Monday, March 24, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap

This weekend seemed to fly by pretty quickly. Again.  I don't know why I am ever surprised about this; it seems to go that way every weekend. Friday I got home later than usual because I'd been out of town for work. I ended up biking for a bit and we had a late dinner. I just made grilled cheese sandwiches (loaded though, not just plain). I made them man-friendly since the man would want something with a bit more substance to it than the average grilled cheese. I used pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, and bacon. Again, I did a little make-over on mine so it wasn't quite as bad for me..I also do not like jalapenos so I left those off of mine too. I guess I pretty much just a had a lightened up basic grilled cheese. Oh well... It had a nice kick to it so I was good with that. After dinner I cleaned up and then we watched wrestling and basketball. We went to bed fairly early that night (around midnight; someone fell asleep on me and then I managed to fall asleep after the basketball game).

We were up at a decent hour on Saturday - between 7:30 and 7:45. We got up and hung out for a while and then got started on getting some work done around the house. I did a little more packing but not a lot since my living room was pretty much taken over with stuff. We loaded up both cars with stuff we had packed and drove them up to the new house.  My Mom met us there so it didn't take quite as long to unpack it all. I tried to organize it so that it boxes went in the rooms that they'll be put away in, and I think it seemed to go pretty well. Bedrooms will be harder to do because of space and having to set up beds, but I think things are good to go for now.  After we unpacked we went out for lunch and then my boyfriend and I headed home.  We hung out for a bit, deciding whether or not to take another load up. We did. This time we didn't quite have enough to load two cars (one car would've had like two boxes in it, which seemed kind of silly), so we loaded up my car and dropped off another load. These things were larger (book case, shelves, end tables, and a few boxes) so it didn't take quite as long to load or unload.

We decided to take a little drive on the way home, so we took a "back way" back to the house, driving through some other smaller towns on the lake on the way. My boyfriend had never really driven the route we took or even been to the other small town by mine (which is a huge tourist area and thrives in the summer...Sand dunes are the huge draw). It's still pretty quiet this time of year but it was still a nice day for a drive!

After we got home we watched more basketball, finally showered, and just spent some time together at home...Relaxing. I decided I did not need to do any more work for the day. We ate dinner and just spent time together, mostly watching basketball.  He fell asleep on me again, while watching TV (see a trend here?) and after a while I woke him up to head to bed.

Yesterday we hung out at the house all day. I did some stuff around the house...Cleaning, laundry...The usual. I also started cleaning out bedroom closets, so my living room was emptied out for part of a day. I may load up the car one night this week and drop a load off after work, but we'll see. If anything I'd do that on Wednesday. If not I'll just wait for the weekend and we'll spend some of Saturday hauling more stuff.

Two of my cousins and my favorite Little Miss came over for a few hours yesterday afternoon so I didn't accomplish much while they were there. They sorted through some of my old jewelry (mostly odds and ends, costume type jewelery - not the expensive stuff) and each of them ended up with a bag full. I think they pretty much took everything I had planned to sort through. There were a few things I wanted, but mostly I let them have it.  I can always borrow something if I want to... And if I haven't worn it in this long, chances are I wouldn't be wearing it again. I also sent the oldest cousin home with a big box of glasses, mugs, some bowls; another bag of glasses; and a rug. They were splitting some little mirrors I had and taking a bench but my cousin forgot those so I'll have to drop them off sometime this week...When I remember. It was nice to get rid of some stuff without having to throw it all away or worry about dropping it off at Goodwill.

After they left I finished watching the basketball game and my boyfriend ended up napping. After the game I had to run to the store for a couple things, and then I came home and started dinner (barbecue baked pork chops and veggies). We ate after he got up from his nap and then spent the evening doing nothing. Well, I finished laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, and packed our lunches but that was about it.

Today we were back to the usual routine... I'm going to run today because I didn't over the weekend because of all the packing, moving, cleaning, and other things that kept me busy.  I'm not following my training plan perfectly right now (with this move, I don't think that will happen) so I'm altering it to fit my needs. So I'm going to do a few miles, shower, make dinner, and then head out for Monday date night.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!


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