusted chicken sandwich that came with home made barbecue chips (yum!). I ate about half of the sandwich before I was full but it was so good I wanted to keep munching. No worries; I didn't.

After lunch we went to the first winery where we spent most of our time. We had three samples, then we each purchased a wine flight (which came with a little snack). And then we each had one more flight. The flights included two different wines. After that winery we went to one more and spent some time there. We had planned on going to one or two more, but one was closed and we never did end up looking for the other one. We were going to have our pre-dinner appetizers and drinks at a restaurant called Stella before we went to the hotel but they didn't open until five and it was already four. So anyway, we headed over to the hotel to get ready for dinner and just relax for a bit.

We sat in the bar and had a couple drinks (more wine - I was on a roll I decided I should stay on, rather than mixing) and we shared some nachos.  We just sat and chatted for a while before heading over to Firefly for dinner. We had planned on going to a sushi restaurant called Red Ginger but they were booked until 10 pm, so we decided on Firefly instead. I'm glad we ended up there! It was a nice, fun restaurant and our waitress was wonderful.  I got a pomegranate mojito and some seafood fondue to share with friends, and my entree was sushi (California rolls - I keep it tame). It was all SO delicious!!! I was so full from everything that I didn't end up eating much of my sushi - maybe two of the eight rolls.  Of course I did bring the rest home with me. I  ate a couple pieces, put the box on the counter and of course the dogs attacked it - and they took the big piece that had a big shrimp sticking out of it! Little monsters!! Oh well...At least I got some of it!

Anyway, so after our amazing dinner we said bye to four of the girls who decided to head home, two went to the casino for a while, and then three of us went to hang at the hotel. We thought that the two were going to meet up with us but they didn't make it back before the bar closed. The three of us who went had a blast! We had more drinks, eventually shared some shrimp cocktail, and just had a good time talking, dancing, and laughing. It was fun night without too much craziness (although I may have dared someone to go up to a complete stranger and ask for a bite of his steak). We chatted with a few of the people there (mostly older locals and the staff but did meet a cool younger couple). For some reason I thought we needed more beer to take to the room and I'm pretty sure we each opened ONE and maybe had a couple sips of it. Oh well... My boyfriend was happy that I brought him home some beer (and a new hat for his collection). And then we all just crashed out. I actually fell asleep with my phone in my hand (still in my dress) because I was going to call my boyfriend. Apparently I was a bit tipsy because the two times I got up after that I had to tell him that I was up to use the bathroom. Poor guy... Got all the details of the day - probably more than desired!

Yes...I was "that" girl. I think my phone was pretty much glued to my hand. What can I say...?! I missed the guy! It's weird to not spend an entire weekend with him! I think this was one of three where we didn't see each other for the whole weekend. I realize people need that time away now and then and, as much fun as I had, I did miss him. I think you can see my phone on the table in every picture taken of us! I didn't want to miss a text or call! He said he appreciated the fact that even though I was away having fun with friends, I still made it a point to try to share my weekend with him. I sent pictures, told him what we were up to, what I bought, and what I ate...Haha...See? ALL the details! I just wanted to share my fun with him even though he wasn't there.

I got home mid-afternoon on Sunday...From where we stayed to where my house is, it's quite a drive because there are lots of little towns where the speed limit is lowered and such. It's between a two-and-a-half and three hour drive. Luckily the weather was pretty decent and the roads weren't too bad. I had a couple phone calls to make and groceries to get, and a little laundry to do, but that was about all I did for the evening. We had very unfancy meal (late lunch/early dinner) and watched TV, and napped for a bit. My boyfriend's nap was more successful than mine.  Dang him!! You'd think we hadn't seen each other in ages! It was like we had to share every minute of the time we missed, and there were lots of little smooches and cuddles. It's amazing how being away from someone for one day can seem like such  a big deal! But I can see how both of our perspectives on things have changed as we've been together and compared to how we both were in the past.  I guess we just really appreciate and truly love one another... That's a good thing, obviously. It definitely shows how much we really are in love...Okay...Mushy fest over!

I've gotta get back on track today - I'm going to go get some tready time done and maybe some arm moves with weights if I have time. I've gotta start dinner and then head out for Monday Date Night. I'm for sure going to be falling asleep on the couch tonight (as usual - but I'm SUPER tired today!).

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!!!







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