Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Surprise, Surprise!

Yesterday was supposed to be a little hectic for me.  It turned out not to be. Monday night we had some freezing rain which resulted in some cancellations yesterday.  Several, actually.  Anyway, so I got up early and did 45 min of Turbofire and headed to work where I found that I had cancellations. I did a few things and then went home to do some studying for something I have coming up, which took quite a while.  I then headed back to work for my afternoon and evening.  I knew I had to do something more (in terms of a workout) so I thought I'd just walk on the treadmill, or maybe do a walk/jog combo...Something easy, and light.  Well when I got home I realized there was a basketball game on that I wanted to watch. I don't have a cable box down stairs so I decided to try to find something on YouTube that I could do while watching the game that wasn't super distracting for others.

I found a video by Leslie, that Walk Away the Pounds lady.  I thought, "yeah, okay we'll see what this does..." My expectations were low. I found one that she made for the American Heart Association that said it was  three mile walk.  My next thought was, "this is a 45 minute video. I doubt it is actually three miles. How do they calculate this? Steps? Everyone has different steps..." I decided to do it anyway and maybe find something else to do after.  It started with a warm-up, which really made me think it was not actually three miles.  Then I learned that they use the beat of the music as pace and that the three miles is based off of that pace/the beat of the music. I still wasn't quite sure but thought, "okay let's see what this is all about. I'll give it chance."

I was pleasantly surprised. The pace was pretty brisk at times and there were some extra movements (side steps, kicks, and arms were added in) that helped add to the calorie burn. I took it up a notch and instead of just walking I added some bounce to my step so I was jogging in place.  I also decided to add some bounce to the side steps and kicks and such to make it more like what I do during turbofire.  If anyone has done TF, there's a part where you do a double bob/knee and jab.  That's what I did during the double side steps - added the bounce like in TF and used similar arm motions.  I did that for a few of the moves - just varied them to make them more intense in a way similar to what I'd done in other programs.

In the end, it wasn't not a bad workout! I actually burned about the same calories doing that as I did during the same time of TF in the morning. I attribute the burn to the increased intensity with the jogging and bouncing around. I do not expect that my results would've been the same had I followed the program exactly as it was.  I was unsure that the pace was actually the equivalent of three miles so I did another 15 min/1 mile video at the end for good measure and counted it as three miles versus four.  I guess for me to totally believe that I'm going a certain distance, I need to be able to prove it... I need to see the mileage on the treadmill or my Fitbit, or Strava telling me that I actually covered the distance that I did.

I'd say this is a good beginner level workout or a workout for someone who loves walking.  Without making it more intense, it would be a nice, light cardio workout. Again, I don't believe I would count on it for the miles, especially if you cannot keep up with the brisk pace, but it's something I'd do again just to get some extra work in or if I wanted to catch something on TV (like the basketball game that handed Michigan State their first loss of the season - should've gone to the treadmill lol). I definitely worked up more of a sweat than I thought I would and burned more calories, but again, I believe this is because I worked to make it more intense.

Today was supposed to be busy again but I had a no-show and my next client was a cancellation. I thought about going back home but I decided to stick around and blog.  I had already planned on doing some in-office pilates during the cancellation time so I'll do that.  I should have time for something a little more intense when I go home at lunch, and I'll probably hit the treadmill for a walk/jog tonight.

I'm working hard to meet my goal of 75 points (I believe I mentioned that in my last post) in my fitness group, which I didn't think I'd reach earlier this week. Five points a day Monday through Thursday and I'll reach it.  My pilates will only be one point because it's not very intense (although it can make the muscles burn!).  Turbofire or Combat (haven't decided what I'm doing yet) should be worth a couple points, then I'll only have to do a 2 mile walk or jog or combo to hit 5 for today.  It'll be broken up but should be do-able.  Tomorrow is questionable. I decided to work until noon to accommodate a couple people and fit in someone who cancelled, but I'm only working until noon. The boyfriend and I  talked about maybe going out of town, which will make my 5 points hard but if we stay home, it'll be easy to do. So with plans up in the air, we shall see!!

I will probably not post again until 2016, so I hope you've all had a fabulous year!!!


Monday, December 28, 2015

When Did I Lose My Love of Blogging?

At some point blogging became something I had to do... People were reading. They were expecting things. If I posted only twice a month I felt guilty.  I've been gone for over two months.  When I looked at the last post date I thought, "wow, that's been a while."  Then I realized that blogging was starting to become too monotonous for me.  It was starting to feel like something I had to make sure I did rather than something I did because I loved it.  I'm not sure when it happened but at some point, blogging just didn't become a priority.  Maybe because sometimes I felt as though I was writing the same old thing over and over again.  How much can one say about working out? I stopped being as in-depth and raw as I used to be because I was pretty sure that, at least for a while, people with ill-intentions were reading.  Would they use what I said to talk about me? They'd already been talking about me and saying things that weren't accurate. Would they take what I wrote here and change it around for their own amusement? My love for blogging left when I started being more guarded than I used to be. I'm pretty sure I posted before that I wasn't going to let those people bother me, but somewhere I let it. If I didn't, I'd have kept posting all the ugly stuff too.

I guess I finally realized that no matter what you do, someone is going to find a reason not to like you. There will always be someone who says something bad about you and tries to make you look like a fool.  In reality, the people that those people are talking to... Well, they probably don't matter much to me. Their opinions are irrelevant to my life. It happened again recently... I stood by someone's side and suddenly I was made out to be a bad person again. This wasn't even something I'd said or done (other than give support to someone who was screwed over). Things I'd said to someone else were twisted (isn't that always how it goes?). Mostly though I learned that I don't have to deal with people like that. I mean, this is my life; not theirs. I'd hope that by now they'd have become bored with me to not be reading, but even if they are...I don't care anymore.

I'm not, by any means, one of those super religious people.  But I am exploring  my relationship with God again. I likely won't post about it here because it's not related to this blog.  I'm not trying to be preachy. I'm just trying to make sure I'm living in a way that makes me feel good. And getting back into reading my Bible and working on that relationship is something that, for me, works.

With that, I'm going to just be raw, genuine me and so what... I mean, clearly if I'm saying something here, it can be seen. My actual words can be read.

First... I've gained some weight over...Well the last two years. I guess that's not really anything new. I've posted on that before.  I gained a little, stablized, and gained some more with some medication changes. So yeah, I'm kinda fat again. I'm working on that.

The biggest challenge is the eating. My boyfriend's diet is horrible and it's SO easy for me to follow in his footsteps.  He's gotten a bit fat too. Happy weight, he says.  Whatever it is for him, I know, and have known, that I cannot eat the junk he eats and expect to be okay. Yet I get sucked in. Usually I try to get dinner or something going before he has a chance to mention whatever crap food he wants to eat.  Generally that works. As long as I am quick enough.  I have improved since summer and now that it's colder, refreshing adult beverages are not nearly as enticing. I wasn't a big drinker before, but sometimes when it's hot, a Goose Island 312 or a Summer Shandy hits the spot. Those are full of calories, as is wine.  I may only have one or two but that's still more extra calories. It all adds up. Quickly.

I still workout more days than not. It's usually five or six days.  Sometimes seven.

Last week was a little different with Christmas.  It was a short work week and I wanted to see as many of my clients as possible. I worked some longer, packed days, which decreased my workout time. I'm still not a "get up at five in the morning and bust ass" kind of girl. I like my workouts but I also like, and need, my sleep.  I'm also slow in the morning. I'd have get up at four just to be ready for a workout at five. Do you know how early I'd have to go to bed to accomplish that? Like eight in the evening! I'm not even home until then, or later, some nights.  So then there was Christmas prep - Wednesday night I baked from seven until nearly one in the morning.  I got up Thursday morning and finished. Then I went with my boyfriend to do his last minute shopping, which turned into me also doing some last minute shopping. Then I came home to wrap and organize all the gifts.  Then we went to visit my Grandpa, who is currently in a nursing facility for some therapy.  Then we stopped home, picked up gifts, and went and had our Christmas with my parents and grandma.  On the way home we drove around and looked at Christmas lights.  Needless to say we weren't home until nearly eleven that night.  So Friday we slept in.  I had a couple small things to finish and then had to get ready to go to my boyfriend's Grandma's for his Dad's family's Christmas.  We were there for a few hours and went out to his Mom's for her Christmas and for the night.  We had some errands to do Saturday and by the time we got home it was Saturday afternoon.  And honestly? I was beat.  We unpacked our stuff and then spent the day lounging.  Yesterday I finally got back into working out after having way too many days off. Oddly though, I was so busy I still managed to get my 10,000 steps most of those busy days (and not that far under on the others).

I'm part of a fitness challenge group and had a goal of 75 fitness points this month.  This was based on two long runs (one of which would've been last weekend). I still haven't found time to get that 9.5 mile run in and likely will not have the time before the end of the month. I'm slow.  9.5 miles takes me a long time.  I'm also dealing with some sort of injury. I thought maybe plantar fasciitis in both feet.  I;ve had calf pain... About half way down and mostly on the outsides of both calves. Possibly compartment syndrome. Seems like more than just shin splints, that's for sure. It will come and be horrible for part of a run and then sometimes, on a longer run, it resolves on it's own.  Sooo...If I do like 30 or more minutes it gets better. What kind of weirdness is that?! It seems like  more than just shin splints... They were agitated when I did a jog/walk last night after having several days off.  You'd think rest days would make shin splints improve. .Plus my left achilles is causing some issues. Major issues. I tried to wear heels to a Christmas party a couple weeks ago and as soon as the heel was on and I took a step, I nearly fell over and cried.  Could be tendonitis. Hopefully not something worse.  Yes, I'm going to the doctor soon to get that checked out.  I am trying to take it easy on the running, keeping it light, slow, and low miles until I find out what it is. The pain starts part way up my calf and extends down into my heel. Sometimes the outside of my foot hurts. If I press on it, it makes things worse.  SO, yes, off to the doctor I go.

I'm kind of afraid of what is going on with my legs, particularly that achilles.  I have a half marathon in just under two months.  What if I... Can't run? That's my fear.  I will not be able to do 13.1 miles if I have to rest for several weeks. So, I'll have to defer.  That makes me sad. I was looking forward to a sunny vacation, a visit with a good friend, and completing my second half marathon.  I can defer so no money would be lost, but it's disappointing. The logical part of me says that it's for the best though. I'd rather rest and defer than totally screw it up and never be able to do another...  Especially since I'm registered for one in April and another in September.

As I mentioned, I've been keeping the runs light and short. I  did 8 miles a few weeks ago, and after w while, the pain subsided and I finished.  It was brutal (and on a treadmill which is it's own special kind of Hell), but I did it.  At first I was like "omg...I have to do five more miles for a half. Why am I torturing myself?" Then I thought, "only five more miles and I will have done a half!!" The mind of a runner, I tell ya...

I've also recently done Chalean Extreme, for strength training. I love the Push Circuit the best. It's the heaviest weight you can handle and only six to eight reps of each exercise.  It makes me feel kind of like a bad ass to lift heavy amounts.  I definitely cannot do those same weights for sets with more reps.  I'm looking at doing another strength training program. Maybe I'll start that next week, so I can look more at which one and get a plan written out before I start.  I've been doing Turbofire, Combat, and the elliptical on days I don't run.  Sometimes I just walk.  I'm not following TF or Combat as scheduled right now; just using whichever workout I have time for as a supplement to other things; as cross training. I like the variety too.  Following one program for an extended period of time gets boring sometimes. I'm pushing hard the next few days so that I can reach that fitness points goal for the month.  Last night I did 30 min of Turbofire, 35 min of weight training (one of the CLX workouts), about 35 min on the treadmill, and about 25-30 min of yoga just to stretch out and relax for the night.  Yes, that's about two hours.  All of that earned me about 4 points.  Oh yeah, and as of yesterday I had about 20 points to get by Thursday. If I can achieve five point days today, tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday, I'll make it. With my morning workout I have 2 points for today.  I should be able to get a few miles walking (not a scheduled running day, but I'll probably do walk/jog intervals) or another hour of DVD work done this evening to hit five.I'm going to work my hardest to make it. And if some miracle or something weird happens and I get the 9.5 miles done (okay I know that's risky with the achilles), I know I'll at least hit that goal.  Too many days off for Christmas was NOT good for the points!!

I suppose that's the update for now. I had a little free time at work so I thought I'd blog rather than go out for a break or something.

I'll be sure to update sooner than later.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Busy, Busy!

My workout plan has been kind of relaxed lately since half marathon training starts TOMORROW. I'm so excited!!! And so not excited!! It's already cold... And I hate running outside in the cold.  Now that my actual plan is starting, I'm hoping that will be motivating. It's either that or the torturemill, and honestly, some days it's a toss up.  Until it's super nasty, I'm going to remind myself that I'll have to deal with the torturemill soon enough so I should enjoy the days outside!

Anyway, so I've continued a mix of CLX and whatever other workout sounds good.  I've continued to do some Turbofire, walking, and threw some Combat into the mix.  I didn't do much running the last couple weeks... I wasn't feeling well and then I'm not quite sure what happened last week.  It was pretty cold...Maybe that was it.  That and the week flew by!! I also had a free trial for spin, which I LOVED. I will definitely be purchasing a punch card for spin and yoga classes.  I'm currently debating which plan I want to purchase, and making sure that I have room in my schedule to get a value out of the payment.  Always planning and figuring... That's me. Pretty funny for someone who has disliked math for....forever.

I'm thinking I'll do the unlimited plan which is only $80/month. I can take as many spin classes and as many yoga classes as I want in a month for that price. I should be able to do spin 2-3 evenings a week and yoga at least twice a week. For this month anyway.  I really like that it's month by month rather than some contract thing like some gyms have. I'm not locked in and don't have to worry about cancellation. I simply buy what I want each month (via an app), schedule the class, and it takes records the class as used. If a punch card (five or ten visits) is used, it will deduct one class from the card. Obviously, this isn't the same with the unlimited. Pretty cool way to do it and keep track! I believe there is a website too so if someone doesn't have a smartphone, they can manage their classes through the app.

So, anyway, spin was great!!! The instructor was really nice, friendly, and motivating.  The workout itself was good - I definitely worked up a sweat (which isn't uncommon for me, as I am a "sweater"). I liked how it was up and down a lot - some some standing and pedaling and some sitting.  The seats are not the most comfortable (what bike seats are, besides the granny style seats?) and even the instructor said she likes the up and down classes because the seats can hurt after a while.  It is about a 40 min workout, start to finish, so it is fairly easy to work into my schedule - and there are multiple times offered. Yoga also has various times so I should be able to get to a couple of those classes in a week, which will be much needed with all that spinning and running I'll be doing for my training. I hope that pigeon pose is included for a decent length of time. That's my favorite. And my body generally needs it! I'm excited to take a live yoga class. Mine have all been DVDs so I'm sure it'll be an entirely different experience.

I have been doing MUCH better at clean eating. Yay! I did indulge a little in some drinks this weekend but nothing outrages (because I couldn't handle that) but eating has been good. I did have a couple nibbles of some not so great for me stuff but not at all like it had been.  My boyfriend was pretty compliant with my wishes, so that's been nice. It's always good to have support and someone else who's on board (and his diet needs way more cleaning up than mine does, sooooo it's good for him!).

This coming weekend will be a challenge... We are headed on an adventure for his birthday so we will have to eat out. I know that at least one day will be a lot of walking, and unfortunately the drive there and home will be a lot of sitting. I'm going to take some workout gear and hope to get up early the morning we are there to at least get something done - it'll be a training day so even if it's only two miles, that will be something.  I'm hoping to get up super early the day we leave, but who knows how that will go.... I tend to have trouble sleeping when I'm excited. We should be home early enough for me to get my Sunday workout done so I'm not worried about that. One rest day won't be a bother, but I do aim for 10,000 steps a day and with all that sitting in the car, I'm not sure if that will happen!! But these weekends don't happen often so it'll be okay.  AND it'll be fun, so hopefully I won't obsess.

I suppose that's it for now .... I need to go get this (healthy!) dinner going.

Hope you are well!


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So Many Things!

Remember when I was getting back into blogging consistently? Yeah, me too. Fail.

So - I've completed my 30 day run streak challenge... Actually I surpassed it because I wanted to do the full month of September.  I ran for 35 days before I took a rest from running. I've still been running, but not every day. In fact last week I wasn't feeling well so I did quite a bit of walking before I ran again. The first day being sick, even walking was rough. It's always clear to me when I have a bit of a fever because I exhaust so quickly, sweat like crazy with light activity, and everything takes ten times the effort is usually does. So my walk felt a bit like a run that first day.  I kept up with my CLX workouts too. Toward the end of the week I started feeling better so I added some running back into the routine and did some run/walks with the dogs. Now I'm back to normal.

On Sunday I randomly decided I wanted to do Turbofire. I'm not following the plan but wanted a little variety and some extra cardio.  So Sunday I did Fire 30, a short jog with the dogs, and my CLX workout.  Monday was Fire 55 and a walk (walked to/from work that day).  Yesterday was CLX and Fire 30 again. I really love Fire 30 - it's quick but so intense.  I also like that the 30 minutes fits easily into my day with other things!! Today was a longer CLX workout so I'm not sure what else will fit into the plan.  I'd like to do at least a 30 minute jog but I work a little later so by the time I'm home and have dinner... Dark. UGH... I hate shorter days!!! I like when it's dark until 10:00 so running at 7:00, or even 8:00 isn't a big deal. I believe it's next week, or maybe the following that my schedule will have more runs built into it (half training begins) so those will become priority and other workouts, like Turbofire will be supplemental.

I haven't done Turbofire in quite a while and my body can feel it! Even though I've consistently worked out (PiYo, Combat, runs, CLX, biking, elliptical, walking, etc...) I can still feel the difference in my body from doing Turbofire. It is much more intense than I remembered and I love it.  I love the muscle soreness that comes with changing up any program, so I'm pretty happy with how my body is feeling this week!! That also reminds me of how important it is to have variety in workouts!! The body adjusts and the benefits (for weight loss, to work the muscles in a different way, etc.) lessen over time.  So, change is good. Very good. I plan to continue the variety even when my running is more regimented with half training. We (finally!) have spin in our little town so I'm hoping to go to spin class at least once a week for additional variety.

In short, in terms of exercise, my body, my mind, and my soul are very happy thanks to exercise.

Eating has still been a little all over the place.  It's particularly frustrating when my boyfriend wants to order out or buy unhealthy foods at the store. I'm weak when it's around. And really like if he orders out some junk I'm gonna say "no?" I didn't this weekend but I did put my foot down and tell him, "no more of this."  Of course we have a trip coming up and then there will be eating out. UGH. I honestly have a love-hate relationship with food. I love how some of it tastes but I hate how some of it tastes. I hate that I HAVE to eat to live. I hate feeling hungry.  Food, you're an a-hole.  Speaking of a-holes, I still haven't eaten at McD's, haters.  Anyway, so I told the boyfriend, that's it... We are eating clean. No more take out, no more delivery. I cannot do it so it's not gonna happen. Unless he wants to end up with a super fat girlfriend.

So I suppose that's the update for now. Love exercise. Hate food. Such is life...For me anyway.

I'm still working on getting a runner feature going. I just clearly haven't taken the time to do so. Need to do that.

OH!!! I signed up for ANOTHER half... This one is the Gazelle Girl, in April.  Because 13.1 miles is fun. Winter training, not so much, but these two half marathons will keep me focused and working hard.... My body is going to need proper nutrition to perform at the best possible level.  Sorry, boyfriend, prepare for mantras and such to be plastered all over the house and for a no junk ban to be in effect.  Ha... Poor guy will be hiding it in his car and forced to munch outside!! Okay, maybe I won't be that bad, but.... Pretty close.  I suppose I'm preparing to go into hiding again...But I have to. I can't be out having dinner and drinks right now... Just can't. My body doesn't like it, which then makes my mind not like it.  And I just want all things me to be happy.

Okay, THAT is the update.  There won't be so much time in between posts.... PROMISE.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'm Going Streaking!!!

Last week after hearing that someone apparently (hearsay so ya know...grain of salt) said that I don't run; that I only run through the McDonald's drive through, I decided that I would become super annoying and post a selfie to Facebook every time on run. I'm sure that if things get back to me, they'll make their way back to this person.  And if not, I don't care.  It's good motivation. I guess I was just in that mode of "don't say a runner doesn't run!" Funny side note - I've ran past this person on the street before; just this Summer in fact.  I generally reserve my post-workout pics for IG since I use that primarily for accountability, motivation, and the sense of community with all the other awesome #fitfam people out there! At that time I was quite annoyed that someone said that (and more but that's not fitness related so....). So I did what always feels good, told my boyfriend I was headed out, grabbed the dogs and my MACE and hit the pavement for a few miles.  Sometimes I really love running at night because it's peaceful and although I'm pushing myself, it's oddly relaxing.  Running at night is also sometimes creepy, hence the MACE.

It during that run that I decided I'm doing to do a run streak.  30 days is my goal.  I start a round of half marathon training soon and in researching streaks, I learned that it isn't good to streak when you're in training for something. I think I'll over-lap my training by a few days but since it's in the first week, I think I will be okay.

I'm on day eight of my streak and ya know what? I'm kind of liking it.  It gives me motivation to make sure I do at least a mile. A mile isn't much.  A mile doesn't take long.  A mile can fit in with my other workouts in the morning or at night.  A mile is a good distance - it can be easy and relaxed or it can be a good time to push hard to increase speed, work on intervals, or just do a normal run.  I can do a minimum of a mile a day.

I've finished with Combat and Piyo and started Chalean Extreme (CLX) last Sunday.  It's a pretty busy schedule but the longest workout in the whole program is like 45 minutes so it's easy to do that and run. There are days off, which will be longer run days for me.

My schedule looks like this:
Sunday - Burn 1 (and a run)
Monday - Run
Tuesday - Burn 2 (and a run)
Wednesday - Burn intervals and extreme abs (and a run)
**although this week I did abs today/Thursday instead of Wednesday
Thursday - Burn 3 (and a run)
Friday - Burn it off and recharge (and a run)
Saturday - Run

This repeats throughout the program but the workouts change about every four weeks and I'll do different phases. Now is Burn, which is followed by Push, and then Lean.  The last phase is a combination of the three.  When I start half marathon training my running schedule will change.  I may need to alter my schedule for the plan but we'll see when the time comes.  My training plan has me doing short runs (30 minutes) on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a long run on Saturdays.  I can still do the short runs with my CLX workouts because they aren't that long. However, that would leave Monday completely work-out free.  Rest days are good so maybe I'll keep Mondays for rest or active rest days and  do things like the elliptical, walking, or biking. As active rest days, they'll all be fairly easy activities.

So....That's my plan for the next few months.  CLX is about 16 weeks total.  I know some people do Burn, Push, and Lean and then call it quits.  The Lean for Life phase (which mixes the three) is an additional four weeks.  So that will take me into December.  Depending on my progress and how I'm feeling I'll start another program then.  I'm thinking maybe Combat since it's 60 days and that will take me almost to my half marathon. But TurboFire sounds like fun again - and it's been a while since I've done a round of that!  Or I'll stick with my training plan and then on off days stick with the elliptical, the bike, and walks.  I have some time to decide before December comes.  I don't know what I'll feel like doing in December, so I'll re-evaluate and make my decision then.

As of now, I'm really liking this run streak.  This weekend I'll be 1/3 of the way done - 10 straight days of running in some form! I definitely like it so far. There are times I feel tired and my legs are like "are you serious?" but by keeping most days short (1-2 miles), my legs quickly warm-up and feel better.

I don't think I'd have decided to do this Run Streak had someone not been talkin' about me. So, thanks!! Thanks to you I'm doing my first streak and feeling great about it! I'll be sure to wave if I should run past you while you're standing on the sidewalk again.  Bless your heart!

Until next time...


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Oh, Hello!

I was doing well at blogging back in June.  Here I am, once again, in Inconsistency City.  Man, things get busy and this just isn't a priority.  Workout, work, eat, sleep, fun, and...No blogging. So what have I been up to the last couple months? Well, I guess I said most of it a couple sentences ago.  My family was here from Kentucky in July, so that kept us busy.  Fourth of July was a pretty busy day.  We have spent time with friends and family... Just keeping busy in general, I suppose. No big trips this year.  In the Spring I was hoping to get to Wrigley for a game but I never got around to getting that planned!! This is year two (in a row!) of no games.  Insert sad face.  Maybe that means TWO next year... And I am planning a surprise Birthday trip/weekend for my boyfriend this fall, so that will be fun. I know he doesn't read this, but in the event that he does, someone in his family does, or some fun/surprise-ruiner reads this and tells him (intentionally or acccidentally),  I'm keeping it quiet.

So, my Combat/Piyo combination ends a week from tomorrow! What?! It seems so fast. I don't know if I've lost much, if any weight, but I know that I feel better, am stronger, and look better in some areas (upper body - shoulders and upper back especially - noticed my mid-section is smaller yesterday).  I should've taken measurements, but of course I "never got around to it."  I really need to stop procrastinating and just DO things right away.  It's not like I procrastinate with work. I'm the most organized, get it done now person when it comes to work.  But with other things...Not as much. Anyway, I would like to have seen a change in numbers throughout the program. BUT I feel them.

A week from Sunday (8/30) I'm starting another round of ChaLean Extreme.  I'm nervous about this because a few weeks later I'm starting another round of half marathon training. Working legs while training for a half seems to be advised against in most training plans. I think that instead of using heavy weights (the program is designed for this), I'll use lighter weights on leg exercises.  The point of CLX is to push the body to the limit and really do some major weight training. BUT I need to run and don't want to stress out the legs.  I guess, at first, it'll be trial and error to see how much I can handle.  I just know that I probably won't be squatting or dead-lifting 100+ pounds. Or maybe I will. Who knows what will work/feel good.  And the program is low reps sooooo perhaps.  FYI, on the 100 pounds - I can do that for like three dead-lifts.  So probably not looking at that weight for six to eight reps (doesn't sound like much, but they are sloooow reps!).

I have nothing scheduled from Wednesday to Sunday next week which makes me nervous.  I find I workout if it's written down and especially when I'm following a program. I  did miss one day of Piyo Drench (swapped for a walk) so maybe I'll make that up next week, which will stretch me out one more day.  Then I'll just have a couple to cover. I'm not sure what my schedule will look like once CLX starts.  I should really get a few weeks of some good runs under my belt before my actual half training starts, so I'll probably plan a few runs and some elliptical days.

I've done a few 5Ks this summer (two I blogged about in June, then did a local 5K at the end of July, and the Color Run on August first). I plan on a local Color Run next month, and who knows what else I will find between now and then. I'm definitely going to look for some fall races (hopefully some local, as those are much cheaper than traveling!) to further work on my half training.  February will, sadly, be here before I know it!!

Well, that's my update...Hope to get more consistent with blogging these days!!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hey, Stress...Please Don't Give Me 20 Free Pounds.

Ohmygosh have things been busy!!! Last week was going great. Totally awesome.  I worked out every day, ate awesome clean meals.  Life was plugging along exactly how it should.  We went out of town Saturday night, which wasn't too terrible.  I worked out Saturday morning - I believe I went for a walk/jog with the dogs.  Yes, that was that day.  Then we headed out of town in the afternoon.  We hung out with a friend, had dinner and drinks, and watched a WWE Live event (yes, my boyfriend is a "wrestling dork" - has been since he was a kid).  Eating was...Okay on Saturday. Unfortunately I just didn't take the time to eat much during the day.  I did have some meat and cheese and that filled me up until dinner...Where I consumed Buffalo Wild Wings chicken wings ("naked" style to save a little bit) and a couple big Oberons.  On to the arena, where I had more beverages.  So yeah, that day? Not so great.

We headed out and about for a bit Sunday - to lunch (out, again, ugh) and to Lululemon so I could buy a new yoga mat.  And another awesome bra because...well, Lulu. We had lunch at Friday's and I had a burger and fries.  Not the best option but I was pretty hungry and rarely eat there. So, that's two "bad" meals. In a row.  I didn't think I'd eat later because I wasn't all that hungry. My boyfriend went to spend some time with his Dad after we got home and I hung out with my Dad and Grandpa for a bit.  There just wasn't enough time for both of us to see everyone, so we went our separate ways for a bit.  He asked me to bring home pizza for dinner, which I did.  I wasn't home very long... Maybe half an hour and saw that my Mom and Dad had both tried calling and texting.  My Grandma fell and was heading to the ER. So, off I went.

I spent from a little after eight until nearly midnight sitting in the ER with my Mom and Grandma.  My boyfriend stayed home and apparently did not do much but eat pizza and nap.  Glad I didn't really miss spending much time with him since he would've been sleeping.  I came home and got ready for bed and couldn't sleep. My Grandma was off to surgery to have a rod placed in her broken leg.  I finally fell asleep sometime after one and my Mom called around two to tell me that surgery went well. I fell back asleep for a couple hours before I had to get up for the day.  Monday I was exhausted.  I worked, sat at the hospital with my Grandma, and worked.  Eating was terrible. I don't even know what I ate but basically I didn't eat much all day and binged that evening because I was so hungry.  Tuesday? Almost a repeat of Monday.  Work, hospital, work, hospital, work.  Eat? Not much...Dinner was at about 8:30 when I was done working.  Wednesday was very much the same although I did manage to eat a little more throughout the day and avoid the junk that I decided was a good idea on Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday's dinner wasn't bad since my Aunt arrived from Kentucky to help out at the house and with my Grandpa.  But, I am pretty sure I ate some junk on Tuesday as well.  Yesterday and today have better. I've managed to stay away from the junk.  I've managed to eat instead of not eating throughout the day.  I've managed to get some exercise in a couple days this week but so far not today.  We had a little scare with my Grandma so instead of walking to the hospital, I drove.

So, in combination with eating out so much last weekend, I feel like a big ol' fatty today.  I would not be surprised if I've gained a few pounds.  I know I haven't gained 20 (as in the title) but I feel like I have.  Of course, I haven't had so much water today so maybe that's part of it.  At any rate, I don't feel good. I'm tried.  I'm worn out. I haven't gotten much done around the house.  My routine is disrupted. I know it's just temporary (and probably mostly in my head because I am off-track) but it still bugs me. However, helping my family is, at the moment, my priority. I let myself fall to the stress eating the first couple days but the last two have been better. However, I'm still tired.  I really need to try to sleep a little better and relax a little bit.  I've been on the go non-stop.  I think a little yoga or piyo, even just 30 minutes, or a short walk is in order tonight.  Just something to de-stress a little and feel a little better.

So, that's the update.


Lakestride 5K Race Report

This post is a bit overdue!! I did this race on 6/13/15.... So yeah, just over 20 days late.  I guess it's just been a crazy couple weeks and I've not taken the time to blog.  My inspiration after reading that book put me into high gear as far as making sure I was making healthy meals and working out. I guess that took priority over writing.


So I got up early that Saturday morning and got ready for the race.  My Mom and I shopped for new outfits the day before (because...why not?).  I did my usual routine; washed my face, deodorant, that kind of thing. I drank my pre-workout drink and mixed one up for my Mom to have when she got there.  She was not as excited about the taste so I think I actually drank that one after the race too. No wonder I felt so good!!

We arrived a little early but considering the race is right down the street from my house we weren't too concerned.  We watched the half-marathon group start then we were next, followed by the 10K people.  I've done this race a few other times so I was totally familiar with the course.  Plus? I live here.

My Mom, who is not and has never been a runner, started jogging with me.  We jogged for a bit then walked.  And when I say walked, I mean power walked. She has some short little legs but man can she make them move!! I suppose being an Emergency Room nurse and being on her feet all day, nearly running around the ER, contributes to that.  She walks a few times a week too.  Anyway, so we HAD to start jogging...Because, well, that's what I do.  So she jogged with me for a bit then I walked with her.  Then we jogged again. This time I figured out that if I did a slow jog, it was the same pace as her almost freakishly fast power-walk.  We were on pace for about a 15 minute mile, which is pretty good with her walking.  I did walk with her on a trail part of the course because it was uneven and there were rocks and such.  When I did that, my calves felt tight again. UGH.  So I walked a little slower than her on that part (maybe a couple steps behind her) and then when we reached pavement I went back to my jog.  It actually felt better to keep jogging than to try to walk after jogging.  So, that's what I did... A nice, even, jog pace.  My calves weren't nearly as bad as they had been  (but were well-rested that week) and loosened up pretty well.  My Mom jogged a couple more short legs with me, but mostly stuck to her walk. We did run across the finish line together.

This was the first race I had zero concern about time, speed, performance.  It was mostly just for fun and to do something different with my Mom.  This time it was more about just getting in some exercise and spending time with her than anything else.  I don't even remember our time - it was over 45 minutes, so our final pace averaged out to somewhere between 15 and 16 minutes.  There are a couple big hills on the course that I'm sure slowed us down. But, ya know what? I'm okay with that.  This wasn't my fastest 5K (not by far!), it wasn't near my average/usual time for a 5K, but it also wasn't my slowest. And? The best part is that it was a fun time!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

So I Read This Book...

Sunday, I decided was a good day for a rest day from working out.  It was also rainy and who wants to go outside on a cold, windy, rainy day? Not me. In between loads of laundry, catching up with the dishes, and cleaning, I opened a book that I'd bought on Wednesday.  And I read that thing front to back in the course of the day.  To be fair, the print wasn't tiny (or large, FYI) and it wasn't THAT long - somewhere around 250 pages, I think. So, not a huge book.  It's no secret though, when I get into a good book, if I have the time, I'll plow through it quickly.  So reading a book in a day isn't really that big of  a deal for me. BUT it goes to show just how good of a book it is!

I was browsing books at Target on Wednesday and came across one that had a little girl on the front. She had a little belly poking out of her bikini set on a beach.  It was most definitely a real photograph. It was also in the best seller section, so I decided to pick it up.  Ah-ha! A memoir.  And a weight loss memoir at that. I read the description and decided to buy it.  I'm so glad I did.

"It Was Me All Along" by Andie Mitchell is one of the best memoirs I've read.  Some memoirs aren't that great. They don't draw me in.  Jen Lancaster has been the only author to successfully draw me in when it comes to memoirs. I love Jen's style and like to think that it's similar to my own.  I guess that's because I just get it.  I get the way she says things. Her descriptions are so amazing, that I can clearly see the scene (as I'd imagine it). Jen has a way of drawing me in that's like nothing else.  She's the standard against which I hold all memoirs. Are you reading this, Jen? You've set a major standard for anyone who dare write a memoir (in my opinion).  My point with that little oh-my-gosh-Jen-Lancaster-is-the-best-ever-and-I-might-have-a-girl-crush-on-her note is that I like  a certain style.

Andie's style is not the same as Jen's but they share one amazing quality.  They have amazing descriptions and can tell a story.  Andie, Jen - you should totally hang out. With me. Please?


Anyway, Andie writes her story from the heart.  It's what I do when I write so many of my posts; the ones with meaning and emotion behind them.  I could see her life when I read her words.  I could feel her feelings.  I think that some of that is because Andie's story is a lot like mine in terms of how the words of others could sting right to the core. Boom! Shot through the heart (sorry, I really, love Bon Jovi)!! I've cried similar tears. I've felt similar things.  While Andie's childhood varies from mine in her life, where she lives, and the way she overate (you'll have to read the book), the emotions are so much the same.  I can remember crying because someone called me fat. More than once.  I remember feeling different than my friends.  I remember the wild times with food and adult beverages in college. Reading that book made me cry because so much of it hit home for me. Thanks, Andie Mitchell, for the tears.

In reading Andie's story, I found one big difference.  After she got to a healthy place and gained a little weight back, she maintained.  I did not.  I met a guy, adopted his bad habits, and got comfortable being in love.  He wasn't the first boyfriend I had post-weight loss.  So why in this relationship did I gain weight?  Why did I start eating his crap food instead of my healthy food? Why did my workouts dwindle?  Because he was local and I enjoyed spending time with him. Because I'm, historically, one who sacrifices and does what others want.  We DO do healthy things together sometimes but for me, it's the food.  A bad meal on the weekend with him turned into more.  I hardly drank but cool beers on a hot summer evening started happening more.

Over the last several months, I've worked hard to recommit to my healthy lifestyle.  I have done better but not great.  Heck, I thought I was losing weight only to look at a photo and think "I've gained MORE weight."  After reading this book, creeping into her social media, and realizing that I need to start again, I'm feeling renewed.  I've learned that I won't be successful if I keep beating myself up.  Hey I lost like 180 pounds.  Then I gained a bit back and was at, what I now know, my comfortable weight.  I was good with a 160 pound loss.  Hey, guess what, I've gained about 50 back...Give or take since I am far too terrified to weigh myself. I never weighed myself in the beginning. I just started losing.  I knew what I had been just before I started and went with that. After I started buying new clothes, I discovered I'd lost some weight.  Then I decided to invest in a scale.

I'm really working hard on being positive.  I can't look at where I was.  I can't let the a-hole comments of "oh wow you got fat again" bother me. I can't internalize the words and thoughts of others and make them my own. Because they are not my own.  What I do know is that in most ways I'm happy. I'm happy in love; in my relationship. I'm happy in my career. I'm happy with my family and friends.  Those are the things that are most important to me. My life is not perfect and I have areas to work on (not just healthy eating), but I'm happy.  Being happy is a place that I can start fresh. I'm not dwelling on how much weight I've gained because that's damaging.  I'm not dwelling on how slow my jogging pace is now because that's damaging. I'm not dwelling on the fact that I currently hate shopping because things either fit and look great or don't (and when they don't, I get upset) because that's damaging.

I need to stop looking at where I was and look only at where I am now. I can no longer look at myself as having failed. That is so harmful for me.  I need to look at my happiness and just start...Not start again; just start. I know what to do.  And I will do it.

So, thank you, Andie Mitchell, for the tears and the rejuvenation for healthy living.


The Super Run 5K Race Report

First, it's been almost two months.  I guess I've gotten out of the habit.  This typically goes hand-in-hand with how well I'm doing in terms of eating.  That's been up and down lately. I have excellent days then I have days where my boyfriend's bad choices work their way into my mouth.  I'd like to think that they just wander there. They don't.  I really need to get past that point of being jealous when others eat crap that I usually like.  Although the good news there is that sometimes his crap doesn't taste as appealing as I'd think.

The quick update: I've been working out diligently. I've done a combo of yoga, pilates in the office a few times, walking (lots of walking) which has progressed back into a walk/jog combo, and combat.  I decided that I really needed to get back into running. When you're out of the game for a bit (and you gain weight), you have to start near the bottom.  For me this meant with walking. Two weeks ago I realized I had a 5K swiftly approaching so I upped my game. When I had the dogs with me, we jogged as much as they could handle.   Our pace improved. They've actually done pretty well for being old (and for Buddy being a chunky boy).  Then last Wednesday came.  Apparently my calves are tight. Super tight. Tight to the point that they decided to feel so tight that they were on the verge of giving me double Charlie Horses. I stopped running, did a pretty slow (for me) walk pace, and hobbled home.  I took Thursday off.  Friday I tried again.  I think I made it about half a mile before the tightness came on.  Again, I was reduced to walking. And tears. So the dogs and I walked (hobbled) home after a 30 minute walk with about thismuch jogging. I stretched. I hydrated like a crazy woman. I rested my legs as much as I could the rest of the day.

Saturday,  The Super Run 5K. Another race for my buddy! Yay! I love getting any miles for him; doing any exercise, really, but there's something about doing a race.  I guess I love sharing my race swag with the little guy! I hydrated, stretched, and fueled pre-race.  I was in a good place and hopeful (although I voiced my fears about 10,000 times to my friend) that it would be a good race.  The day started out great! It was sunny, there was no construction on our drive, we got there 15 minutes before we even needed to check in, parking wasn't an issue... The day was going great.  Well, except for when someone manged to pee all over the seat in the disgusting port-a-potty and I nearly vomited from the sight of it and the horrendous smell.  But after that, it was good!

Honestly though, people, can you please either NOT pee on the seat or clean up after yourself.  Some of us have weak stomachs.

The race was at a gorgeous, large park in the Comstock Park (near Grand Rapids). The race was very well-organized and a lot of fun. Everyone was dressed as super heroes. My friend Sarah and I even met another IRUN4 runner, so that was cool! I can't remember her name, but Owen from California, we met your awesome runner!  The race swag was pretty good - capes in place of t-shirts, and even though it wasn't timed they gave out numbers, we got a couple things of Biofreeze and the other random post cards and such. The race was for charity and benefited a foster care agency, which I thought was an awesome choice. The post-race snacks were standard for a 5K; water, apples, oranges and bananas. There was a hydration station along the course. The volunteers were super nice - they gave us extra medals for our buddies without any hesitation.

Part of the course was through a field but I was okay with that. I'm unsteady and find cross country running exhausting, but that day I thought maybe the softer surface would be good for the calves.  I started out running a at pretty good pace.  I clipped along through the grass, then a path, then more grass, and then... The intense cramping started.  I walked for a few minutes and tried again.  Still tight.  Still intense.  Finally I decided to just walk for a bit.  And walk I did.  And I stopped to stretch. I tried to run again (you see, I do not just give up - although in this case it may have been better).  The cramping worsened.  The tears came. I stretched.  I walked...Actually I think I limped because one leg was slightly worse than the other. I stretched some more.  Then something strange happened. The cramping seemed to decrease...But the tops of my feet, especially the left, felt tingly like they were falling asleep.  I continued walking and tingling with my decreasing cramping and then decided to run again.  It wasn't fast.  In fact, it was most likely the slowest jog I've ever done, but it was faster than walkers who passed me when I was walking, so maybe it wasn't as slow as I thought.  But I jogged. And jogged. And jogged - all the way to the finish line.  I'm not sure what happened but I was happy to finish jogging, not cramping, and not crying. It was my worst 5K ever in terms of my time.  It was slow...I'm not sure of the exact time but it was just on the other side of 45 minutes. Not even my first 5K took that long. Of course, at that time, I was running more, I weighed less, and my calves didn't feel as though they were being squeezed in a vice.  Cardio-wise, the jogging part was great, which is a good measure for me. That means my cardio endurance is getting better and that make me happy.

After the race, my calves were tight. So tight.  My friend and I headed toward home but stopped in another town to shop a little and have lunch.  I thought that resting my calves would feel good but even walking around the mall and some stores, they were still very tight. Of course, I was driving so they weren't elevated or anything.  After we got home, I showered, did a few things around then house, then propped a pillow under my legs, and napped. My boyfriend got back from hanging out with his Dad and he decided to nap too. We were supposed to go to a friend's party but we were both fairly tired and decided just to hang at home and watch a movie.  I should know not to nap late in the afternoon - it makes me not want to do anything!

So, not my best race, but a good day overall!! I think that the friend time was the best part!

Sunday I decided to completely rest, which brings me to my next post...

Coming up next!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Letting it Go

While lying in bed last night, I was thinking about how much different my life is, even compared to just a year ago. It's always amazing how much you can change in the course of what seems like a short period of time.  Sometimes a change in a situation is just what you need.  Right now I feel as though things are going pretty well for me - nothing is perfect, so I'm not writing from some fantasy World where I think everything is perfect in my life.  There is always room to improve yourself.  We all have things that we could be working on - some of us do and others do not. I definitely do not have it all together. There are still things I am working on and there are things that I want. Admittedly, I'm growing a bit impatient waiting for those things to happen - it's annoying to me when the things I know I want are things I have zero control over.  Anxiety happens when we worry about the future - and that doesn't have to be a BAD thing.  You can be anxious in a good way.  And that's totally me.  I'm always planning my next goal and how to get there.  And when that requires waiting for someone else or a system to get their pieces in places, it becomes frustrating.  So what I'm doing now is trying to focus more on the current. Of course, it is good to have goals and such for the future and I'll continue to strive for them - I'm just trying to do so with less focus so that I'm not getting so frustrated.  And annoyed.

Back to my original thought - I'm happier now than I was a year ago. Much happier. What's changed? Not a lot - my employment, which apparently had more impact on me than I knew.  I am doing a job that I kept thinking I needed to wait longer to do - for whatever reason.  Finally, something (be it God or a force that you believe in, but something) pushed me into the place I needed to be. Not only did I NEED to be there, it's a place I wanted to be. I'm working in a office doing private practice therapy. And. I. Love. It.  THIS is the reason I got my Master of Social Work. This is what I feel I was meant to do.  This is what I love.

A year ago I was struggling to be happy with what I was doing.  I had been in the same type of place of ten years. I thought that a different position within that field was what I needed.  It really wasn't.  It was more work (and less pay initially) and although it was the same type of place, it wasn't the same place.  I found myself missing my previous job more often than I thought.  And you know, it was mostly the co-workers.  Sure, there are obnoxious people and where ever you work. We can have complaints about others at any time.  What I found though was that I was lacking a sense of belonging that I had at the employer before that. Almost immediately I fit in at my former place of employment.  The last one? Not so much.  I felt like the cliques were a lot stronger there.  And I struggled to fit into the clique that I "should" have been in.  I quickly learned that I felt stronger connections to those who were not at a supervisory level.  The work was not as much with people which was difficult for me as well. I majored in Social Work to work WITH people...Not to be bombarded with ridiculous amounts of paperwork and to only have interaction with people when someone was "misbehaving" in the eyes of others.  It's funny how I felt the strongest bonds with those individuals.  I guess I need to feel like I am making a difference; touching lives.  Sitting at a desk overloaded with policies and such was NOT my thing.  So, we have.... Too much work that I didn't like combined with feeling like I didn't belong where the hierarchy said I should (AKA - some people were straight up a-holes to me...I don't like even saying that because it's probably bad karma or something but seriously... I felt alone and unhappy and there were some not so nice people there, especially  one grown-up Regina George. And I wasn't gonna be a "plastic").

God works in mysterious ways.  Everything happens for a reason.

True and true.

I am exactly where I needed to be and even more cool - where I wanted to be.

So last night, as I was thinking of this, I felt so thankful.  How I got here was a bit of a twisty, hilly path, but I made it to where I wanted and needed to be.  I feel so much less stress. I feel so much more happiness.  I love what I do.  So why is it that when I started to think of my past stress, and in particular the a-hole grown-up Regina George, I felt myself get upset.  I could feel my anger in my back.  I typically carry my tension in my neck and upper back but this filled my middle back.  It's amazing how even after being removed from  a situation for a while, I can still let it get to me.

Why? That's done. It's in the past.  I never have to speak to the a-hole grown-up Regina George again. If I see her in a store, I don't HAVE to say a word.  Generally I am a fairly pleasant person but I don't even want this person near me. She was toxic to me.  Naturally, some of this is on me for allowing the actions of another person to get to me so much (most likely what she wanted)... But do you know how freeing it is to realize you don't have to talk to someone who you don't want to talk to? SO awesome!!!

Not long ago someone from my past sent me a message and wanted to get together for lunch or dinner as "friends" to discuss something that happened in the past (like seven years ago...?).  Why do people do this? Why do they dwell on things that occurred so long ago? This person realized some things that they wanted to share with me.  I didn't see the sense in all of that. I was honest and said we are not "friends" --  because we aren't.  I'm not going to pretend to have a friendship with someone when there is no basis for a friendship. I offered that they send me another message to tell me.  The person wanted to share it in person rather than on social media.  Okay, well, then, no.  I have absolutely zero reason to see that person and the only reason they wanted to speak to me was to feel better. I don't carry anything with me from that situation. At all.  I'm a different person in a much better and happier place in life. I don't need to feel better because I'm happy and at peace. Why would I want to allow that back into my life?  With the advancement of technology, there is no reason that whatever it was couldn't have been sent in a message... I also happen to think that if someone was "dying" to say those things to me, they'd do it in whatever means offered.  Sorry, buddy, you don't hold any type of control over me anymore and I'm not about to enter into a situation where I would feel uncomfortable. Also? I'm not that curious about whatever it is you wanted to say.  I've let all of that go.

In fact I've let a lot go. For the first time I don't really hold any anger toward an ex, which was something I did a lot in life.  Even in a new relationship, I'd still be pissed off at the last jerk who did something to hurt me. I don't have that anymore. I'm not curious about what any of my ex's were thinking or about what they're doing now.  Is that what happens when you find real true love? I've said "I love you" before but maybe this is the first I've actually felt that true love. Hmm... I guess I do have a belief that you can love people but when you have that one true love, it's unlike anything else. That was a total random thought that took me in a different direction.... Anyway... I'm so at peace with those past things now that I have released all of those feelings and thoughts into the universe or something.

The thing is that no matter what has happened in the past, it doesn't have to be in my future.  I don't have to acknowledge the existence of those who have made me feel a certain way or who treated me poorly.  If a person or thing is not going to have a positive impact on my life or is going to disturb my personal harmony....I don't have to acknowledge it.  I hope I'm presenting this in a positive manner rather than as in a manner that makes me look like another variety of a-hole.

I've learned to empower myself, to stand up for myself...So much of me has changed. Honestly, that happened when I started to lose weight. I guess something clicked that made me realize that I deserved happiness that I wasn't allowing myself to have.  Getting healthy physically helped me to become healthy mentally. I firmly believe that the physical and mental go hand-in-hand.

Now that I've finally let the past go I need to stop worrying about the future so much. This is a HARD thing to do when you're one of those "I know what I want and I'm going for it" people. A bit impatient? Totally me.

Now I'm off to go do some yoga because that's one thing that really helps me to feel balanced and at peace.  There is a mental and physical release that comes with  yoga and it makes me feel so happy and free.  And let's face it, writing about all that has my back feeling a little tight....But yet I feel an inner-calm at the same time. Maybe I just have bad posture right now!

After yoga, I think I'll do a run because it looks lovely outside and a run sounds amazing.... I love these days where I have long lunch periods.  I take full advantage of them because I'm lucky I have them when I do. There are some days I am super busy so these days are much appreciated.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"You've Look Like You Lost Weight!"

Apparently what I'm doing is working because last week someone said to me, "you look like you've lost weight." My response was that I have been trying. Apparently my work is paying off and others are seeing it.  Finally. I feel like I've been working hard and I feel like I've seen some small changes but for others to notice helps to reinforce that I'm not going crazy and am actually seeing those little changes.  It hasn't been much  - I feel like some of my pants are fitting better. And so are getting bigger around the waist again. I feel like my midsection is looking a little smaller too.

Yes! I am glad that my results are showing.  This keeps me motivated and reassures me that what I'm doing is working again.  It takes time for results to show and a lot of people will give up because of not seeing results.  Look for ANY small signs that show that you're making progress. As I've mentioned in other posts, measurements are important and will show you results that scales don't always show and may even show you results before you see them.  That being said, I haven't measured lately. But I will soon... I am making tutus for a race this weekend and despite making several tutus, I'll need to measure my waist (you'd think I'd remember what size to make, but then my body has fluctuated so those probably wouldn't be right anyway) so I might as well do some other measurements as well.

I have really been working on  my healthy eating and have done better lately.  My boyfriend and I were out of town over the weekend and of ate out a couple times.  Most restaurant foods are not healthy in one way or another.  Even if they are low calories they may be high fat or full of sodium. So eating over the weekend wasn't the best thing ever but I did make sure to eat smaller portions of those unhealthy foods.  I did have a few drinks (beers) which is pretty rare for me these days. I didn't drink a whole lot which is probably good because I don't drink much.  And I have this allergy to something in alcohol or the fermentation process so I get sick. Generally I get really stuffy and it feels like awful seasonal allergies. Sometimes it's worse.  Anyway, so I don't drink much so any drinks are out of my norm.

So weekend eating and drinking? Not great. Otherwise, it's been going good lately.

I have been doing a lot of yoga lately as well as Combat and Chalean Extreme. This week I need to scale back on the combat and focus on some running for my cardio.  I have that race this weekend so a few runs will do me good. Hopefully it's not too chilly because I would LOVE a nice, warm outdoor run.  Otherwise I'll be stuck to the ol' treadmill.I also need to be sure to get my Chalean Extreme workouts done. Yoga and Combat have been priority and I feel like my strength training hasn't been. I've been doing it but not as scheduled as it had been in the past.  I've just kind of been getting my strength workouts done where I can. I like strength training but making sure I do my yoga and combat because I love both of those.

I really feel like yoga has made such a difference in my life that I want to make sure it's a part of my daily routine. I do miss a little yoga here and there (like Sunday when we were out of town and I was too darn tired when I got home). I really love either doing yoga to wake me up in the morning or to wind down at night.  It can be both energizing and relaxing.....I love how many different poses and types of yoga there are and how each can do something different for the body.  So. Awesome.

I recommend yoga to anyone.  You can modify it for different fitness levels, body types, health issues,..It can help with anxiety and depression.  It's really an awesome exercise that offers so many benefits. Seriously. Love.  It.

I guess that's my update for now. I can't believe it's been a week since I posted. I guess last week got a bit crazy!!

Hope you're all doing well!!


Monday, March 30, 2015

That Day I Thought My Boyfriend Called Me Fat....

So yesterday my darling boyfriend made some comment about how we need to eat healthier so that I can get back to where I was when we first met.  The look on my face must have said it all because the look on his face was one that would probably say "oh crap, I messed up."  Luckily, I did not jump to any conclusions and kept my mouth shut and allowed him to continue.

He wasn't calling me fat.  He has never called me fat.  He's never said anything about me, even when I'm wearing my old comfy yoga pants with the holes, a sweatshirt, and my hair is in a top knot. The thing is that I keep saying it.  My boyfriend was not trying to insult me.  My boyfriend was telling me that he is finally on board with getting some better eating habits. He was telling me that he supports me and he wants to show that support by the two of us eating healthier together. 

I sure am glad I didn't jump to conclusions and start to cry and say something I'd later regret.  I'm sure my expression said enough.

Here's the thing... Not only have I gained some weight in our almost two years together.  So has he.  It's happy weight, but he weighs more than he ever has.  Has his gut grown? Yes.  Do I ever say anything negative about it? No. I hardly even notice. Sure if I look at pictures, I see it...Just like with myself. 

I'm happy that he made that comment... It shows that we are on the same page and we are supportive of one another. He even said he'll try my weird recipes... Except spaghetti squash. He has major thoughts of disgust when it comes to spaghetti squash. One of these days I may need to surprise him with it somehow.... Or maybe convince him to try just a little taste of mine. Otherwise, though, I feel amazing that he is ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle.  It will not only help us both, I think that it will help to bring us even closer together.  

Now if I can convince him to workout I'll be super happy - but one step at a time, and he'll have to make that decision on his own.  I did get him to try a couple yoga poses yesterday when he tried to tell me yoga isn't that challenging.  He had difficulty with one and wouldn't even try the others, immediately saying, "I can't do that!" He was teasing me about the yoga; not seriously criticizing what I love.  He's a great support and is really encouraging with anything that I do.

To change gears... Today I did my morning yoga routine and Combat 30.  I'm hoping to sneak in my evening yoga because it's so relaxing and I LOVE it at the end of the day, but we'll see. I really enjoy our together time and chatting while he watches his man soap opera. And he's kinda gotten me into it too.  I'm just finishing at the office and by the time I get home and get dinner ready, it'll be getting late. Oh!  Instead of following along with the DVD that I normally do, I think I'll do some calming poses while he watches TV. That will actually be a good challenge for me... By staying in the same room with distractions, it will help me to focus on myself and my breathing - it will challenge me to block out those distractions.  This will be a fun experiment.

I suppose I should wrap up for the evening. 

Hope life finds you well!


Sunday, March 29, 2015


I finally found my missing piece. As you know I've struggled off and on as far as eating, gained weight back, and had a hard time losing. I've never struggled with doing some kind of workout and continue to consistently workout at least five days a week. I've really gotten into yoga a lot over the last month and it's transforming me. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love getting runner's high and crossing the finish at a race (even if I am much slower these days). I love lifting weights. I've become more of a diverse athlete... ,ore well-rounded in terms of my fitness. I'm constantly mixing things up.  On busy days that I can't lift weights or do a major cardio session, I do yoga or pilates in my office. Some days I have time for two 30 ,impute sessions. Sometimes I am lucky to be able to do a full hour. I do yoga daily - at least 30 minutes in the morning or night. I strive for both. Yes, that's even on days that I do other workouts. 

In addition to my yoga, I'm doing Combat and Chalene Extreme. There are days I jog instead of doing combat but there haven't been as many of those lately. I'm burnt out on the treadmill and it's still too cold for my wimpy self to get outside. I do the elliptical as a substitute. 

Diet still hasn't been great but over the last week I've felt way more transformed and am back on track. My boyfriend even expressed that he's ready to give up yucky food and eat healthier. Bonus!! That's a huge need for both of us and with him more on board it will be easier. I'm glad he's there. 

Anyway... Yoga. It's more than a form of exercise. It's a way of life. I feel more in touch with my mind and body. I feel stronger but physically and mentally. I feel at peace, calm, and happy. I've started meditating which isn't easy. My mind likes to go 100 miles a minute. Like my poses, my meditation needs practice... But it will improve. Right now I focus on my breathing which helps. I do chant "om" which is also helpful. I have found some great mantras! I really need to invest in some mala beads. I, having a hard time choosing because they're costly. However, mala beads are said to choose the person. It shouldn't be a major decision... You buy the ones you're drawn to (which is why they are said to choose you). I think it's the price tag that's holding me back. As my meditation improves, I will need to buy them. Malas have 108 beads; the number of times you should chant your phrase. The beads help keep count. I hit up the two local health foods stores and got some groceries over the weekend. And tea. I love my tea. 

I just ordered some mala bracelets from Mala Collective (which is where I will buy my mala bead necklace). They have great products. AND, if you sign up for their newsletter, you get 10% off of your first order!! Awesome, right!?! 

I really feel like this new way of life; this new mentality is helping me to get back to where I need to be. I feel this whole new level of clarity... My outlook and motivation have changed. I honestly cannot accurately describe hie amazing yoga has made me feel. 

Seriously.... Check it out. 

I'll be back with another post sooner than later. I think that with finding this new way of thinking, I will be posting much more often. 



Thursday, February 26, 2015

This is One of Those "What's YOUR Excuse?" Posts....

I have this friend (for real, it's not one of those random scenarios where it's really me)... And this friend has a medical diagnosis that is debilitating.  It's very possible that someday she may be in a wheelchair.  A lot of people who have MS (multiple sclerosis) end up wheelchair bound. Eventually people become so debilitated they are stuck in bed.  Eventually, like any of us, they die - sadly for many it's what most of us would consider far too soon. I've seen it first hand (working with those diagnosed with MS). I hope that those hard days don't come for my friend - I hope there is a cure by then. Here's a link to the MS Society for those of you who may not be aware.

Here's the thing about my friend... She's amazing. Total rocks tar status.  She doesn't let her diagnosis get the best of her.  Recently she mentioned that she has been involved in on-line groups that she's struggled to belong to. Why?  Because other group members have lost their positivity.  From what I gather from her words, they dwell on the bad things.  They complain. They only see their limitations. They view their future as bleak. She is the complete opposite.  She's positive. She seeks ways to try to, naturally, enhance her life. She does her research about how various products effect her body. She eats healthy, real foods. It sounds as though the majority of her foods are organic, non-GMO, nourishing foods.  She takes care of herself.

So... What's your excuse? Where's your positivity? Why aren't you caring for your body?

Life really is what you make it.

I can sit here right now and be like "I've gained so much weight over the last couple years," "I'm so disappointed in myself," or "how did I let this happen?"  But guess what... Negative self-talk will get you no where good.  It'll make you feel even worse about yourself which, for many of us, really kills motivation.  If you want to change your body, your health, or anything else in life you need to start by being nice to yourself.  You need to take care of your body. It's the same as it is with my friend. She could sit there and say "I have MS....I can't do that." But she's not.  She's not using it as an excuse. She's using her diagnosis as a way to keep her body healthy and to fight back. She's raising awareness.  She is a living example of how to treat yourself well.

And really, if you're not going to be nice to you, why should anyone else? No one likes to be around a Debbie Downer that they constantly have to reassure and compliment. Eventually they'll tire of it.

If you're going to accept negative self-talk, what will you take from others? The second you're mean to yourself is the same second you open the door for others to be mean to you.

Yeah, it takes work to lose weight or live healthy.  It's work I'm willing to do though. I love myself enough to nourish it with (mostly) healthy foods and to give it the exercise it craves.  I'm not really watching the scale so much right now (that totally messes with my head) but I know that by changing the bad habits I had fallen into, I will lose weight.  Slow weight loss and living healthy needs to be the priority for me.  I get a little crazy when the scale is too involved.  I allow the numbers to dictate how I feel about myself; to set the tone for my day; and that just opens up doors to allow me to be an asshole to myself.  I don't need that in my life.

So what am I doing?

 I'm exercising.  Daily.  Even on busy days when I have strange gaps that aren't long enough to do a full workout, I'm fitting it in.  I've been doing a lot of 30 minute periods of yoga or pilates in my office.  Some days I get to do that twice a day.  Or I do a more intense morning workout and then fit one of those sessions in later in the day, whenever I have time.  I'm on a decent streak right now too. I've done a workout daily for 11 days.  My "rest" days are active rest days where I do something lower intensity, like pilates or walking, or I workout for a shorter length of time. I'm not doing major cardio or strenuous exercise daily because I know that my body needs a break.

I'm eating healthy.  For the last two weeks I've done meal prep for the week.  It certainly makes life easier on busy days.  Some nights I see clients until 7:30.  I don't want to go home and cook a meal at that time. Instead it's all ready for me and I just have to warm it up.  It's easy.  That's what I need on those days.  If I don't cook ahead of time, what's the easy alternative? Crappy food  - fast food; snack foods from the gas station...Nothing GOOD for me. I'm also sneaking in a late afternoon healthy, protein rich snack to help me make it through the evening. Otherwise, I'd overeat from being so hungry.  Yeah, you can overeat healthy foods too.

Water.  I think that, by now, we all know that water is good for our bodies.  It helps with weight loss.  It's the best thing you can drink. Period.  I typically drink a lot of water, but there are times when I definitely miss the mark. Winter is hard because, I'd just rather have something hot or nothing at all than drink cold water.  Some days it's a struggle.  I also fell back into a pop habit for a while.  Seriously, I could drink two Diet Pepsis (20 oz) in a weekend day, easily...Sometimes three.  I don't even like pop that much but I found myself in that habit.  I've kicked that once again.  In the last two weeks I have had one pop.  I guess it's like junk food... I can't eat it if it's not in my house.  And I have to think about it if I go to the store - there's the effort going to the store, right now there's the cold, and then I have time to think about what a waste of money it is too. Yup... That's easy enough.

Social Media.  It keeps me accountable. Just like this blog that I'm not posting to nearly enough.  I've found Instagram to be a good source to help with accountability.  Say what you want, but let's face it, social media is a good bragging platform....And maybe part of my accountability is related to bragging. I'm not too afraid to admit it.... I love posting my gross post-workout pictures because people "like" them and sometimes they comment.  There's a reason y'all use those hash tags and you know it.  I don't necessarily want a bunch of followers....But it does help when people are liking those pics.  It helps me stay accountable.  I want them to see my nasty workout pictures all the time. I will post my meal prep or a healthy dinner as well.  I also tend to post my dogs and other pictures (usually my goofy boyfriend and I) but it's generally used for all things health and fitness related.  Maybe I am bragging about every workout I do (yeah, even if I do three different things in a day), but it helps me stay accountable.  Ya gotta find what works for you!

Myself.  I'm being nice to myself.  I'm treating myself well. Negative self-talk is gone; positive self-talk is in.  That's it... I'm just being good to myself.  Why? Because I freaking love myself. That's it... Why focus on the things that I'm not doing well or that I don't like about myself? That's not helping anyone.  Instead I stay positive and focus on the things I'm doing right.

Other people...Like my friend. She's awesome. I look at what others do and let them inspire me.  I read their posts, view their pictures, and remind myself that my health is what matters. I also remind myself that I don't know who I might be inspiring.  I want to live a happy, healthy, positive life so that others can see that they can too.

And on the flip side, I'm done letting what other people do and say influence me.  I've had people use what I have written on this blog to try to hurt me.  They've made up lies that other people have said things about me... Really those people haven't.  They've just read my insecurities on this blog and tried to twist what I've said about myself to make me believe that other people have said those things. The thing about that, is that I've never known anyone else to be as mean to me as I've allowed myself to be. I'm secure and confident in who I am... Sure there are things I can work to improve or change. We all have those things in our lives.  I'm working on mine.

"What's your excuse?"

I pose that question to myself frequently when I need some extra motivation. I generally find that there's no good excuse that will get me out of working out.  Unless I should not be working out for a darn good reason (like a major illness), there's nothing that I should allow to stop me.  Excuses are just that - excuses.

Next time you don't want to do your workout or cook a healthy meal...Think of my friend.  Think of how she has this stupid diagnosis in her life that she could use an excuse.  Then think of how she doesn't let it stop her - she's motivated, she's determined, and she's happy.  Who wouldn't want to be happy??


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow, Snow, and more Snow.

I am lucky to not suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) because I'm quite certain I'd be hitting rock bottom about now. My personal opinion of February is that it just sucks. Period. It's the shortest month but always seems like the longest...Probably because it's so brutal in Michigan. The last couple weeks have been cold, snowy, and colder. Roads are awful. Wind is whipping.  I want to stay inside.  All the time.  I do not have SAD, but if I did, life would be difficult. More than difficult. I'd venture to say unbearable.  If you suffer from SAD, you are in my thoughts right now... Give yourself praise for making it through each day.

So, my gripe about the Winter is just that  - a gripe. This Winter has not even been that bad compared to last year. I'm just at that point where I'm over it. I'm tired of the cold. I'm tired of crappy roads. I just want to be warm and enjoy driving again. If it's nasty and I hit a rough patch or the wind whips so that it pushes my car just right, I get little baby panic attacks. They're not major and don't last long but my heart rate increases, I get stress sweat, and have to talk myself into calming down.  It's worse in the dark. I don't recall this happening when I was younger and landed in the ditch a lot. Perhaps this means I'm getting old.

In addition, I find it more difficult to workout in the Winter.  I'm cold.  When I'm cold I don't want to do anything except sit under a blanket and stay warm. I fell into a rut a couple weeks ago back.
hormones; curse you PMDD) and had a hard time getting moving. And of course wanted to eat junk. I kept moving with at least doing little things but my plan to amp it up didn't happen. I was happy to be doing something but it just wasn't enough.  Add this cold Winter junk in there and I am amazed I was doing anything at all.  So my pre-week and TOM week came and went.  And my energy was back.

Last week I started a combo of Combat and Chalean Extreme. There are days when my schedule is crazy and I can't do either (usually Wednesday) because of time.  I don't have a long enough lunch to run home to workout, shower, and eat lunch. So on those days I use any spare time between clients (maybe 30 min twice a day) to do some pilates in my office.  My new philosophy is to get it in where I can. I'd rather do something more intense but on the days when life is hectic, I'm making sure I am at least doing something.

My current plan is working pretty well. I'm most definitely feeling it in my body!! I do either one or two workouts a day.  I'm not following a specific hybrid schedule for that plan.  Right now I'm using the main workouts from the program and doing them where they will fit.  For me, it's working.  For example, yesterday I did Combat 30 and CLX Burn 1. Today was Combat HIIT 1 and I'll do pilates in my office during a break for about 30 minutes.  Tomorrow is a day with very little breaks so I'll most likely just do a couple  30 minute periods of pilates with no Combat or CLX. I work pretty much 8-8 (again with a couple breaks that are not long enough for a workout). I MIGHT get combat 45 done if I get up early enough, but the reality of that happening is slim. I'm not an early morning workout person. Thursday and Friday I come in a little late (and again, work late) so I should be able to do both Combat and CLX on those days.  Saturday and Sunday won't be a problem and generally become longer workout days for me because I want to squeeze in some running time on the treadmill. It all works if you plan ahead!! Sure things creep up that sometimes prevent that, but in general, if you plan it, you can achieve it.

Eating is good again  - we were in an eating out spree for a bit there.  Like twice or even three times in a weekend.  That's just too much.  Even once a week (weekend) is too much but it's better. So that's helping as well.  I've found that I have an allergy to something in booze (explains why I am always stuffed up and yucky feeling if I have too much).  It's most likely in the fermentation process. I'm not a big drinker anyway, but this at least reduces that even more.  I had a couple beers with dinner Saturday night and got stuffy.  Sunday I had three small glasses wine and was super stuffy.  Then I want to nap so that I feel better.  I've always had that happen but it wasn't until a few months ago that I actually paid attention.  It seems to be worse with wine than with beer; and with craft beers than other light beers. It's all in how it's made. I'm not actually allergic to alcohol, but it helps to think that way. I was typically having a few drinks both weekend nights (with a splurge now and then) and until last weekend, it was maybe one glass of wine or one beer one night.  I don't feel congested and sleepy if I keep it that way.  That combo with not being a big drinker really helps to keep that part of things in check.

This week I prepped a few meals ahead - egg whites with spinach and mushroom; roasted sweet potatoes and bacon; black bean burger; and spaghetti squash carbonara.  Friday we are having my boyfriend's fav grilled cheese (some fancy, jazzed up version I found once and he loves) so it won't be super healthy but not terrible either.  And certainly better than pizza and bread sticks (the routine we had going on for a while). Those can't really be prepped ahead of time because, well, gross.

So that's my check-in for now! Seems to be that things are going well.  I feel more energetic, my body aches (in a good way!), and I'm eating healthy foods.  So...All is well.  I must really find time to blog more frequently.  It helps with accountability. Of course, I use IG for that too...I've had people ask why I post so many sweaty post-workout pics and food pics.  The answer is clear - accountability.  I'm not really answering to anyone but I like seeing my own streak of workouts and healthy eating. So... Accountability is key. And that's that.

Well, off to eat some lunch and then come back to the office for the rest of the day!

Hope you're all doing well - my next goal; more blogging!!!!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Three Day Refresh!

Last week I did the Beachbody Three Day Refresh.... And had great results! I dropped about seven pounds and between three & four inches around my waist.  I would say I had a successful time using the refresh!

I do like my Beachbody products so this made me super happy - another positive checkmark for Beachbody!! Here's the thing about the program... Do not go into it looking for a quick fix. Unless you really need a quick fix to look good in a dress or something.  What I discovered is that it's very low calories; under 1200 a day which I don't usually condone. But it was only for three days.  It's definitely something that someone could sustain on a long-term basis.

The plan was easy.... Most of the work was done for me. I had a Shakeology and a fruit in the morning, green tea twice a day for snacks, a Fiber Sweep drink late morning, A refresh shake, a veggie and a healthy fat (I had hummus) for lunch, another veggie and healthy fat in the afternoon, and another refresh shake and veggies from one of the recipes for dinner from the book they provided.  That's it... The recipes were not complicated and very easy to cook. No problems there.

I made the mistake of exercising too much the first day... I was starving. I should've scaled it back. The next days I worked out but decreased my intensity and felt much better.  I drank a lot of water during this time which I think really helped keep me full.  By the end of the third day, it was easy and I really enjoyed having a set plan.  If eating could always be so easy!!

Thursday I ate almost the same as I did on the plan. Lots of veggies and fruits. No meat. No dairy. No bad carbs.  This is exactly the answer I'd been hoping for when I started the refresh.... That it would spring me back into action with healthy, clean eating. Success.

I even did pretty well - better than I had been - over the weekend. I paleo buffalo chicken tenders and veggies Friday night for dinner. Saturday I did pulled pork in the crockpot and used a lightened up recipe for that too. I did indulge in some chips and a bun. Sunday was about the same. We had leftovers so we did pulled pork again, which I again had some chips with.  The chips went into my boyfriend's lunch and were out of the house.  We did not eat out all weekend. I cooked foods that were pretty clean and allowed myself those little treats. Oh! I also had one beer on Saturday evening. Just one. We walked about three and a half miles then I came home and ran at least one more on the treadmill so I decided I earned that extra little treat.

I have not weighed myself since the refresh but given that it was so low cal and so restrictive in terms of what was allowed, I'm sure I've gained some of that back. I mean, that happens about anytime you lose weight fast like that. I don't feel like I've gained it all back. Actually, I feel pretty good - and hope that I'm losing some more!! My exercise has been consistent and since the refresh my eating has been much better. Yesterday I had a whole grain English muffin with some natural PB and organic honey for breakfast, Shakeology with strawberries in it for lunch, plain Greek yogurt and raspberries for a snack, and dinner a veggie stir-fry using coconut oil and "zoodles" instead of noodles or rice, with a side of organic veggie broth because since the refresh  a cup was allowed with dinner) I have a new love for veggie broth.  I did munch on some whole grain crackers later in the evening - mostly because I needed the calorie boost.

So far today has been about like yesterday.  I'm working later this evening (until about 6:30 so home around7-ish and have not decided what I'll make for dinner yet). I have recipes I want to try, but let's face it - by that time I'm going to be really hungry and want something fast and easy.  I have a bit of a longer break today so I may try to make something while I'm off for lunch....Hopefully I have the time! Otherwise dinner might just be a quick salad and some broth....Who knows!!

Well, I suppose, my quick morning break is about done and I need to go get some more work done!!

Hope all is well with you!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ohhhh Applebee's.

Applebee's... I get what you're doing. Marketing. You want to make sure people keep coming in, even during this time of resolutions. The Pub Diet. Great idea.... As far as marketing goes.  I've seen your commercials. I received your e-mail. You're doing a splendid job pushing it. I literally laughed out loud when I saw your info about grabbing a cold one and chowing down. Do you think that alcohol is healthy? It's not.  I get you make a great deal of your money from your alcohol sales....But really? Pushing beverages while advertising a "diet" seems a little silly to me.

I like that you're including foods like quinoa! I like that your offerings are high protein and low calorie. Your publications make the foods look delicious.  But...Where's the other nutritional data? Why isn't it plastered on the front page with the other data? No worries, though, I found it on the website. Your carb counts are pretty high. And your sodium? Atrocious.  Some of the offerings pack more sodium than most of us eat in a full day.  What do I expect though? It's processed food.  Like other chains and brands marketed as "diet" food - you have certain qualifiers that support your claim.  It isn't healthy though... It's not "clean." 

I found the same to be true of your other "healthier" options that were supported by WW. That's great - calories and points taken into consideration, you were on point.  But please.

I know you want to make money.  Don't get me wrong, I like your food - particularly the unhealthy stuff.  I have a cheat meal at my local Applebee's once every month or two.  Your Perfect Margarita really is perfect.  I like you, Applebee's. I just don't like your Pub Diet idea.  Is this like the Subway Diet? Eat these "healthy" options and continue to lose weight? Sorry... That amount of sodium, in addition to whatever is in my normal food for a day and I'd be beyond puffy the next day.  It's amazing how sodium can impact on a person's weight.  Did you know that, Applebee's?

I know you don't want to lose customers to their resolutions.You want them to come in. You need them to. But if you are concerned with providing us real, healthy options, perhaps try to do so in a different way. I know you're a business and it is all about making money and in order to provide truly healthy ingredients you'd lose money.  And you'd have to pay for more staffing to prep the healthy stuff. I get it....

But please. Try a different marketing strategy to keep customers. This whole Pub  Diet idea is a bit of a turn-off.