Monday, June 23, 2014

Long Time No Post....

Wow!! I've been busier than I thought. I just realized that my last post was on June 5th... That's almost two weeks! I knew I'd missed last week but I thought for sure I'd been on the week before; at least once. Guess not.

Well, here is the update then... I'll keep it brief because that could be one very long update!!!

I've continued my walking/running workouts since I posted last. I guess that the 10K I did a few weeks ago was just what I needed to get me back into it! I didn't do as much running last week as I had wanted, but did get out and get a couple walks in. Unfortunately we had a lot of rain and my little gym wasn't yet set-up in my basement. Luckily that has been taken care of!

Let's see...

Two weekends ago it was my Grandparents' anniversary, so we spent some time there that Friday evening for dinner. Then the man and I took the Little Miss home with us for a slumber party and a Saturday of babysitting.  We got up Saturday morning and she played for a bit, then wanted to get in the tub before she had her breakfast.  We got ready and walked down to our local beach, out on the pier, stopped for ice cream (before lunch!) and then played at the play ground for a while.  We walked home and I ran to McDonald's to pick up a late lunch for us.  I got a salad (minus "the good stuff") and they ate whatever unhealthy stuff it was that they got! After lunch we spent the rest of our day outside; playing with sidewalk chalk and playing hopscotch.  I also tried to teach Little Miss some letters and numbers and we worked on counting. Hey, who says sidewalk chalk can't be educational? She can count how many of something is there so we worked on recognizing what the numbers looked like. She was not as interested in learning what letters looked like and how to draw them. She was having a hard time focusing; I think she was getting tired... She actually climbed up in my lap and just kinda lounged for about half an hour until her Mom got there.

A friend had told me about a contest to win some awesome seats for WWE Live so later that evening we dressed up like a couple of our favorite wrestlers (I dressed as a Diva, of course) and posted our pics to Instagram. We found out later in the week (Wednesday) that we had won!! My boyfriend's Dad had already won tickets but the seats weren't as good so we gave those to my boyfriend's little brother and his neighbor so the two of them could go.  Our seats were fourth row and the section was not full so we were right up front to see the action! So awesome!!

Contest entry pic... 

And at the show.... 

It was in Grand Rapids the following Saturday so we made plans to spend the night downtown. We went out about for a bit after the show... Really only to Buffalo Wild Wings because we are too old to hang with the 20-somethings. We were out until one in the morning which was pretty late for us! I think we were tired from having been up so early that morning, so maybe if we'd slept in we could've stayed out a bit later. I had a race early that morning (Lakestride) and he went to spend some time with his Dad to celebrate Fathers' Day a little early. It was a busy day, and TONS of fun!!

The next day we got lunch and picked up Father's day gifts on the way back.  We kind of took or time on the way home and didn't rush it. Later in the day we went to my Grandparents' house to celebrate Fathers' Day with my family.  Then it was back to the usual routine last Monday...

Last week seemed to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to go by. I'm not sure why; just seemed like a very long week. I was pretty happy when the weekend got here! On Friday we went out for dinner with my parents for their anniversary. They loved their gift so I'm glad that idea worked out. I feel like I always get them the same types of things so this year I decided to do something different. They bought a camper a month or so ago so we picked up a big tub and filled it with random essentials for camping... Dishes, silverware,  towels, can koozies, forks to cook things over a fire, some condiments, the fixin' for s'mores, dish soap... And we booked them two nights at a campground for next weekend. PERFECT gift!! They were both pretty excited about it and thought it was a neat idea. 

The rest of the weekend we pretty much just hung out at home.  It was a busy weekend in our town, the Gus Macker Three-on-Three Basketball tournament was this weekend so we didn't go too far. My boyfriend went and helped his Dad do some things for his Grandma on Saturday morning and I did some stuff around the house. I think we ran to the gas station but that was as far as we ventured out. We wanted to avoid the big stores and the madness down by the beach.  So on Saturday I unpacked some of the random things that I haven't needed but should be unpacked and did some cleaning and organizing. Saturday night we grilled out and attempted to have a fire but the wood was too wet from having had so much rain. We burned the boxes that I'd unpacked during the day but that didn't really last all that long.

Yesterday the plan was to accomplish a lot around the house. I have an enclosed front porch and apparently it leaked at some point before I moved in and no one did anything about it.  The porch stinks.  I wanted to rip up the flooring that's out there (linoleum) and try to air it out some more but we didn't have the correct type of bar to pry everything up. So instead my boyfriend mowed the lawn and I decided to get to work on the basement. Getting my workout area set-up was also on the agenda for yesterday, so I just did a little more in the basement than I had planned. I unpacked more boxes, organized others, got the bar area set-up, moved my exercise equipment around and got my gym area set-up, and just got things picked up and organized a little better. There's still some stuff to go through but it's much better than it had been. I didn't get the entire basement set-up as I'd like but I'd say I made a lot of progress on it. That took up most of my afternoon. I did a little laundry but not much else (no time!). My boyfriend took a nap while I showered, relaxed, and then made dinner.  After I cleaned up the kitchen from dinner we pretty much just spent the evening in relaxation mode.

Today it was back to work again. Hopefully this week goes by faster than last week did! It just seemed to drag!!! I have some things to keep me busy this week so I'm hoping that those things will help the days pass quicker. Tonight is our standing Monday date night, so after I post this I'll be getting in a quick workout, showering, and having dinner before we get ready for wrestling. We always go watch with my boyfriend's Grandma (hmmm I suppose it's date night with her now!) and I like to try to be over there a little early so we have time to take a walk or just sit and talk for a while. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment so that will take up my evening. We're also going to my boyfriend's little brother's baseball game and my cousin wants to have a cookout this week sooo I should be busy. This means I need to get to sleep fairly early so that I can try to squeeze in some more intense workouts. Otherwise it'll just be some evening walks, which is fine.

I'm doing a friend's diet bet so that will be fun. It's always a good way to get back into the swing of healthy eating. I've also been getting sick after eating a lot lately (all but one day out of the last week and two days) so I'm changing up my diet to see if it's something I've been eating. Now that I'm back on track with getting exercise, I need to get my diet cleaned up a little more. It's been easy to eat whatever (especially with being busy) so I'm all stocked up on clean groceries and have meals for the week all planned out. I'm feeling good right now!

So those have been the last couple weeks for me! Pretty eventful but lots of fun! Hope you are doing well - I will try to to let time fly by so quickly between posts!!

Have a great week!


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