Monday, April 7, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap

Another weekend has come and gone, far too quickly (again!).  We didn't get a lot of stuff done around the house but I did do some work on another room...The spare bedroom. We disassembled the guest bed, moved out a small chest/dresser, and I started going through the closets in that room.  I have some odds and ends left to pick up and bag or box up for various places but I threw away some more stuff, so that's a plus.

I found that I have a lot of purses... Quite a few with tags still attached. Yeah, I'll be selling those. I have another large pile for Goodwill (purses that I didn't think would have much resale value) and the smallest pile is what I'm keeping (so impressed with myself for getting rid of more than what I intend to keep). Some of the purses I plan to sell still have tags on them. No sense in keeping them around if I have never used them!! I also cleaned a lot of junk (and change) out of a lot of the purses I found.

I also packed up some of my summer dresses because...Why do I need them now? It's getting warmer but it is not going to be warm enough to wear them anytime soon. Plus I probably need to drop a few pounds to even consider wearing them. Anyway, I used a tip I found on Pinterest and left them on the hangers and then put a big garbage back around them. I made a hole in the top for the hangers to poke out of and pulled the drawstring on the bag tight to keep them contained.  Seemed to work pretty well!

So, a little clean up and packing and that room will be ready to load! I should be able to finish the rest of that during the evenings this week. I imagine that it won't take all that long to do; hopefully not more than a couple hours.

My Dad is planning on bringing his big trailer down this weekend so I'm thinking I'll take Friday off to really get some work done around the house.  I need to tackle the basement, which means going through a bunch of clothes and sorting them out - keep, sell, and Goodwill piles... The pain about the Goodwill stuff is that I have to keep track of everything so that I can track and manage my donations. What a pain, but it'll do. In addition to that, I still have my room to go through. If I can get to that on Friday, I'll be happy but my goal will be the basement. There's a lot down there... My laundry area, storage, and my little gym.  It could easily occupy my day. Easily.  That's why I hope to get to my bedroom but realize I may not.  At the very least I'd like to get my drawers cleaned out so that the dresser and bedside tables can be moved out.  Hmm... Perhaps I'll start with that during the week if I have some time after the other bedroom is cleaned out. I can at least throw the clothes in my room into suitcases and maybe do the plastic bag trick too.

So, yes, moving is still in process.  I hope to get at least one load moved this weekend, if not two. My goal is to be moved all moved in by the end of the month. I may have to start setting some stuff up, as I have run out of boxes... and will need some more. If I can empty those that I have packed, I can re-use them. Unless someone can find me some more boxes!!!

Anyway, so other than a little packing we just hung out at home most of Saturday. We did go out to a local bar for dinner and to watch basketball. We stayed until half-time of the Kentucky game, when I decided I'd be getting too rowdy during the second half and that it was best for me to watch from home.  We watched my team pull off another big (one point!) win to advance to the National Championship. Watching this team throughout the season, I honestly didn't expect them to get where they are. Needless to say, I was a happy, happy girl after that game!

Sunday was my day to get some stuff done around the house, other than moving-related stuff. I did laundry, cleaned, and then went out to get the week's groceries while my boyfriend and the dog-children napped.  I planned out my menu for the week, tracked part of the week in MFP, and prepped some stuff for today. Then I woke my boyfriend up from his nap and while he showered and got ready to go, I ordered some pizza to take to our friends' house for the big Wrestlemania night. There was a decent crowd there, other than our friends who live there (and their kids), two of the guys' other buddies came over. So there was a lot of snacking (pizza, bread sticks, veggie pizza, nacho stuff...) and adult beverage consumption last night. I didn't consume quite as much as a couple of the boys because I had to drive home. And one...I won't drive drunk (stupidest thing ever) and two... I didn't want to take-in too many calories. So I had a couple as well as a couple bread sticks and some pizza.
We didn't get home until between 11:30 and 12 and we went straight to bed.

I decided to try a different menu plan for the next four weeks. I'm doing the Hungry Girl Diet. I hate how the word "diet" is in there because I despise that word and it really isn't a "diet" as much as it is a meal plan and recipes. I suppose the word "diet" helps with sales though, so from a business perspective it makes sense to have it in there. With that I will not get on a roll about my issues with diets and the word itself. I'm pretty sure I've done that rant before.

It's four week plan with different choices of meals for each day of the week.  For example, I have three breakfast options for the week, and then there are lunch/dinner options. You make them and eat them whenever you want. I tried to use all of the recipes so that I'm eating the same things. I figure I'll eat left overs over the weekend. Hopefully my boyfriend likes some of what I"ll be making. I really need to get back on track with losing some weight and since I love (and often use) HG's recipes, I thought this would be a good jump start. The plan is based on eating 1200 calories (1500 if you're active) a day, but I'm altering it slightly. I prefer to start my day with a protein shake, so I'll continue with those. My snack will be one of the breakfast options rather than one of the listed snacks. I will incorporate those items as they work for me.

I tracked my calories and I'll be eating between 1200 and 1400 a day. My MFP goal is 1500 but never to go under 1200 so this fits in perfectly and stays within HG's recommended range.  I plan to review the diet and share results (although I totally forgot to weight myself) at the end.  The meals are much like foods that I typically eat but there are some new recipes and ideas I haven't tried. Today was pretty basic... I had my protein shake for breakfast, liquid egg whites and a string cheese for a snack, a big salad for lunch, almonds for a snack (twice), and for dinner baked chicken with steamed veggies and a small salad.  My count will be "off" because I ate maybe half of my salad (if that!) so it's a showing a bit higher, but that's okay. I'd prefer to be a little over (100-150 cal) and have it be inaccurate than the other way. I'm still below 1500 calories so it's good enough for me...Right now anyway. While it would seem easy to go back and split it in half, I'm not sure I ate exactly half of everything in there, so it would end up being inaccurate anyway.

Later in the week I'll be trying some of the recipes I have not tried yet like her Girlfredo and a stir fry.

As a reminder, I'm not receiving any type of compensation for reviewing this diet. I've chosen to try, and review it, independently. I also will not be sharing any of the specific recipes from the book, because of copyright laws. Because I am personalizing the plan and altering it slightly, I recognize that my results may be different than the typical results.

I suppose that's about all I have time for. I want to get the chicken in the oven and at least get 30 minutes in on the treadmill while it cooks.  Then it'll be time to eat, shower, and head out for our standing Monday night wrestling date.

Hope you had an excellent weekend!!!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thirteen Thursday.

I totally forgot to post my list of thirteen things about me last week... I guess I got so wrapped up in posting about how my posts will be few and far between until I have more things done, I forgot. I'll post that first today so that I don't miss it again this week.

Thirteen Favorite Healthy/Not So Bad Snacks (in the order that they come to mind):

1. Yasso Greek yogurt bars
2. Roasted chickpeas
3. Naturebox Big Island Pineapple
4. Pistachios
5. Almonds
6. Light String Cheese
7. Apples
8. Strawberries
9. Baby carrots and some type of dip (preferably light)
10. Reduced Fat Wheat Thins with Alouette Light Garlic and Herb Spread
11. Hummus....and veggies or crackers.
12. Protein bars/balls (home made)
13. Greek Yogurt and fruit.

Annnnd now I'm hungry... Suppose I should make dinner soon!

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed from being so busy as of late. I feel like I have a bunch more stuff to do at home to get things cleaned/organized/packed and no time in which to do it. Last weekend was a special case because I babysat on Saturday and that occupied the day. I didn't want to spend the day Sunday working since my boyfriend worked all day Saturday....Which I guess is pretty much my own fault because I wanted to just spend time together, talking and whatever else rather than work. So I did a couple things on Tuesday night but felt so tired that it was just "too much" at the moment. I worked on a tutu that my Aunt asked me to make for my cousin's little girl.  Then of course when I went to bed (after struggling to stay awake) I couldn't sleep. UGH! 

So tonight my plan is to get a little more done around the house and finish the tutu.  I'll do more around the house this weekend.  We're in for more yucky weather so I don't think we will be going anywhere this weekend. I guess we're getting two inches of snow between Friday night and Saturday morning.  Saturday should be clear, but I'm not sure what the roads will be like. I'm not even sure what they'll be like tomorrow...The weather says rain. And cold.  And then later a snow/rain mix.  Let's just hope it isn't super slippery in the morning.... I HATE the drive to work in bad weather. Not.  Fun. 

I debated staying up here again tonight but I have nothing with me so I'd have to go shopping just to buy an outfit for work.  I really don't want to do that because there aren't many places to shop around here... We have two large discount type stores (Walmart and Meijer) and one store where people actually shop for clothing (Maurices). I'm not fond of Maurices...Just not really my style or preferred brand...And it's where a lot of kids shop so some of it just isn't the same as my taste. Plus most of the female population in this town goes there. Blah. I'm also not fond of dropping 40 bucks on a shirt or jeans or whatever (honestly don't know much about their prices) that isn't the best quality.  I'd rather spend 60 on something more sophisticated and my style, that I know will last, from Banana or something.

So anyway, I decided to be stubborn and go home because I don't have extra clothes here and I don't feel like shopping at a place I don't even like just to have something to wear. I also want to finish this tutu and get some stuff done around this house! Plus I have a small project to do for a friend of my boyfriend soooo I should work on that too.  So...In addition to being a bit of a clothing snob today, I have too much to get done. Now let's just hope the roads aren't too bad tomorrow....I have lots to do at work!

I guess that's it for now...I'm off to start more cleaning, packing, and moving things around in the house so that it'll be ready to load into the trailer whenever my Dad gets it down here. Moving really is a bit of a pain, but I'm kind of glad to be getting rid of some stuff.  I keep saying it's crazy how much stuff I accumulated in 10 years but looking at the overall picture, it really isn't THAT bad.  I think I have a lot of small things, like craft supplies, and I KNOW I have a ton of clothes and shoes...So that stuff makes it seem like there's a lot there. Or maybe it's just that I've taken several bags to my Dad's dumpster, have given stuff away, and have stuff ready to sell and/or donate that makes it not seem so bad... I guess just getting rid of stuff makes a bigger difference than I realized!

Hope you're having a great week!! I'll try to post once more before the weekend... But we shall see!