Thursday, July 10, 2014

Super Exciting News!

Happy Thursday!! I received some amazing news last night! After nearly four months I was finally matched with my IRun4 buddy!! I'm happy to share that I'll be running for an adorable little boy. I don't want to share much personal information about him on the blog since we were just matched and I haven't asked his Mom's permission, so I'll just refer to him as "M" for now. 

First, a little about IRun4.  IRun4 was started by a man named Tim Boyle, who had a friend who physically could not run...When Tim's friend told him to run for him, Tim took it to a whole new level and, in short, IRun4 was born.  The hard working staff at IRun4 match runners with those who cannot run. The runners then run for their buddy! I've been following the page since I first heard of it and signed-up. It really can be an emotional thing to follow sometimes!!

When I logged into FB last night and found that I had a buddy I was so thrilled!!! I honestly got a little teary-eyed when I found out...And again when I saw the picture of M's sweet little face that his Mom sent to me.  She also shared that M has Angelman Syndrome and sent me a wonderful link FULL of information!

If you're like me, this is something new to you... I'd heard of Angelman, very briefly, and really didn't know much about it until I visited Cure Angelman.  When I visited I learned that Colin Farrell is a supporter....Because his son has been diagnosed with AS. I learned, by reading what he said and from M's Mom's excitement, that walking is  HUGE milestone for those with AS. Colin's (ha! I sound like we are best buds) son walked at age four; M just before he turned three.

AS is a neurodevelopmental disorder caused by a problem with  a gene. Someone with AS will require life-long care. There is no cure at this time.. Typically, individuals who have AS do not develop functional speech, often have seizures, and experience severe developmental delays.

Two things really stuck with me when I was reading and researching a bit more about AS and those diagnosed with it...

First, their families and friends call them Angels. I LOVE THIS.

Second, they generally have a happy demeanor, they smile a lot, they get excited, and they laugh.  My guess is that their laughter is infectious.

In reading about something so difficult, I felt a little relief in reading that Angels are generally so happy.

I can't really explain why I've had an emotional response to this. I don't know sweet little M, or his Mom. We became FB friends shortly after we were matched and had one conversation.  Somehow someone who is a stranger (living three states/roughly 12 hours away!) has suddenly become a huge part of my life.  I have a whole new attitude on running... I feel like I have a greater sense of purpose when it comes to running.  Now I'm not running because I "have" to or just because I need the exercise or to stay healthy....M has already given me the gift of a new mindset and new motivation to run. I'm currently training for my Tower of Terror 10 Miler in October. I'll be dedicating that race to M....Because really, what kid doesn't love at least something related to Disney? And Disney is the happiest place on Earth!

So, today when I run, M will be on my mind and in my heart!

Oh! And an update... Yesterday was a CLX day. I did Burn 2 and later took my dogs for a walk (about an hour by the time we got home). The grilled chicken with mango and black bean salsa was DELICIOUS. I had left overs for lunch today, so it had to be good. The flavor of the chicken was good enough to eat alone!

As you most likely gathered from what I said earlier, today is a running day. I have 30 minutes on the schedule but I'll likely be gone a bit longer/run a bit farther than I would in 30 minutes. After that, my Mom and I are heading out to dinner. I have a strong desire for some sushi or some lobster nachos this evening. My boyfriend is working a little late (UGH AGAIN) and my Dad has some kind of meeting/dedication thing he has to go speak at, so we're having a Mom-Daughter date night.  Naturally, because I'm so excited about being matched with M., I'm stopping to visit my friend (who's family owns a local shop that just happens to do t-shirt printing) and I'm buying a new tank for my next run.... I'm not sure how M would feel about silver glitter or hot pink letters  (I imagine he'd think they were fun!!), but I'll be opting for one of those.

Well, I am off to do my first run for M!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!!


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