Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thirteen Thursday

Yay! I remembered! Only because I saw another blogger's Thursday post and that reminded me of my own.  I'm going to do a quick update first though.  I think that I wrote late enough of Tuesday that you all were aware of how I spent my evening.  I did not end up eating spaghetti squash at dinner. I was so hungry by the time I got to eat that I had the left over turkey burger and a small serving of chips. I didn't want to wait around for a squash to bake. I did bake the squash and had some for lunch yesterday.

Yesterday after work I went over to my parents' house and worked out for a bit. I did some treadmill time and then I did some glute work. After my shower I made dinner which was delicious. Because of seasonings and sauces it didn't LOOK so pretty though...It looked...Brown. But it tasted good and it was healthy which is what matters. Obviously.

I found a recipe on Pinterest and decided to modify it a little. It was for stir fry! The recipe called for pre-cooked fajita meat (steak and chicken). I already had chicken breast so I cut that up and seasoned it with fajita seasoning instead of getting the pre-cooked stuff. The other ingredients were broccoli slaw and mushrooms with a little soy sauce drizzled on while cooking. That was it. I cooked my veggies first, set them aside, and then cooked the chicken.  When the chicken was done I put the veggies back into the pan and let it all heat together for a few minutes. That was it! This was intended to be a low cal and low carb recipe, which is how I ate it. My Mom wanted some rice with hers so I made some brown rice. Then she got some flour tortillas out and filled the tortilla with the rice, the stir fry, and some salsa.  Good idea!! I did not eat mine that way as I did not need the extra calories (or carbs, although I don't really pay that close of attention to my carbs). I was definitely full from just the bowl of stir fry that I had.

After dinner I spent the evening with my boyfriend. We just hung out and watched TV for the evening. We were going to watch a movie but ended up watching TV too late so we will save the movie for the weekend.

I was supposed to have a meeting tonight but it was cancelled due to illness....So I'm home early enough to maybe get some stuff done around here...Maybe. I'm going to workout (biking and ST). There isn't much on TV tonight so depending on how tired I feel I might do some cleaning and/or packing so that there is less to do over the weekend. We have plans for part of Saturday so I'm not sure how much we'll get done then. Well I suppose I should write my list so I can get moving...

Thirteen Favorite Exercises (in no particular order):
1. Running
2. Biking
3. Walking the dogs/talking walks with my boyfriend/family/friends
4. Squats
5. Bicep curls
6. Tricep extensions
7. Planks
8. Kettlebell swings
9. Burpees (even though I hate them)
10. Jumping Jacks
11. Squats with weighted bar or dumbbells
12. Lunges
13. Foam Roller exercises/stretches (in general)

Well that's it - Happy Thursday!!!


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