Friday, June 27, 2014

Finally Friday!

This week seems to have gone by faster than last week did, but yesterday and today have been the type of days where I've been counting down the hours to the weekend! I suppose that's because I was a day off and kept thinking we were a day farther into the week than we really were. It wasn't a bad thing - it was just a busy week at work and time felt like it was slipping away. I guess it's good that I ended up having more time than I thought! But by the time Friday afternoon rolls around, let's face it, most of us are ready to hit the door!

This day has been particularly weird... This morning, even though I accomplished quite a bit, didn't seem to go by fast enough. At 10:00, I thought "really? I've only been here for two hours?". I guess I felt so busy that I thought more time would've passed. I guess I was just super efficient this morning! Then suddenly, I looked at the clock and thought "oh my gosh it's already 12:30!?" The afternoon went fairly quickly too...Until the last 45 minutes or so before I left for the day. Of course I was running wild and super busy so much this week, and earlier today, that my time to do paperwork just seemed to drag. Then somehow the last 20 minutes went by so quickly it was after my time to leave. This isn't rare though... Days that I actually leave right on time aren't very common. Most days I'm only about 15 minutes later but sometimes I work longer than that...Just depends on the day, I guess.  I typically only leave on time when I have an appointment or something... So once every couple weeks for the chiropractor, but then it's only a few minutes away and I don't have to be there until 4:50....So even then I guess I'm not super on time to leave.

Anyway, so after a weird day that was much like my week (fast, slow, fast again), I was happy to leave. It's a beautiful day and I hate being inside when it's so nice out. It's warm, sunny, and there's just a little bit of a breeze. Who wouldn't want to be outside?! I was glad to leave, pick up the pups, do a couple errands, and then head home.  We're probably going to walk the little beasts in a bit... Maybe not until after dinner when it's a little cooler so they don't get too hot (they being the pups and the man - ha!).

Other than a walk, we don't have anything planned tonight. Since he has to work at least part of tomorrow, we'll just hang at home. I plan on getting up and doing some stuff around the house, then walking over to the HS track for Relay. Oddly my Mom happened to sign up for the exact same time for her Relay team. How we managed to do that without talking about it, I don't know...But it will be nice to have a walking buddy!

The rest of the weekend is still up in the air. We'll see how long he ends up working tomorrow and go from there I guess.  I was hoping to get some sun but now I see it is supposed to rain tomorrow. I keep telling myself that it won't. I guess if it must rain, I'd prefer it be after I'm done walking for Relay....Although, not at all would be fabulous! So I guess I'll see what happens and how things go...

I suppose I should get moving so I can either get dinner started or get everyone motivated to take a walk.

Have an excellent weekend!!!


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