Thursday, June 5, 2014

Peanut Butter.

I generally use peanut butter in my morning protein shake... Ice, almond milk, PB, and protein powder.  It is the perfect breakfast for me as it is fast and easy. Oh and it's not like I have to sit down and eat a meal. I'm not a huge breakfast eater so these work really well for me.  Today I did not have my peanut butter.  So I used frozen blueberries instead.  I used to mix it up a bit by adding various fruits, spinach, whatever happened to sound good... to my shakes. Lately I've been stuck on good old peanut butter.

Something I noticed today? I did not stay nearly as full without that peanut butter.  If you ever question protein and its ability to keep you full... I'm here to tell you - it really DOES. By the time I went to lunch today I was so hungry that I felt nauseated.  Not good.  Of course I didn't drink as much water as I usually do in the morning so I'm sure that did not help.  BUT I typically stay full until almost 1:00. NOT today.  I really need to remember to stop and by some peanut butter tonight. Or bring a snack and drink more water tomorrow morning.

I was a little perturbed by being so hungry because for lunch I had a sandwich and a handful of chips. I'm going out for dinner tonight and this morning thought that another shake would probably be a good lunch... Filling, healthy, and fairly low cal (especially without my beloved peanut butter). However, because I was so hungry and am out of peanut butter (have I said that enough?), I decided that I should probably have something else. My breakfast was about 200 calories and I thought I'd probably need a bit more for lunch to sustain me through the day.

We're going to a Mexican restaurant tonight with friends and, well, that generally means CALORIE FEST. Even with cutting down on the "bad" stuff, the lighter Mexican stuff is still not so great for you. UGH. I was really hoping to make it all day on just two shakes but that did not happen. Oh well. I had an after work meeting that was cancelled so now I can go for a longer walk than I thought I'd be able to (shoot, if it's early enough after dinner maybe I can do a second walk!).

I'm finding that now that I am back on track with everything, I feel like I want to withdraw a bit again. Like tonight. I don't want to go out for dinner. I want to see my friends. I do not want to have to eat.  I know a lot of people do that "eat before you go" thing, so maybe I'll try that... Something light to fill me up a bit and then I'll eat less at the restaurant. Hopefully that little trick works!!

I know that there is a balance there...I'm just not a fan of wanting to find it right now. At the moment I WANT to be strict with myself. I want to only eat healthy and I want to exercise. I do not want to eat bad foods or miss working out (however light it may currently be). I know that balance is good, but I'm presently not there. I'm at the point where I really need to be strict. It helps me stay focused and make good choices. The downside to that is that I tend to become a bit antisocial because of it. SO tonight... I'm trying to find the balance.

Well, I'm off to go take the pups on a walk before I have to get ready to meet up with family and friends.

Hope you've had a good day!!!


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