Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow, Snow, and more Snow.

I am lucky to not suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) because I'm quite certain I'd be hitting rock bottom about now. My personal opinion of February is that it just sucks. Period. It's the shortest month but always seems like the longest...Probably because it's so brutal in Michigan. The last couple weeks have been cold, snowy, and colder. Roads are awful. Wind is whipping.  I want to stay inside.  All the time.  I do not have SAD, but if I did, life would be difficult. More than difficult. I'd venture to say unbearable.  If you suffer from SAD, you are in my thoughts right now... Give yourself praise for making it through each day.

So, my gripe about the Winter is just that  - a gripe. This Winter has not even been that bad compared to last year. I'm just at that point where I'm over it. I'm tired of the cold. I'm tired of crappy roads. I just want to be warm and enjoy driving again. If it's nasty and I hit a rough patch or the wind whips so that it pushes my car just right, I get little baby panic attacks. They're not major and don't last long but my heart rate increases, I get stress sweat, and have to talk myself into calming down.  It's worse in the dark. I don't recall this happening when I was younger and landed in the ditch a lot. Perhaps this means I'm getting old.

In addition, I find it more difficult to workout in the Winter.  I'm cold.  When I'm cold I don't want to do anything except sit under a blanket and stay warm. I fell into a rut a couple weeks ago back.
hormones; curse you PMDD) and had a hard time getting moving. And of course wanted to eat junk. I kept moving with at least doing little things but my plan to amp it up didn't happen. I was happy to be doing something but it just wasn't enough.  Add this cold Winter junk in there and I am amazed I was doing anything at all.  So my pre-week and TOM week came and went.  And my energy was back.

Last week I started a combo of Combat and Chalean Extreme. There are days when my schedule is crazy and I can't do either (usually Wednesday) because of time.  I don't have a long enough lunch to run home to workout, shower, and eat lunch. So on those days I use any spare time between clients (maybe 30 min twice a day) to do some pilates in my office.  My new philosophy is to get it in where I can. I'd rather do something more intense but on the days when life is hectic, I'm making sure I am at least doing something.

My current plan is working pretty well. I'm most definitely feeling it in my body!! I do either one or two workouts a day.  I'm not following a specific hybrid schedule for that plan.  Right now I'm using the main workouts from the program and doing them where they will fit.  For me, it's working.  For example, yesterday I did Combat 30 and CLX Burn 1. Today was Combat HIIT 1 and I'll do pilates in my office during a break for about 30 minutes.  Tomorrow is a day with very little breaks so I'll most likely just do a couple  30 minute periods of pilates with no Combat or CLX. I work pretty much 8-8 (again with a couple breaks that are not long enough for a workout). I MIGHT get combat 45 done if I get up early enough, but the reality of that happening is slim. I'm not an early morning workout person. Thursday and Friday I come in a little late (and again, work late) so I should be able to do both Combat and CLX on those days.  Saturday and Sunday won't be a problem and generally become longer workout days for me because I want to squeeze in some running time on the treadmill. It all works if you plan ahead!! Sure things creep up that sometimes prevent that, but in general, if you plan it, you can achieve it.

Eating is good again  - we were in an eating out spree for a bit there.  Like twice or even three times in a weekend.  That's just too much.  Even once a week (weekend) is too much but it's better. So that's helping as well.  I've found that I have an allergy to something in booze (explains why I am always stuffed up and yucky feeling if I have too much).  It's most likely in the fermentation process. I'm not a big drinker anyway, but this at least reduces that even more.  I had a couple beers with dinner Saturday night and got stuffy.  Sunday I had three small glasses wine and was super stuffy.  Then I want to nap so that I feel better.  I've always had that happen but it wasn't until a few months ago that I actually paid attention.  It seems to be worse with wine than with beer; and with craft beers than other light beers. It's all in how it's made. I'm not actually allergic to alcohol, but it helps to think that way. I was typically having a few drinks both weekend nights (with a splurge now and then) and until last weekend, it was maybe one glass of wine or one beer one night.  I don't feel congested and sleepy if I keep it that way.  That combo with not being a big drinker really helps to keep that part of things in check.

This week I prepped a few meals ahead - egg whites with spinach and mushroom; roasted sweet potatoes and bacon; black bean burger; and spaghetti squash carbonara.  Friday we are having my boyfriend's fav grilled cheese (some fancy, jazzed up version I found once and he loves) so it won't be super healthy but not terrible either.  And certainly better than pizza and bread sticks (the routine we had going on for a while). Those can't really be prepped ahead of time because, well, gross.

So that's my check-in for now! Seems to be that things are going well.  I feel more energetic, my body aches (in a good way!), and I'm eating healthy foods.  So...All is well.  I must really find time to blog more frequently.  It helps with accountability. Of course, I use IG for that too...I've had people ask why I post so many sweaty post-workout pics and food pics.  The answer is clear - accountability.  I'm not really answering to anyone but I like seeing my own streak of workouts and healthy eating. So... Accountability is key. And that's that.

Well, off to eat some lunch and then come back to the office for the rest of the day!

Hope you're all doing well - my next goal; more blogging!!!!


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