Friday, July 11, 2014


I'm so happy it's Friday afternoon! I'm actually quite surprised that it is here so quickly.... This week just flew right by! I've been busy so I suppose that helps! I have a few things I want to do (fun stuff!) and others that I'd like to accomplish this weekend, so I'm sure it will seem to fly by faster than the week did!

After I got home from work, I went out on my first run for M! I thought of him a lot during the run, and stopped when running by one of our beaches to snap a pic to share on FB. I ran for longer than 30 minutes (about 45, but I did take a couple walk breaks because I forgot to put KT on my knee!) as I thought I might.  After that I had enough time to shower and "get ready" for my little evening out.

Last  night my Mom and I had our little "date." I ended up getting the lobster nachos (and probably more 312s than necessary on a Thursday night...Or any night, really) for dinner (ohhhh so delicious!) and had enough left overs for, at least, lunch today.  However, I ended up getting an "unwich" from Jimmy John's because there's a guy re-doing my basement window. I always feel weird about being home when someone I don't really know is there doing something. I'd be upstairs but I'd still feel almost "in the way." And I don't want to have to engage in unnecessary small talk with someone who I don't really know (my Dad knows him). So, no nachos for me. Maybe I'll have them for dinner this evening... I guess it'll depend on how late my boyfriend works and whether or not I need to make dinner.


On the way to dinner we stopped by a local shop (Gordy's Skate Company) so that I could have my running tank made.  They do screen printing as well as sell skateboards, apparel, and accessories. My friend's family owns it so of course I wanted to give them my business....Plus another friend got a cute shirt form there recently and I wanted to pick up something similar. Anyway...My tank... I LOVE it! It's white with pink at the bottom and I had them put "I Run For M..." on the front in hot pink letters. 

The best part of that visit was when my friend asked me about it (she'd seen it posted on FB)... So I told her a little bit about M and about the IRun4 program. Another girl working in the store (the one who made my tank) also stopped and listened to me talk about it. Both of them thought it was a super cool program.  My friend said she'd throw a sticker in my bag for him. And then a moment later she said, "hang on a sec... I'm going to throw something else in there if you don't mind the postage." Of course I didn't mind. I thought maybe she had some other little trinket behind the counter or in the back.  She grabbed a little blue shirt and put the company logo on the back and another graphic on the front. She made M a free t-shirt for me to send to him!  How awesome is that!?!

Seriously, I almost cried in the store.  I'm sure it probably helped that I knew her, but it's so awesome to see business people do things like that for others.  I'm sure the cost of the shirt and designs isn't huge and doing something small like that isn't going to result in a loss for the business.  The best part is that it was a generous gift. I didn't ask. I wasn't planning to have a shirt made (not yet anyway...the thought just hadn't entered my mind!). She just took it upon herself to give him a little gift. SO thoughtful.  And just another reason that I'll continue to give them my business.  It's so awesome to see people giving back like that.

I can't wait to pick up an envelope and mail M is little shirt and sticker!!!

I'm currently sitting at my Nonie's eye doc with her, as she has laser surgery on her eyes. I left work a little early to meet her so that I could drive her home after.  After that I'll be heading home to do CLX Burn 3.  I didn't get a chance to do the abs workout yesterday so I will probably try to do that as well (depending on how much Burn 3 works the abs - it's been so long I can't remember). I'm not sure what time the man will get out of work. They've had a lot of business lately and he's really trying to get a lot done so he doesn't have to work tomorrow...Someone might need to tone down her whining about that (Guilty.).

Tomorrow I have a run for M on the schedule and maybe a ride up North a little ways. There's a cool store that features Michigan-made products that I want to stop by (and have not taken the time to do). It might be a nice afternoon for a ride and maybe a stop for lunch or dinner. If the man has to work, I'll go solo or see if my Mom wants to ride with. The weekend will also include the typical laundry, cleaning, and hopefully some re-organization of the basement. I'd love to FINALLY set up my elliptical that my Dad is still storing...In the box...From Christmas. So, that's pretty much the weekend plan. Sunday is my "rest day" from working out.

I hope that you have a fantastic weekend!!


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