Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fitness. Yes!

Hey all! Hope you're having a good week. I know I am! I think my race was a great motivator for getting me back in the swing of things. I've logged some exercise time (some non-traditional) almost every day since Saturday.... Sunday, Tuesday, and Today. Monday was spent doing things around the house. 

Sunday was full of some yard work which isn't your typical exercise but it did work the muscles and burn calories. It was nice to get some sun too. Sometimes it's a good change of pace to get some activity in that isn't the usual. Active rest days.... Those are great! If you're working  hard at typical exercise other days, enjoy those active rest days. 

Yesterday was a fairly light active day. My dogs were giving me sad puppy eyes when I was getting ready to head out so I decided to walk them instead of going out solo. I can't do much running when they're withe be side they get excited and go in different directions. And they get tired. By the end of the walk they're usually worn out. So we walked for a little over an hour. 

Today I ignored the sad eyes and left the babies at home. I wanted to give in and take them but I needed a little more intensity. I was put in between 35 and 40 minutes. I did a jog/walk combo. After not having done much running over the last couple months I have some conditioning to do. I'm not as fast and don't have the endurance I once had but that's okay. I can't look at where I was. I have to focus on where I am now and make goals for where I want to be. New goals. I can't say, " again" or "like before."  It's a new time and I need to build myself up. It isn't healthy to focus on the past (good or bad).  It's better to look at where you are and to set goals to get where you want to be! 

I suppose that's it for now. I was outside a lot tonight and all that fresh air wore me out. My boyfriend worked on cleaning up his Grandma's yard so I decided to go help. By the time I made it over there he was pretty much done. I moved a couple things and put the lawn mower away but it really wasn't much. He gets full credit there! At any rate I was outside with him in that fresh air for a couple hours. I'm definitely ready to snuggle up and get some sleep! 

Hope you're having s great week!!!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Weekend (Or Should I Say Weekly?) Re-Cap

I knew I wouldn't post daily last week, but I thought I'd at least make time for another post or two. I suppose two today makes up for it, right?  I actually wrote the race re-cap yesterday but forgot to post it, so I tweaked it a little and posted it today. Ohhhhh well...Eventually this thing will be back to where it was!

I find it interesting... My lack of posts directly correlates to my lack of exercise and my lack of being as cautious regarding eating as I normally am. 

Yup...It's good to be back.  I NEED to be back.

So anyway... Last week was pretty busy so I'll just type a quick summary....

I ended up injuring myself a week ago Sunday so I spent much of the day laying around, icing my knee.  I fell in some water in my basement and smashed it into the concrete. I did nothing while my Dad and boyfriend fixed my drain. My Mom did a few things for me but also tried to keep my gimpy self company while the guys worked.  Monday morning I woke up to a sinus infection and was still limping. Great day. Really.

Tuesday I was still sick and later (like several DAYS later) realized I missed a chiropractor appointment. I'm sure my body could've used it after falling!! I just t-o-t-a-l-l-y spaced out on that one. I went to my old house and picked up some bags and boxes of clothes and such I was getting rid of. My Aunt had a yard sale last weekend so I had to get the stuff to get to my Dad so he could get it to her. Let me tell you... Being sick and hauling heavy bags and boxes stinks. I was sweating terribly because I had a fever, and I was so tired I was zoning out on the road. I probably should've just taken a nap but I knew I had to pick that stuff up.

Wednesday we didn't do much. I'm not sure what, if anything, so apparently that means we were pretty lazy. I was still not feeling well so I'm sure most of my evening included laying around whining to the man. Oh! We took bottles and cans back to the store and picked up stuff for dinner. That was the extent of our post-work excitement. Thrilling, right?

Thursday I was starting to feel a little better and wanted some fresh air so my cousin came over and we walked a few miles.  We took her little girl and went down by the beach, around by the lake, and watched the big car ferry boat come in. Then we looped around back to my house.  We had a decent cal burn and it was a gorgeous day so it felt really good to get out and go for a walk. I'm so glad that the warmer weather is here - I've missed doing stuff like that! After the walk, my boyfriend and I burned some stuff out at his Grandma's and moved some sticks/logs around in the yard. One of us may or may not have achieved breaking a branch off of a tree after the other said it couldn't be done. One of us is ultra-determined.... One of us also doesn't want to "get into trouble" (because I'm not sure if we were actually supposed to get the branch down) so one of us won't be divulging the full details of the story.

Friday I left work a little early to get a couple things done before heading out of town. We went up to Traverse City for my 10K race early Saturday morning.  We got up there, went to packet pick-up, checked into the hotel, went to the sporting goods store (I forgot a couple things and also wanted to look around a bit), and then we went out for dinner. After dinner we checked out the beach at the hotel and watched the sunset for a few. It. Was. Beautiful. I don't know if it's that we were in another place but it seemed so much more gorgeous than at home. I guess maybe the atmosphere is a big reason that tourists like to come to our town and love our sunsets.  I think just getting away to a new place is a huge part of it!  Being outside didn't last long as our hotel was right across the street from the State Park. There was  a lot of campfire smoke rolling through our parking lot...So much so that the smoke burned my eyes when we walked outside! We got back to our room around 9:30 and didn't do much of anything. I got my stuff together and we went to bed fairly early.

Saturday morning I was up around 5:00 to get ready for the race, which was at 7:30.  I ran, watched some of the half marathoners (yay Angela!) finish, and then went back to the hotel to shower.  After I got ready, we checked out and headed into downtown Traverse City. We had lunch at a local bar/restaurant (Dillinger's) and then walked around a little bit. I wanted to go a tourist store (M22) and we had time left on our parking meter so we took a little walk.  After that we stopped by the mall and walked around for a few.  We didn't buy much... My boyfriend got a couple hats at Lid's and a shirt at Express Men, and I got a few things at GAP. We wandered in a couple other stores but since we had just been shopping last weekend, were getting tired, and had to drive home, we didn't spend a lot of time there.  After the mall we headed home to get ready for my boyfriend's little brother's HS graduation. After graduation we spent the evening at my boyfriend's Mom's house, just hanging out with some of the family.

We headed home Sunday when we got up on Sunday morning and picked up my dogs. My Dad had a load of black dirt for me, for my yard, and he said he'd be bringing that by. So, after relaxing for a few, my boyfriend and I cleaned up the yard and got it ready for the dirt. The house had several trees that were pulled so we had to fill-in some holes with the dirt. My boyfriend picked up random things that we found in the yard and mowed while I picked up a bunch of sticks, wood, and raked. What. A. Chore.  I may not have worked out but that was definitely a workout for the day! After that was done, my Dad helped us spread the dirt. Then my boyfriend and I took some of the piles of leaves and sticks to the pick-up pile down the alley. My hands blistered in three places and two of them promptly tore open. Ew! And ouch! One that had formed totally disappeared so apparently I didn't use that one enough. Thank goodness!!!  We also both ended up getting sunburns.  Cool...I finally have some color. Too bad I was wearing a t-shirt so I will have a farmer's tan soon! Oh well... It won't be long before I have some color all over.

I cleaned up and went to the store while my boyfriend took a little nap. We'd been out in the sun and hadn't eaten much so he had a bit of a headache.  After he got up we did a few more things around the house and then decided to just spend the evening relaxing. We grilled some super yummy brats and had some salads (potato and mac) and chips with them for dinner.  We built a fire in the fire pit and sat outside for a couple hours, just talking and hanging out (and drinking a few beers). 

Yesterday it was kind of cold and gray in the morning so we were lazy.  Then my boyfriend went to his Grandma's to help his Dad with her lawn, which they only finished part of because it started to rain. I decided to stay home and do some stuff around the house (mostly laundry!) instead of going with him. I may have also been a bit lazy and watched part of a movie on TV. We went to Lowe's in the afternoon to get some shelves for bathroom organization and a few plants.  We had invited my parents over for dinner so while I was planting, my boyfriend got the grill out and got the hot dogs started.  My parents came over shortly after so my Mom helped me finish planting while my Dad hung one of the shelves.  He didn't have the right screws with him for the heavier shelves, but at least that was a start! We ate dinner and my parents left a little while after. Then my boyfriend and I watched wrestling (well he watched most of it it, as I fell asleep on the couch during it and was in and out for the last hour) and then went to bed.

Today it was back to the grind!!

We had a wonderful weekend and it was great to spend time with so much of our family! That extra day can really do a lot sometimes, especially when you have other things going on. It was nice to have a day after the race, graduation, and yard work to mostly relax and hang out.

Hope your weekend was great!!! Now I'm off for a run/walk...Depending on whether or not I decide to take the dogs. We'll see how spunky they are when I'm done changing...

Have a great week!!!!


Bayshore 10K Race Report

Saturday was my first race of the season (although running really doesn't have a season - just seems that more races are in the Spring, Summer, and Fall)...and my first race in general in a while! I'd done a couple virtual 5Ks this year but no official races since the Ugly Sweater Run in December.  This was my first 10K since Women Rock last September.  I did the Bayshore 10K in Traverse City, Michigan. They also have a Half Marathon and a Marathon. My awesome friend Angela was there and completed her first half!!

All I can say is...Wow!

Because I've been so busy moving I have not trained, or even worked out, like I normally do. This also means that the few pounds I'd lost managed to find their way back to me (UGH!)...But that's what happens when you're not following things as you should be. After that race, I can honestly say that it feels GREAT to be back into the swing of things.

The race itself wasn't bad until toward the end. I think that was just because I hadn't done anything over a 5K in ages. Oh - I'd also sustained a minor knee injury a week before. I fell which resulted in pain, bruising, and swelling. It hurt to walk for a couple days but eventually it got better and the swelling went down. And then, a matter of days before the race, I got sick with some "crud" that's going around... Respiratory crud. My allergies were out of control. I had a sinus infection... Coughing, sneezing, sore throat, low grade fever... The works. At one point last week I honestly didn't think I'd be making it to the race.  So, with those combined factors...I'm not mad at myself. Heck, I'm just happy that I was able to go and do it!!!

I'd done this race last year so I knew the course and it wasn't all that difficult. There were some inclines but nothing crazy.  I did the first half without difficulty. That's "only" a 5K...No biggie for me.  Even with just doing some walking rather than running (no training) a 5K is very "do-able" for me. The 10K distance was a little more difficult, but I managed without any major difficulties. Four miles wasn't a problem...After four I started feeling more tired.  Mile five to six-point-two was the most challenging. I couldn't even do my usual sprint at the finish. I just kept my steady jog going, as I tried to stop the gagging that I'd started doing so that I could prevent myself from vomiting in front of everyone in the bleachers.

This was my slowest 10K pace that I can recall. And it wasn't even THAT bad. Honestly? I could've done (much) worse! I could've been a lot slower than I was! My mile time could've been a heck of a lot worse.  In reality, I did better than I thought I would...But definitely not my best. If nothing else it gave me a great day of exercise (torched some cals that morning!) and made for a good excuse for my boyfriend and I to get away for a night and day.

Overall? It was a good race. I knew the course and knew it would be a nice run with gorgeous scenery. I didn't do my best ever but I'd say I did pretty darn good considering the circumstances (not training, knee injury, and the sinus infection). That race was what I needed to get me back into the swing of things as far as my workouts. Sure, there's still stuff to get settled around the house but I can do that slowly...There's no reason to rush or spend all my time organizing and re-organizing things. I also need to take that time for me. It seems like lately I've been busy and running here and there with other things that have come up.  I need my hour or more of "me time" back at least four days a week.  The truth is, running is a time when I can relax and escape with myself for a little bit. No matter how awesome things are in life, we all need that alone time to really do something we enjoy.

Now for my weekend update and then out for a run...Unless it starts raining again... Then I'll have to plug in the treadmill. After a race outside, the treadmill does NOT sound appealing.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hello, Again!

I'm back!! I'm not quite sure how frequently I'll post as I get back into the swing of things, but there will be posts... FINALLY! Moving has really occupied more time than I thought it would.  It has been a long process of packing, cleaning, moving, sorting out  "things" from the last almost-ten years....what I wanted to keep - what was junk-- and what I'd put in a sale pile, unpacking, organizing, buying new things to continue organizing, more unpacking, more cleaning, re-organizing,... You get the idea.  With that and working full-time, as well as other commitments, things have been busy!!

I won't re-cap everything because we would be here for a while.  I'm sure my posts are lengthy enough as it is!

I suppose my personal life is where I'll start since I just wrote about the move... I'm pretty much all moved. There are still a few odds and ends at my old house but nothing noteworthy.  I have most of my stuff unpacked and am finding places for all of it. I'd say the basement has the most work left to do, as that has become my storage area for all of the things I don't have space for or am not yet ready to organize. I want to get some work done on that this weekend so that I can get my gym area set-up!!

In addition to moving and the usual time with my family and friends, I've done some babysitting and we've had some family things to do. Mothers' Day kept us busy. And Easter. Then there was my boyfriend's little sister's dance recital last Friday night. He had to work about a month of Saturdays so that limited some of what we could do (I spent half of those babysitting). I also spent a morning volunteering for registration for a local charity lake jump.

 Last weekend we finally took some time for ourselves and just to have fun... Mostly.  Saturday we went to a nearby town and spent time shopping and went out to eat.  It was nice to go and do something different and spend time together just goofing around instead of having to do something.  Last Sunday was going to be similar but I discovered my drain in the basement was backing up when I did laundry. So I called my Dad and he and my boyfriend fixed that.  My Mom hauled some boxes out for me and mostly kept me company.  I had slipped in the water and banged my knee all up (this was Sunday and it's still bruised, swollen, and a little sore). Monday I came down with a nasty cold... I think it's a sinus infection. I'm prone to those and when weather changes or I'm around someone else who is sick, I seem to pick things up. We hung out with my cousin and her boyfriend for a bit Friday night...And she was sick.  I'm pretty sure I got it from her! I think I'm on the mend already though... I've been taking day and night cold medicine, allergy medicine, and zinc tablets. I feel better today than I did the last two days. My energy level is coming back and I don't seem to have a fever today. It was a low-grade fever but, man, that can really take it out of me! So, I'm glad I'm starting to feel better. I'm not 100% but there's a difference between yesterday and today.

I have a race coming up this weekend, a 10K, that I'm on the fence about doing currently. It's about an hour and a half away and we were going to go up Friday night then come home Saturday after the race.  With this knee injury and now being sick, I'm not sure. I am starting to feel better in both areas so I'm thinking I should still be able to do it. I am fully aware that it'll take me a lot longer than normal (my time would've been slower than my time last year anyway). I'll probably have to walk a good portion of it. My jog will be slow. You know what...? I'm okay with that. I'm sick. I'm injured. I'm not in the same shape I was a year ago. I haven't been able to train as much. I'm okay with not beating myself for once. It'll be nice just to get out and enjoy some fresh air in the morning...And what a good way to start the day - burning some calories, bonding with strangers.... Perfect morning! My boyfriend will have to sit and wait for me (or he will end up sleeping in while I'm at the event) so hopefully I'm not TOO slow.  I checked times for last year's event and it looks like quite a few people probably walked it or did a walk/jog mix. It took a handful of people over two hours to do the 10K. It took several between an hour and a half and two hours.  I may not be where I was last year and won't be able to finish it in just over an hour, but I'm confident that there will be some other walkers out there! SO, if I keep improving (in terms of the cold..I mean I do need to be able to breathe), I'll be going!

Exercise has not been up to par.  That's part of why I want to get my basement organized on Sunday... Then I'll be able to get back into my usual workout habits. Walks, jogs, and random moving things (seriously some of what can torch a lot of cals!) are good...and I'm moving, but I need to get back into it like I was before. I have not been as consistent or as intense. It's time.

Eating has been kind of all over the place.  I was doing really well and then as we got more into the move, I was eating like my boyfriend more than usual (take-out, chips, etc... NOT my usual). Last week I didn't have much of an appetite so that wasn't too terrible, but then the weekend wasn't so great because we ate out a lot. This week I haven't had much of an appetite because I haven't felt well, and I haven't had the energy to cook. So dinners have been weird... I've had popcorn or ice cream... Junk stuff but in small quantities. I'll say that the ice cream did feel really good on my sore throat though!! So I have to make a list out tonight and get some groceries this weekend! THAT was another thing - trying to stay healthy while finishing certain foods, not having everything unpacked... Yeah, eating out or easy things was super easy to do. I've had way too much pizza in the last month! Seriously, I think we had it once a week! That is not typical for me!

I'm happy to be getting things settled now... The house, the groceries. It was way too easy for me to get off-track with everything during the move because the other options were "easier." I guess I was so tired from back and forth drives and everything else I was trying to do that I didn't really care to put my usual effort into things. I'm darn lucky I didn't turn into a big blimp!!! I did gain back the few pounds I'd lost before though, so that's not good. I guess I should be happy that it wasn't more. And hey, here I am with a plan and ready to spring into action! I cannot wait to get everything done and get back on track. Meanwhile, I'll keep doing random things and walking... I plan on walking tomorrow with my cousin and I'm going to see if my boyfriend wants to go for a walk tonight. It's been gorgeous out this week so I think that the change in weather is really helping me to want to get back into it... Especially now that I'm feeling better!! I don't want to just lay on the couch and sleep... I feel rested and want to go move a little!

Hope you are all doing well... I'm glad to be back and getting into my usual routine again!