Thursday, September 11, 2014

Two Months?!?!

I'm here to silence the crickets that have been chirping on this blog lately! Gosh! I can't believe it's been two moths since I've blogged. I suppose I've been busy but that's not a good reason to not post. The main reason though is that I haven't taken the time to post. There really is no reason for not taking time. I just haven't done it. 

I am not going to take the time to re-cap everything that's gone on in the last two months because that would take multiple posts. I'll keep the recap fairly short and just update on what's been current. That seems much more reasonable at this point in time. 

It was a fun summer... Weddings, time with family and friends, a couple quick trips, and getting really far off track in terms of being healthy. There was more alcohol consumption and eating out  than what's normal for me. So.... That brings me to what's current. 

I'm back to being healthy. I'm committed.  I'm feeling excellent and unstoppable. And those things? Make me feel amazing, confident, and just great in general. 

I've done a couple races this summer. Two color runs in August and September. Both were with my boyfriend's cousin and we had a blast. The first color run was her first race ever and I'm so. Happy to have been the one to get her into it.  Naturally we wore tutus and fun shirts, socks, and glasses. We did the same for the second race. I have to admit we did more walking and goofing around than we did running.  But that's okay. We were able to do something fun and good for us. We will be doing a clown race (yes we will dress up like clowns!) on the 20th of this month. I think I'm slowly getting her to run more during the races so that's good. I'm convinced to show her the joy in it! 

I've been doing Chalean Extreme (CLX) again and am loving it. I'm following the actual program rather than varying it to meet my needs. I'm also happy to share that I've stuck with it longer than I have before.  I'm actually following it rather than throwing it in whenever. In the past I'd follow it and then kind of let it go and do whatever whenever. I'm at the end of the first phase this week. I cannot wait to start the second!!

In addition to CLX. I'm doing extra strength training with my barbell. In doing that I've realized I'm much stronger than I gave myself credit for. I can squat and dead lift 100 pounds... Probably more but my total weight for my bar and all the weight plates is 100 pounds. I'm thinking I need more plates for the bar!!! I'm also adding in other cardio... Some walking (my running has been less than what it should be lately) and other Turbofire workouts. I'm loving it!!! It feels good to be back in action.  

In other news... I've decided to post healthy foods on my FB page (Little Miss Powerful). I'm including photos of the new, healthy things that I try as well as the recipes. My diet has suffered this summer as well. Too much booze and too much unhealthy food. I'm completely back into the swing of things with that too. I'm following a mostly paleo plan to help get myself back into healthy eating. I tend to need to be strict with myself at first and then once I am back into those good habits, I will be able to ease up a bit. That's because it becomes habit. Once you are in the habit of doing sorthig, it's easy. It takes time and patience but you can get there if to you're dedicated. For me, being more strict and carefully watching what I do helps get me into those new habits. I'm sure it's different for everyone but bring diligent most definitely helps. 

I've also made the decision to get back into Beachbody coaching!! Last time I did it mostly got the discount on products. This time I am fully committed. I love the BB programs and really believe I their health and fitness philosophy. The coaches I know seem to genuinely want to help people.  And that's why I have decided to join again - and go active. I'm not in this to try to make a bunch of money or be a saleswoman. I'm in it to share my passion for health and fitness and my love for BB with others.  I feel like this is a great way for me to integrate health and fitness into my career. I'm educated and trained to be able to perform psychotherapy. It's what I love. Counseling others is something I some born to do. And to eventually be able to integrate health and fitness/wellness is something that I am so excited to do. I really feel that BB will help me get there. Also? Coaching will help keep me accountable!

That's the update for now.  I will be back to posting frequently. This blog is another thing that helps me with accountability and helps me to feel good. I love sharing my story, my knowledge, and what I'm doing with all of you. 


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