Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lakestride 5K Race Report

This post is a bit overdue!! I did this race on 6/13/15.... So yeah, just over 20 days late.  I guess it's just been a crazy couple weeks and I've not taken the time to blog.  My inspiration after reading that book put me into high gear as far as making sure I was making healthy meals and working out. I guess that took priority over writing.


So I got up early that Saturday morning and got ready for the race.  My Mom and I shopped for new outfits the day before (because...why not?).  I did my usual routine; washed my face, deodorant, that kind of thing. I drank my pre-workout drink and mixed one up for my Mom to have when she got there.  She was not as excited about the taste so I think I actually drank that one after the race too. No wonder I felt so good!!

We arrived a little early but considering the race is right down the street from my house we weren't too concerned.  We watched the half-marathon group start then we were next, followed by the 10K people.  I've done this race a few other times so I was totally familiar with the course.  Plus? I live here.

My Mom, who is not and has never been a runner, started jogging with me.  We jogged for a bit then walked.  And when I say walked, I mean power walked. She has some short little legs but man can she make them move!! I suppose being an Emergency Room nurse and being on her feet all day, nearly running around the ER, contributes to that.  She walks a few times a week too.  Anyway, so we HAD to start jogging...Because, well, that's what I do.  So she jogged with me for a bit then I walked with her.  Then we jogged again. This time I figured out that if I did a slow jog, it was the same pace as her almost freakishly fast power-walk.  We were on pace for about a 15 minute mile, which is pretty good with her walking.  I did walk with her on a trail part of the course because it was uneven and there were rocks and such.  When I did that, my calves felt tight again. UGH.  So I walked a little slower than her on that part (maybe a couple steps behind her) and then when we reached pavement I went back to my jog.  It actually felt better to keep jogging than to try to walk after jogging.  So, that's what I did... A nice, even, jog pace.  My calves weren't nearly as bad as they had been  (but were well-rested that week) and loosened up pretty well.  My Mom jogged a couple more short legs with me, but mostly stuck to her walk. We did run across the finish line together.

This was the first race I had zero concern about time, speed, performance.  It was mostly just for fun and to do something different with my Mom.  This time it was more about just getting in some exercise and spending time with her than anything else.  I don't even remember our time - it was over 45 minutes, so our final pace averaged out to somewhere between 15 and 16 minutes.  There are a couple big hills on the course that I'm sure slowed us down. But, ya know what? I'm okay with that.  This wasn't my fastest 5K (not by far!), it wasn't near my average/usual time for a 5K, but it also wasn't my slowest. And? The best part is that it was a fun time!!

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