Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ohhhh Applebee's.

Applebee's... I get what you're doing. Marketing. You want to make sure people keep coming in, even during this time of resolutions. The Pub Diet. Great idea.... As far as marketing goes.  I've seen your commercials. I received your e-mail. You're doing a splendid job pushing it. I literally laughed out loud when I saw your info about grabbing a cold one and chowing down. Do you think that alcohol is healthy? It's not.  I get you make a great deal of your money from your alcohol sales....But really? Pushing beverages while advertising a "diet" seems a little silly to me.

I like that you're including foods like quinoa! I like that your offerings are high protein and low calorie. Your publications make the foods look delicious.  But...Where's the other nutritional data? Why isn't it plastered on the front page with the other data? No worries, though, I found it on the website. Your carb counts are pretty high. And your sodium? Atrocious.  Some of the offerings pack more sodium than most of us eat in a full day.  What do I expect though? It's processed food.  Like other chains and brands marketed as "diet" food - you have certain qualifiers that support your claim.  It isn't healthy though... It's not "clean." 

I found the same to be true of your other "healthier" options that were supported by WW. That's great - calories and points taken into consideration, you were on point.  But please.

I know you want to make money.  Don't get me wrong, I like your food - particularly the unhealthy stuff.  I have a cheat meal at my local Applebee's once every month or two.  Your Perfect Margarita really is perfect.  I like you, Applebee's. I just don't like your Pub Diet idea.  Is this like the Subway Diet? Eat these "healthy" options and continue to lose weight? Sorry... That amount of sodium, in addition to whatever is in my normal food for a day and I'd be beyond puffy the next day.  It's amazing how sodium can impact on a person's weight.  Did you know that, Applebee's?

I know you don't want to lose customers to their resolutions.You want them to come in. You need them to. But if you are concerned with providing us real, healthy options, perhaps try to do so in a different way. I know you're a business and it is all about making money and in order to provide truly healthy ingredients you'd lose money.  And you'd have to pay for more staffing to prep the healthy stuff. I get it....

But please. Try a different marketing strategy to keep customers. This whole Pub  Diet idea is a bit of a turn-off.

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