Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hey, Stress...Please Don't Give Me 20 Free Pounds.

Ohmygosh have things been busy!!! Last week was going great. Totally awesome.  I worked out every day, ate awesome clean meals.  Life was plugging along exactly how it should.  We went out of town Saturday night, which wasn't too terrible.  I worked out Saturday morning - I believe I went for a walk/jog with the dogs.  Yes, that was that day.  Then we headed out of town in the afternoon.  We hung out with a friend, had dinner and drinks, and watched a WWE Live event (yes, my boyfriend is a "wrestling dork" - has been since he was a kid).  Eating was...Okay on Saturday. Unfortunately I just didn't take the time to eat much during the day.  I did have some meat and cheese and that filled me up until dinner...Where I consumed Buffalo Wild Wings chicken wings ("naked" style to save a little bit) and a couple big Oberons.  On to the arena, where I had more beverages.  So yeah, that day? Not so great.

We headed out and about for a bit Sunday - to lunch (out, again, ugh) and to Lululemon so I could buy a new yoga mat.  And another awesome bra because...well, Lulu. We had lunch at Friday's and I had a burger and fries.  Not the best option but I was pretty hungry and rarely eat there. So, that's two "bad" meals. In a row.  I didn't think I'd eat later because I wasn't all that hungry. My boyfriend went to spend some time with his Dad after we got home and I hung out with my Dad and Grandpa for a bit.  There just wasn't enough time for both of us to see everyone, so we went our separate ways for a bit.  He asked me to bring home pizza for dinner, which I did.  I wasn't home very long... Maybe half an hour and saw that my Mom and Dad had both tried calling and texting.  My Grandma fell and was heading to the ER. So, off I went.

I spent from a little after eight until nearly midnight sitting in the ER with my Mom and Grandma.  My boyfriend stayed home and apparently did not do much but eat pizza and nap.  Glad I didn't really miss spending much time with him since he would've been sleeping.  I came home and got ready for bed and couldn't sleep. My Grandma was off to surgery to have a rod placed in her broken leg.  I finally fell asleep sometime after one and my Mom called around two to tell me that surgery went well. I fell back asleep for a couple hours before I had to get up for the day.  Monday I was exhausted.  I worked, sat at the hospital with my Grandma, and worked.  Eating was terrible. I don't even know what I ate but basically I didn't eat much all day and binged that evening because I was so hungry.  Tuesday? Almost a repeat of Monday.  Work, hospital, work, hospital, work.  Eat? Not much...Dinner was at about 8:30 when I was done working.  Wednesday was very much the same although I did manage to eat a little more throughout the day and avoid the junk that I decided was a good idea on Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday's dinner wasn't bad since my Aunt arrived from Kentucky to help out at the house and with my Grandpa.  But, I am pretty sure I ate some junk on Tuesday as well.  Yesterday and today have better. I've managed to stay away from the junk.  I've managed to eat instead of not eating throughout the day.  I've managed to get some exercise in a couple days this week but so far not today.  We had a little scare with my Grandma so instead of walking to the hospital, I drove.

So, in combination with eating out so much last weekend, I feel like a big ol' fatty today.  I would not be surprised if I've gained a few pounds.  I know I haven't gained 20 (as in the title) but I feel like I have.  Of course, I haven't had so much water today so maybe that's part of it.  At any rate, I don't feel good. I'm tried.  I'm worn out. I haven't gotten much done around the house.  My routine is disrupted. I know it's just temporary (and probably mostly in my head because I am off-track) but it still bugs me. However, helping my family is, at the moment, my priority. I let myself fall to the stress eating the first couple days but the last two have been better. However, I'm still tired.  I really need to try to sleep a little better and relax a little bit.  I've been on the go non-stop.  I think a little yoga or piyo, even just 30 minutes, or a short walk is in order tonight.  Just something to de-stress a little and feel a little better.

So, that's the update.


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