Monday, September 15, 2014

A New Week Begins...

How do weekends go by so fast?! Seriously it's like the start and end way quicker than they should. I guess we all feel that way sometimes though don't we?!

Our weekend was good... Allergies were still making me a bit miserable and then my boyfriend started feeling yucky too. He spent most of Saturday just laying around on the couch. And I made him go shopping with me. Poor guy. I offered for him to stay home but he didn't mind riding along to the craft store... Which turned into the Halloween store. And Party City. And dinner. And then the mall. We probably spent the most time at Buffao Wild Wings so I didn't totally wear him out. I was pretty much in and out of Party City and Hobby Lobby. Our post-dinner walk through the mall was pretty quick too. So he survived. And then we went home and lounged and went to end early. Other than a workout (for me) we didn't do much except watch football on Sunday. I think we both needed to rest. I think I'm finally starting to feel better. I woke up not feeling super gross this morning so that's good. He seems better this eving. Hopefully we will both be back to normal when we wake up tomorrow!

Back to Saturday... That was my rest day from working out as well as the day I decided to have my splurge meal. That was poorly planned. I feel like I should get more exercise than walking around the mall and a couple stores on a day I'm gonna chose to eat a splurge meal. But Hobby Lobby isn't open on Sundays and I kinda knew if we drove out of town it would include dinner. So we went to BW's and I indulged in a couple beers and some wings. Here's a fun fact for those we may not know... They will cook your wings "naked" like they do their Naked Tenders. You can get your sauce on the side so you're eating less of the "bad" stuff. Don't get me wrong, even naked wings are not healthy. Maybe they'd be better of they were grilled or baked rather than deep fried. Anyway so I got traditional wings naked. I used a lot less sauce than I would've if I had ordered them the regular way; tosses in sauce. Also, I used to get the boneless wings because they weren't as messy to eat. Well boneless wings are breaded. So no more boneless. By dipping the traditional wings in a little sauce it's a lot less messy than eating them when tenure tossed in sauce. Messy factor? Much improved with sauce on the side. 

For some of you... A day like that is called cheat day.  Or a cheat meal. I refuse to call it cheating. Cheating at anything is "bad" in my mind. So why would I want to give a negative connotation to something I'm doing? Calling it cheat day or a cheat meal (I won't do a full day - just a meal and/or drinks once a week). I like to keep things as positive as I possible. By calling it a splurge I feel better. This probably doesn't bother most people, as I see frequent posts about "cheat day" but for me... Not so much.

Yesterday was back to working out. It felt good after a day off. I just did a short workout yesterday - the next phase of Chalean Extreme. This is the Push phase and each exercise is only 6-8 reps. BUT... Ya gotta lift as heavy as possible. I lifted pretty heavy (for me and compared to the last phase) but I think I can go heavier with most of the moves. In fact I know I can. I'm excited to see how heavy I go next time I do that workout which will be next Sunday. The next workout is tomorrow and I'm pretty stoked for that one as well! 

Today was another "rest" day on the CLX schedule. I made it an active rest day. I did a strength circuit with my barbell and a Jillian Michaels DVD - Yoga Meltdown. I've gotta say... As much as I like Jillian and her workouts (I have several of her DVDs and did them often in the past)zzz I love my Beachbody workouts more. Insert shameless plug for becoming my customer or joining me as a coach here... Just contact me if you're interested! 

Seriously though, and all sales pitches aside, I've loved everything about the BB workouts I've done/purchased. They're something I really look forward to. I like the design and the professionals on the DVDs. The time flies by (love the counters by the way!) and I feel motivated throughout. These programs are suuuuch a good match for me!! So anyway I missed my workout today and realized I need to get my Rockin Body DVDs back from someone who borrowed them. They're not all that intense for me but they would be perfect for my active rest days. They involve some activity but aren't something that's too intense for me. Perfect. Now hopefully I can get them back before the next one! 

At any rate... My body feels the work I did today. I have a love-hate relationship won yoga. It's good for my body and is a decent workout. But it sucks soooo bad when I'm doing it. I was kinda disappointed today because I think I was able to so the moves with more ease when I did it in the past. Of course I probably wasn't as tight then so there's that. At any rate from the barbell and yoga I feel sore and refreshed all in one. Oh and my triceps are still sore from yesterday! 

Well I suppose that's it for now...
Gonna chat with the man and pay more attention to Raw, the Tigers game, and Monday Night Football... We are currently  flipping between all three. TV with a man... Always an adventure! 

Oh!!! I almost forgot my exciting news. Saturday weigh-in! I was down seven pounds from Tuesday morning. I'm sure that was mostly water weight and I'd been hanging on to some extra since we ate out a few times in the days before Tuesday but that's okay... That's seven ponds down. That's seven pounds out of my system. That's toxins flushed away. That's motivation. I know I won't drop that much this week so I'm taking it while I can and I'm continuing to work hard.  Okay... Now I'm done! 

Have a great week!!


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