Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Weekend (Or Should I Say Weekly?) Re-Cap

I knew I wouldn't post daily last week, but I thought I'd at least make time for another post or two. I suppose two today makes up for it, right?  I actually wrote the race re-cap yesterday but forgot to post it, so I tweaked it a little and posted it today. Ohhhhh well...Eventually this thing will be back to where it was!

I find it interesting... My lack of posts directly correlates to my lack of exercise and my lack of being as cautious regarding eating as I normally am. 

Yup...It's good to be back.  I NEED to be back.

So anyway... Last week was pretty busy so I'll just type a quick summary....

I ended up injuring myself a week ago Sunday so I spent much of the day laying around, icing my knee.  I fell in some water in my basement and smashed it into the concrete. I did nothing while my Dad and boyfriend fixed my drain. My Mom did a few things for me but also tried to keep my gimpy self company while the guys worked.  Monday morning I woke up to a sinus infection and was still limping. Great day. Really.

Tuesday I was still sick and later (like several DAYS later) realized I missed a chiropractor appointment. I'm sure my body could've used it after falling!! I just t-o-t-a-l-l-y spaced out on that one. I went to my old house and picked up some bags and boxes of clothes and such I was getting rid of. My Aunt had a yard sale last weekend so I had to get the stuff to get to my Dad so he could get it to her. Let me tell you... Being sick and hauling heavy bags and boxes stinks. I was sweating terribly because I had a fever, and I was so tired I was zoning out on the road. I probably should've just taken a nap but I knew I had to pick that stuff up.

Wednesday we didn't do much. I'm not sure what, if anything, so apparently that means we were pretty lazy. I was still not feeling well so I'm sure most of my evening included laying around whining to the man. Oh! We took bottles and cans back to the store and picked up stuff for dinner. That was the extent of our post-work excitement. Thrilling, right?

Thursday I was starting to feel a little better and wanted some fresh air so my cousin came over and we walked a few miles.  We took her little girl and went down by the beach, around by the lake, and watched the big car ferry boat come in. Then we looped around back to my house.  We had a decent cal burn and it was a gorgeous day so it felt really good to get out and go for a walk. I'm so glad that the warmer weather is here - I've missed doing stuff like that! After the walk, my boyfriend and I burned some stuff out at his Grandma's and moved some sticks/logs around in the yard. One of us may or may not have achieved breaking a branch off of a tree after the other said it couldn't be done. One of us is ultra-determined.... One of us also doesn't want to "get into trouble" (because I'm not sure if we were actually supposed to get the branch down) so one of us won't be divulging the full details of the story.

Friday I left work a little early to get a couple things done before heading out of town. We went up to Traverse City for my 10K race early Saturday morning.  We got up there, went to packet pick-up, checked into the hotel, went to the sporting goods store (I forgot a couple things and also wanted to look around a bit), and then we went out for dinner. After dinner we checked out the beach at the hotel and watched the sunset for a few. It. Was. Beautiful. I don't know if it's that we were in another place but it seemed so much more gorgeous than at home. I guess maybe the atmosphere is a big reason that tourists like to come to our town and love our sunsets.  I think just getting away to a new place is a huge part of it!  Being outside didn't last long as our hotel was right across the street from the State Park. There was  a lot of campfire smoke rolling through our parking lot...So much so that the smoke burned my eyes when we walked outside! We got back to our room around 9:30 and didn't do much of anything. I got my stuff together and we went to bed fairly early.

Saturday morning I was up around 5:00 to get ready for the race, which was at 7:30.  I ran, watched some of the half marathoners (yay Angela!) finish, and then went back to the hotel to shower.  After I got ready, we checked out and headed into downtown Traverse City. We had lunch at a local bar/restaurant (Dillinger's) and then walked around a little bit. I wanted to go a tourist store (M22) and we had time left on our parking meter so we took a little walk.  After that we stopped by the mall and walked around for a few.  We didn't buy much... My boyfriend got a couple hats at Lid's and a shirt at Express Men, and I got a few things at GAP. We wandered in a couple other stores but since we had just been shopping last weekend, were getting tired, and had to drive home, we didn't spend a lot of time there.  After the mall we headed home to get ready for my boyfriend's little brother's HS graduation. After graduation we spent the evening at my boyfriend's Mom's house, just hanging out with some of the family.

We headed home Sunday when we got up on Sunday morning and picked up my dogs. My Dad had a load of black dirt for me, for my yard, and he said he'd be bringing that by. So, after relaxing for a few, my boyfriend and I cleaned up the yard and got it ready for the dirt. The house had several trees that were pulled so we had to fill-in some holes with the dirt. My boyfriend picked up random things that we found in the yard and mowed while I picked up a bunch of sticks, wood, and raked. What. A. Chore.  I may not have worked out but that was definitely a workout for the day! After that was done, my Dad helped us spread the dirt. Then my boyfriend and I took some of the piles of leaves and sticks to the pick-up pile down the alley. My hands blistered in three places and two of them promptly tore open. Ew! And ouch! One that had formed totally disappeared so apparently I didn't use that one enough. Thank goodness!!!  We also both ended up getting sunburns.  Cool...I finally have some color. Too bad I was wearing a t-shirt so I will have a farmer's tan soon! Oh well... It won't be long before I have some color all over.

I cleaned up and went to the store while my boyfriend took a little nap. We'd been out in the sun and hadn't eaten much so he had a bit of a headache.  After he got up we did a few more things around the house and then decided to just spend the evening relaxing. We grilled some super yummy brats and had some salads (potato and mac) and chips with them for dinner.  We built a fire in the fire pit and sat outside for a couple hours, just talking and hanging out (and drinking a few beers). 

Yesterday it was kind of cold and gray in the morning so we were lazy.  Then my boyfriend went to his Grandma's to help his Dad with her lawn, which they only finished part of because it started to rain. I decided to stay home and do some stuff around the house (mostly laundry!) instead of going with him. I may have also been a bit lazy and watched part of a movie on TV. We went to Lowe's in the afternoon to get some shelves for bathroom organization and a few plants.  We had invited my parents over for dinner so while I was planting, my boyfriend got the grill out and got the hot dogs started.  My parents came over shortly after so my Mom helped me finish planting while my Dad hung one of the shelves.  He didn't have the right screws with him for the heavier shelves, but at least that was a start! We ate dinner and my parents left a little while after. Then my boyfriend and I watched wrestling (well he watched most of it it, as I fell asleep on the couch during it and was in and out for the last hour) and then went to bed.

Today it was back to the grind!!

We had a wonderful weekend and it was great to spend time with so much of our family! That extra day can really do a lot sometimes, especially when you have other things going on. It was nice to have a day after the race, graduation, and yard work to mostly relax and hang out.

Hope your weekend was great!!! Now I'm off for a run/walk...Depending on whether or not I decide to take the dogs. We'll see how spunky they are when I'm done changing...

Have a great week!!!!


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