Monday, July 7, 2014

Seriously, Where Does the Time GO?

I have not posted in a week and a half - a week and a half!! HOLY COW!! Last week was a busy week for me and I ended up working a bit late a couple days which kind of cuts into my time.... And life outside of work was fairly busy as well!

The weekend before we didn't do a whole lot.... In fact, I'm pretty certain we stuck around home all weekend. My boyfriend had to work most of Saturday (GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE, AND GRUMBLE) so I spent some time with my Mom and a little time with friends. I did the Relay for Life walk for about an hour in the morning and then went to a local music fest for a little while with my Mom and one of her friends. Then I went home and started throwing a pity party (because I was lonely and pissy about my boyfriend having to really for no reason other than I wanted to be in a bad mood, apparently). I was laying in the sun, sipping one of those light frozen cocktails in a pouch and my friend mentioned she was going to the music fest. So, I changed, packed up a cooler, and walked over there. I spent a few hours hanging out with her, her hubby, and their son, listening to music and sipping on some drinks (well, her son didn't but us adults did!). Someone did not eat all day and may have gotten a little tipsy. Good thing I was on foot!

My boyfriend was home maybe an hour before I got there (if even that long) so we hung out and made dinner.  A little later we went to the campground where my parents were staying and hung out with them for a bit, as well as my boyfriend's Dad, Grandma, Aunt, and younger Cousin who were also staying there. It was kind of cool to get part of both of our families together and just hang out for a bit.  We ended up staying out there much later than planned and when we got home I was pretty much done for the day. The friend I hung out with earlier invited us over for a fire but since it was so late and I was drained (from being outside all day, I guess), and sunburned, we just went to bed. I don't think my friend stayed up much later anyway, although I later found out that the guys were up half the night! Guess it wasn't too late to stop by!!

Sunday we pretty much just hung out at home.  I did some cleaning and he did some yard work. Other than that, we didn't go too far or do a whole lot except relax and spend the day together. The weekend seemed to go by way too fast since he had to work that Saturday.

So then Monday came around and it was back to work! Work started getting busy with the holiday coming up and three of my four work days seemed to be a blur. Monday night our standing date night. And Wednesday after work I had a meeting. I'm not sure what happened on Tuesday.... Nothing too noteworthy, I guess! Thursday was fairly calm at work and then after I ran some errands to get things ready for our little gathering on Friday.  My boyfriend was home a lot earlier than I was (of course he had an appointment so he was out of work early to begin with!) so after we hauled in the groceries and such I started dinner right away. We ate dinner and then I got to work on some little projects (treats and decor) for a small 4th of July party we hosted.... There were about 15 people there, which was a pretty good size - and enough work! So anyway, after I cleaned up from dinner, his little brother came over and hung out. It was nice to have someone to entertain the guy while I got all crafty...Haha! I made some luminaries, a bandana "flag," some flower pot decorations/center pieces, Jello-shots, and Rice Krispie treats. I started on a headband but decided I was ready to relax. So I sat and hung out with the boys, watching TV until my boyfriend's brother left and we decided to get to bed. 

On Friday I got up and decorated, cleaned the house, inflated and filled a pool, set up chairs and a table, and got all the little party things ready for the day.  All I had to do after the parade was set things out and finish cooking a couple things. We watched the parade and hurried home so that I could start getting things ready...We walked and my parents managed to beat us to my house. My Mom helped me get stuff finished, which was super nice.

The one thing I made that I LOVED was a berry bruschetta. Oh. My. Gosh. It was to die for! I bought a skinny baguette of a multigrain bread at the bakery in the grocery store and had it cut into small pieces ahead of time.  All I had to do was add the toppings (goat cheese spread on the bread, topped with some fresh sliced strawberries and a few fresh blueberries) and bake them (at 350 for 5-10 minutes). I probably could've eaten all of it but I'm really trying to not eat an entire loaf of bread (skinny or not!) in one sitting...Ha, ha!

It was nice to have family and friends over and hang out! My cousin, her daughter, and boyfriend were spending the night so they all hung out while I cleaned up. My cousin put her daughter down for a late nap and then she fell asleep too, so we ended up staying home and watching the tons of neighborhood fireworks and having a fire instead. I was bummed about missing them but I wasn't going to leave guests at the house...Especially when my cousin's boyfriend would've been the only one awake.

Saturday we were going to a distant cousin's party, but another cousin was supposed to come over and go with us...And then I didn't hear back from her... I was bummed about not seeing her (and then not going to the party because we sat around and waited too long, leaving ourselves short on time) but I know she was babysitting her niece, a toddler, and she has a toddler of her own....I know that things with kids can get a little crazy sometimes so I'm sure something happened. And we were going to head to the party during what was most likely nap time. Oh well!

Saturday night we headed out to my boyfriend's Mom's house to spend some time there and catch a smaller fireworks display. His step-dad was working so it was just us, his Mom, the two youngest siblings, and all of our dogs (four total) plus their three cats...The cats hid though so it wasn't like they socialized with us much.  Anyway, we hung out for a while, watched the fireworks, and then came home and stayed up kind of late just talking and having a good time.  We spent a good chunk of the day there yesterday before we headed for home. After we got home we didn't do much... I started laundry and did a couple things around the house while he napped.  We ordered take out (pizza) for dinner and hung out for a bit. His brother came over to hang out too, so we all sat around watching some old wrestling stuff and talking.  I went to bed just after his bother went home, while my boyfriend stayed up a little later and finished the documentary he was watching.

Then today...Back at it.

Seriously, life is going by too fast. I wish I had more free time to ENJOY more fun things, especially in the summer. I LOVE summer!  Apparently we just need to randomly become independently wealthy so we can travel and go to sporting events for the rest of the summer....Seriously... Money Fairy, please make that happen, thanks!!

In other news.... I'm starting a "new" workout plan today!  I'm going to do Chalean Extreme again and mix it in with my 10 miler training (which has snuck up on me and I am late in starting!). I'll be doing 30-45 minutes of some activity daily (depending on DVD length) and there are only  a couple days where I have both training and a DVD scheduled...I  actually skipped a couple of the routines last time I did CLX but I don't think that they are super long, so that's a bonus. I thought it was  good way to really get back into the swing of things with a better plan. I've been doing walking/running/biking but kind of at random and because the last couple weeks have seemed so busy I haven't done as much.  This schedule is not overwhelming and I won't be stressed to try to fit in too much stuff...So...It should work well for me.

Today is the first day of this round of CLX which I'm looking forward to! Maybe if I'm feeling really ambitious I'll add in something else... It's a lot less pressure to know what I'm doing and to not be trying to do 60-90 minutes a day on a day when I'm shorter on time... Although 60 is still do-able.

So I guess that's about it for now - I'm off to do a workout and then get dinner ready!

I hope you had a happy and safe holiday!


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