Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bayshore 10K Race Report

Saturday was my first race of the season (although running really doesn't have a season - just seems that more races are in the Spring, Summer, and Fall)...and my first race in general in a while! I'd done a couple virtual 5Ks this year but no official races since the Ugly Sweater Run in December.  This was my first 10K since Women Rock last September.  I did the Bayshore 10K in Traverse City, Michigan. They also have a Half Marathon and a Marathon. My awesome friend Angela was there and completed her first half!!

All I can say is...Wow!

Because I've been so busy moving I have not trained, or even worked out, like I normally do. This also means that the few pounds I'd lost managed to find their way back to me (UGH!)...But that's what happens when you're not following things as you should be. After that race, I can honestly say that it feels GREAT to be back into the swing of things.

The race itself wasn't bad until toward the end. I think that was just because I hadn't done anything over a 5K in ages. Oh - I'd also sustained a minor knee injury a week before. I fell which resulted in pain, bruising, and swelling. It hurt to walk for a couple days but eventually it got better and the swelling went down. And then, a matter of days before the race, I got sick with some "crud" that's going around... Respiratory crud. My allergies were out of control. I had a sinus infection... Coughing, sneezing, sore throat, low grade fever... The works. At one point last week I honestly didn't think I'd be making it to the race.  So, with those combined factors...I'm not mad at myself. Heck, I'm just happy that I was able to go and do it!!!

I'd done this race last year so I knew the course and it wasn't all that difficult. There were some inclines but nothing crazy.  I did the first half without difficulty. That's "only" a 5K...No biggie for me.  Even with just doing some walking rather than running (no training) a 5K is very "do-able" for me. The 10K distance was a little more difficult, but I managed without any major difficulties. Four miles wasn't a problem...After four I started feeling more tired.  Mile five to six-point-two was the most challenging. I couldn't even do my usual sprint at the finish. I just kept my steady jog going, as I tried to stop the gagging that I'd started doing so that I could prevent myself from vomiting in front of everyone in the bleachers.

This was my slowest 10K pace that I can recall. And it wasn't even THAT bad. Honestly? I could've done (much) worse! I could've been a lot slower than I was! My mile time could've been a heck of a lot worse.  In reality, I did better than I thought I would...But definitely not my best. If nothing else it gave me a great day of exercise (torched some cals that morning!) and made for a good excuse for my boyfriend and I to get away for a night and day.

Overall? It was a good race. I knew the course and knew it would be a nice run with gorgeous scenery. I didn't do my best ever but I'd say I did pretty darn good considering the circumstances (not training, knee injury, and the sinus infection). That race was what I needed to get me back into the swing of things as far as my workouts. Sure, there's still stuff to get settled around the house but I can do that slowly...There's no reason to rush or spend all my time organizing and re-organizing things. I also need to take that time for me. It seems like lately I've been busy and running here and there with other things that have come up.  I need my hour or more of "me time" back at least four days a week.  The truth is, running is a time when I can relax and escape with myself for a little bit. No matter how awesome things are in life, we all need that alone time to really do something we enjoy.

Now for my weekend update and then out for a run...Unless it starts raining again... Then I'll have to plug in the treadmill. After a race outside, the treadmill does NOT sound appealing.


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