Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"You've Look Like You Lost Weight!"

Apparently what I'm doing is working because last week someone said to me, "you look like you've lost weight." My response was that I have been trying. Apparently my work is paying off and others are seeing it.  Finally. I feel like I've been working hard and I feel like I've seen some small changes but for others to notice helps to reinforce that I'm not going crazy and am actually seeing those little changes.  It hasn't been much  - I feel like some of my pants are fitting better. And so are getting bigger around the waist again. I feel like my midsection is looking a little smaller too.

Yes! I am glad that my results are showing.  This keeps me motivated and reassures me that what I'm doing is working again.  It takes time for results to show and a lot of people will give up because of not seeing results.  Look for ANY small signs that show that you're making progress. As I've mentioned in other posts, measurements are important and will show you results that scales don't always show and may even show you results before you see them.  That being said, I haven't measured lately. But I will soon... I am making tutus for a race this weekend and despite making several tutus, I'll need to measure my waist (you'd think I'd remember what size to make, but then my body has fluctuated so those probably wouldn't be right anyway) so I might as well do some other measurements as well.

I have really been working on  my healthy eating and have done better lately.  My boyfriend and I were out of town over the weekend and of ate out a couple times.  Most restaurant foods are not healthy in one way or another.  Even if they are low calories they may be high fat or full of sodium. So eating over the weekend wasn't the best thing ever but I did make sure to eat smaller portions of those unhealthy foods.  I did have a few drinks (beers) which is pretty rare for me these days. I didn't drink a whole lot which is probably good because I don't drink much.  And I have this allergy to something in alcohol or the fermentation process so I get sick. Generally I get really stuffy and it feels like awful seasonal allergies. Sometimes it's worse.  Anyway, so I don't drink much so any drinks are out of my norm.

So weekend eating and drinking? Not great. Otherwise, it's been going good lately.

I have been doing a lot of yoga lately as well as Combat and Chalean Extreme. This week I need to scale back on the combat and focus on some running for my cardio.  I have that race this weekend so a few runs will do me good. Hopefully it's not too chilly because I would LOVE a nice, warm outdoor run.  Otherwise I'll be stuck to the ol' treadmill.I also need to be sure to get my Chalean Extreme workouts done. Yoga and Combat have been priority and I feel like my strength training hasn't been. I've been doing it but not as scheduled as it had been in the past.  I've just kind of been getting my strength workouts done where I can. I like strength training but making sure I do my yoga and combat because I love both of those.

I really feel like yoga has made such a difference in my life that I want to make sure it's a part of my daily routine. I do miss a little yoga here and there (like Sunday when we were out of town and I was too darn tired when I got home). I really love either doing yoga to wake me up in the morning or to wind down at night.  It can be both energizing and relaxing.....I love how many different poses and types of yoga there are and how each can do something different for the body.  So. Awesome.

I recommend yoga to anyone.  You can modify it for different fitness levels, body types, health issues,..It can help with anxiety and depression.  It's really an awesome exercise that offers so many benefits. Seriously. Love.  It.

I guess that's my update for now. I can't believe it's been a week since I posted. I guess last week got a bit crazy!!

Hope you're all doing well!!


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