Monday, June 2, 2014

The Weekend (Plus a Little More) Re-Cap!

Hey all! 

I hope that you had an awesome weekend!  Mine was good, busy, and it went by too fast, but good.  I guess having a three day weekend last weekend made this one seem shorter than usual...So it goes.  I can't believe my last post was on Wednesday. I was going to post Thursday but just never got around to it, I guess!

So I guess I will start there...

Thursday after work I did a few things around the house and just relaxed for a bit.  A friend and I decided to have some girl time and take my dogs for a walk. We waited until a little later (around 8:00) so that it would have cooled off a bit for my dogs. We walked for about an hour and then I took the dogs on a slightly longer route home than I had to just to make it a longer walk for me.  The total for the dogs and I was about 3.6 miles and took a little over an hour. This is typical for dog-walking.  It's amazing how much faster I go when I don't have two crazy beasts to contend with!! They're actually not that bad...They just like to stop and check things out, sometimes they try to go in different directions, and they walk a little slower than I would.  Really, they're pretty good to walk... It's just a different kind of pace than when I'm alone. I just enjoy getting out and getting exercise, even if it's lower impact like that. I was also talking during this walk so I'm sure that slowed us down a little! The way I look at it is that it was physical activity, time with my dogs, and time with a friend. So much better than sitting on the couch all night!!

In our town we do a Petunia Parade every spring.  The place I work is part of this and they plant petunias in their assigned section. Planting day was a few weeks ago and over the holiday weekend someone decided that they would drive through one of our sections. So a few girls from work went out to re-plant some and I decided to help since I was unable to the original planting day. We talked to a guy who lives in that area and he said they do it every year; and typically run down his mailbox too.  So, we spent about an hour and a half or so replanting and caring for our petunias.  Hopefully another (or the same) jerk doesn't run them down again!

After that I joined the girls at a local Mexican restaurant for a couple margaritas and a light dinner. My boyfriend was mowing the lawn and then picked up the dogs from my Dad's shop, so I took him home some dinner when I left. It was nice to get out and spend some time with a few girls from work. One of my co-workers always has hilarious stories about her kids, so laughter is a guarantee. After I got home we finished watching Smackdown (he had watched it all) and then decided to have a fire.  We spent a couple hours just hanging out together outside and then we went to bed.

It was my boyfriend's Mom's Birthday on Sunday so we decided to go see her on Saturday...We figured we would have more time to spend with her if we did that. So we hung around the house for a bit, being lazy, and then went and spent late afternoon and evening with her and the fam that was there (his two youngest siblings). We had some drinks, ate some cake that we had taken out to her, and then went to hang out at the neighbors' property.  One guy lives there and the other people come up from down state on the weekends to camp.  We had a good time just hanging out and watching the kids ride around on various ATVs.

On Sunday my Mom called to tell me that she and my Dad were going to go clean out the rest of my old house.  This meant that if there were certain things left there that I wanted, I need to get down there and get them. Unfortunately we didn't escape before my parents got there so we spent some time cleaning (my Mom and I) and the guys did some yard work and minor repairs. Then we headed toward home. My parents dropped some garbage/junk off at my  Dad's shop and my boyfriend and I ran to the store to get some stuff for dinner and birthday gift for his friend. We went back to my house and unloaded the stuff I'd left at the old house (mostly garage items and a few clothes) and then we got dinner ready.  Since it was hot, we'd been busy and were tired we kind of took the easy way out as far as making dinner. I bought pre-made potato and macaroni salads and chips, and we got brat burgers. My boyfriend had the most involved job which was to grill the burgers.  After my parents left, I cleaned up and he took a nap before we headed over to see some friends and watch the latest WWE pay-per-view with them.  We got home kind of late last night (just after 11:00) and we were both exhausted so we went straight to bed.

And of course we were back into our usual routine day.... Back to work!

Today is a running day for me, so it's about time for me to go do that.  I'm undecided about whether I will run outside or plug in the treadmill. I'd rather run outside but the weather was not the greatest today. Earlier it was super humid, windy, and gray.  Then it rained. Now it's sunny but is still fairly windy and feels pretty darn humid.  So. I am undecided.  Either way, I will get that run in. I decided to do a 5K in a few weeks so that will give me a good reason to remain consistent with my running. I doubt I'll beat either of my previous times on this course, but that's okay. Right now I'm getting back into my running and I'm more concerned about getting out there than I am my time.  Endurance first; speed later! It feels good just to get out and run and be exercising again - so I'm happy about that.  Anyway, after I run and shower, I'll get dinner ready, and then it's time for Monday wrestling date night (seriously I don't know why I am STILL calling it that, but I am... Habit, maybe?). 

Hope you had a fantastic weekend and that your week goes well!!!


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