Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Three Day Refresh!

Last week I did the Beachbody Three Day Refresh.... And had great results! I dropped about seven pounds and between three & four inches around my waist.  I would say I had a successful time using the refresh!

I do like my Beachbody products so this made me super happy - another positive checkmark for Beachbody!! Here's the thing about the program... Do not go into it looking for a quick fix. Unless you really need a quick fix to look good in a dress or something.  What I discovered is that it's very low calories; under 1200 a day which I don't usually condone. But it was only for three days.  It's definitely something that someone could sustain on a long-term basis.

The plan was easy.... Most of the work was done for me. I had a Shakeology and a fruit in the morning, green tea twice a day for snacks, a Fiber Sweep drink late morning, A refresh shake, a veggie and a healthy fat (I had hummus) for lunch, another veggie and healthy fat in the afternoon, and another refresh shake and veggies from one of the recipes for dinner from the book they provided.  That's it... The recipes were not complicated and very easy to cook. No problems there.

I made the mistake of exercising too much the first day... I was starving. I should've scaled it back. The next days I worked out but decreased my intensity and felt much better.  I drank a lot of water during this time which I think really helped keep me full.  By the end of the third day, it was easy and I really enjoyed having a set plan.  If eating could always be so easy!!

Thursday I ate almost the same as I did on the plan. Lots of veggies and fruits. No meat. No dairy. No bad carbs.  This is exactly the answer I'd been hoping for when I started the refresh.... That it would spring me back into action with healthy, clean eating. Success.

I even did pretty well - better than I had been - over the weekend. I paleo buffalo chicken tenders and veggies Friday night for dinner. Saturday I did pulled pork in the crockpot and used a lightened up recipe for that too. I did indulge in some chips and a bun. Sunday was about the same. We had leftovers so we did pulled pork again, which I again had some chips with.  The chips went into my boyfriend's lunch and were out of the house.  We did not eat out all weekend. I cooked foods that were pretty clean and allowed myself those little treats. Oh! I also had one beer on Saturday evening. Just one. We walked about three and a half miles then I came home and ran at least one more on the treadmill so I decided I earned that extra little treat.

I have not weighed myself since the refresh but given that it was so low cal and so restrictive in terms of what was allowed, I'm sure I've gained some of that back. I mean, that happens about anytime you lose weight fast like that. I don't feel like I've gained it all back. Actually, I feel pretty good - and hope that I'm losing some more!! My exercise has been consistent and since the refresh my eating has been much better. Yesterday I had a whole grain English muffin with some natural PB and organic honey for breakfast, Shakeology with strawberries in it for lunch, plain Greek yogurt and raspberries for a snack, and dinner a veggie stir-fry using coconut oil and "zoodles" instead of noodles or rice, with a side of organic veggie broth because since the refresh  a cup was allowed with dinner) I have a new love for veggie broth.  I did munch on some whole grain crackers later in the evening - mostly because I needed the calorie boost.

So far today has been about like yesterday.  I'm working later this evening (until about 6:30 so home around7-ish and have not decided what I'll make for dinner yet). I have recipes I want to try, but let's face it - by that time I'm going to be really hungry and want something fast and easy.  I have a bit of a longer break today so I may try to make something while I'm off for lunch....Hopefully I have the time! Otherwise dinner might just be a quick salad and some broth....Who knows!!

Well, I suppose, my quick morning break is about done and I need to go get some more work done!!

Hope all is well with you!


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