Friday, September 12, 2014

Allergies... Yuck.

Today my workout was... Done. That's about all I can say about it that was good. But some kind of workout was better than no workout at all. I worked following the modified moves on the DVD and at a lower intensity than normal. When following the modifiers the intensity should still be there. It's just at a lower level of impact. Today that did not happen in my workout. Why? The weather changed. This caused my allergies to go crazy and wreak havoc on my body. Yay. I honestly felt like skipping the workout but really felt like I had to do something. I had four lightheaded episodes this morning (in a short period of time) so I was sure to drink a lot of water and scale back the effort I put in. I made it through the workout without incident.  And didn't have any additional feelings of fainting throughout the day. I actually felt a little better after. Maybe the combination of sweating and a hot shower after helped clear some of the gunk out of my head. 

Even though my cardio wasn't as intense and felt like a bit of a struggle, the yoga part of my workout felt really good. I have a love-hate relationship with yoga. Sometimes it seems SO painful but my body feels SO good after. Feeling those muscles stretch is something I absolutely love. And when I'm done I feel relaxed. It's definitely a great way to get the day started! 

Eating has been so on-point the second half of this week (the man and I weren't so good on Monday or Tuesday - not a lot just not healthy) and I feel amazing. I've done a lot of prepping and cooking this week and haven't had any junk. It's like my body is happily detoxing from all the nastiness that I put in it last weekend! Honestly being back into he swing of things makes me not only feel good but feel more committed to my healthy lifestyle. I miiiiight have taken a peak at the scale today (will actually weigh in tomorrow) and have lost a few pounds since earlier his week. That's most likely water weight but that's okay. It's nice to know it's getting out of my system and taking toxins with it!

I guess that's the update for now... Nothing Earth shattering, I know. While I feel better I'm onto to feeling normal so I guess that must impact on how much I want to type. I think we are both ready to get to bed for the night... I have to go to the craft store and get some other things tomorrow so we are going to get up and make a trip out of town. We haven't decided if we will go. North or South yet but we know we are going go one of the bigger towns (one to one and a half hours away either direction) to do some shopping. It might be safer to go North or to the closer town South of here. There are fewer stores that I like in those places... Less damage to be done. Although with shopping I can always cause some damage! 

Havr a happy, healthy weekend!!


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