Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mid-Week Update!

Hope you're all having an excellent week! Mine has been busy, which isn't a bad thing... Seems to be flying by, which is nice since last week seemed to be extra long! Monday was the standing date, yesterday I had a hair appointment (which takes over two hours for my crazy thick hair), and today I'm going to my boyfriend's little brother's baseball game...So it's been busy. Unfortunately other than some walking that hasn't left much time for exercise.  That's okay though - I'm really enjoying my walks. I DO need to step up the intensity of my workouts and got some running in (probably tomorrow and Friday) but the walks have been nice. Plus my boyfriend will walk with me so it's a little extra time, without distractions, that we can just be together and talk. LOVE. IT.

I signed up for a friend's Diet Bet that started last Friday. I need to drop some more pounds (which I've been saying for months and unfortunately I've been doing the yo-yo thing). I figured that since running that 10K in April got me back into the swing of things with working out, this might help me get back into the swing of things as far as tracking what I eat, and eating a little healthier. Only she and I signed up for it, so it's a small pot, but it's also a good motivator. I may sign-up for another one with a higher pot too...We'll see.  I found that last time I did a Diet Bet it helped me stay on track -- for a while. It's only 28 days long but I had other things going on, got busy, and did not make it a priority. I did, however, lose weight during that time. So... I'm giving Diet Bet another whirl.
My "official" weekly weigh-in isn't until (at least) Friday, but naturally I've wanted to monitor my weight more closely since I've changed up my eating habits (and, uh, gained a few pounds!!). I'm happy to announce that my changes are working. I'm already down about two pounds (1.8 to be specific)...Not bad, I'd say!! I tend to do better during the week than on the weekends so those will be what challenge me.

I am anticipating good things this weekend... My boyfriend most likely has to work Saturday (BOO - that's NOT what's good) but that does give me a chance to be a little more active than I typically am on a Saturday that we don't have much else going on. Hopefully if he does work, it'll just be a half day like the last couple times he's had to do that. Here's to hoping...! Anyway, it's our town's Relay for Life so I signed up to walk for an hour Saturday morning. It's not until 11 so I should have time to do something else before that. The walk isn't far from my house so I'll probably walk to and from the walk too. Depending on his schedule we may walk on Sunday too... I'll see if I can convince him to do so anyway!

Our town has a music thing this weekend too, so we may spend some time at that on Saturday afternoon. Or Sunday. Or both. I'd like to go so hopefully we can work it out. My parents are camping at a local campground though and I'd like to go hang with them for a bit. If my boyfriend has to work the full day Saturday I may just head out and kayak with them for a couple hours. A friend of ours will be playing at the music fest on Sunday, so going that day would work well too. It's a pretty unplanned weekend that could get busy... But in a fun, relaxing way!

I'll try to update again before or during the weekend...We shall see! :)


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