Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Super Run 5K Race Report

First, it's been almost two months.  I guess I've gotten out of the habit.  This typically goes hand-in-hand with how well I'm doing in terms of eating.  That's been up and down lately. I have excellent days then I have days where my boyfriend's bad choices work their way into my mouth.  I'd like to think that they just wander there. They don't.  I really need to get past that point of being jealous when others eat crap that I usually like.  Although the good news there is that sometimes his crap doesn't taste as appealing as I'd think.

The quick update: I've been working out diligently. I've done a combo of yoga, pilates in the office a few times, walking (lots of walking) which has progressed back into a walk/jog combo, and combat.  I decided that I really needed to get back into running. When you're out of the game for a bit (and you gain weight), you have to start near the bottom.  For me this meant with walking. Two weeks ago I realized I had a 5K swiftly approaching so I upped my game. When I had the dogs with me, we jogged as much as they could handle.   Our pace improved. They've actually done pretty well for being old (and for Buddy being a chunky boy).  Then last Wednesday came.  Apparently my calves are tight. Super tight. Tight to the point that they decided to feel so tight that they were on the verge of giving me double Charlie Horses. I stopped running, did a pretty slow (for me) walk pace, and hobbled home.  I took Thursday off.  Friday I tried again.  I think I made it about half a mile before the tightness came on.  Again, I was reduced to walking. And tears. So the dogs and I walked (hobbled) home after a 30 minute walk with about thismuch jogging. I stretched. I hydrated like a crazy woman. I rested my legs as much as I could the rest of the day.

Saturday,  The Super Run 5K. Another race for my buddy! Yay! I love getting any miles for him; doing any exercise, really, but there's something about doing a race.  I guess I love sharing my race swag with the little guy! I hydrated, stretched, and fueled pre-race.  I was in a good place and hopeful (although I voiced my fears about 10,000 times to my friend) that it would be a good race.  The day started out great! It was sunny, there was no construction on our drive, we got there 15 minutes before we even needed to check in, parking wasn't an issue... The day was going great.  Well, except for when someone manged to pee all over the seat in the disgusting port-a-potty and I nearly vomited from the sight of it and the horrendous smell.  But after that, it was good!

Honestly though, people, can you please either NOT pee on the seat or clean up after yourself.  Some of us have weak stomachs.

The race was at a gorgeous, large park in the Comstock Park (near Grand Rapids). The race was very well-organized and a lot of fun. Everyone was dressed as super heroes. My friend Sarah and I even met another IRUN4 runner, so that was cool! I can't remember her name, but Owen from California, we met your awesome runner!  The race swag was pretty good - capes in place of t-shirts, and even though it wasn't timed they gave out numbers, we got a couple things of Biofreeze and the other random post cards and such. The race was for charity and benefited a foster care agency, which I thought was an awesome choice. The post-race snacks were standard for a 5K; water, apples, oranges and bananas. There was a hydration station along the course. The volunteers were super nice - they gave us extra medals for our buddies without any hesitation.

Part of the course was through a field but I was okay with that. I'm unsteady and find cross country running exhausting, but that day I thought maybe the softer surface would be good for the calves.  I started out running a at pretty good pace.  I clipped along through the grass, then a path, then more grass, and then... The intense cramping started.  I walked for a few minutes and tried again.  Still tight.  Still intense.  Finally I decided to just walk for a bit.  And walk I did.  And I stopped to stretch. I tried to run again (you see, I do not just give up - although in this case it may have been better).  The cramping worsened.  The tears came. I stretched.  I walked...Actually I think I limped because one leg was slightly worse than the other. I stretched some more.  Then something strange happened. The cramping seemed to decrease...But the tops of my feet, especially the left, felt tingly like they were falling asleep.  I continued walking and tingling with my decreasing cramping and then decided to run again.  It wasn't fast.  In fact, it was most likely the slowest jog I've ever done, but it was faster than walkers who passed me when I was walking, so maybe it wasn't as slow as I thought.  But I jogged. And jogged. And jogged - all the way to the finish line.  I'm not sure what happened but I was happy to finish jogging, not cramping, and not crying. It was my worst 5K ever in terms of my time.  It was slow...I'm not sure of the exact time but it was just on the other side of 45 minutes. Not even my first 5K took that long. Of course, at that time, I was running more, I weighed less, and my calves didn't feel as though they were being squeezed in a vice.  Cardio-wise, the jogging part was great, which is a good measure for me. That means my cardio endurance is getting better and that make me happy.

After the race, my calves were tight. So tight.  My friend and I headed toward home but stopped in another town to shop a little and have lunch.  I thought that resting my calves would feel good but even walking around the mall and some stores, they were still very tight. Of course, I was driving so they weren't elevated or anything.  After we got home, I showered, did a few things around then house, then propped a pillow under my legs, and napped. My boyfriend got back from hanging out with his Dad and he decided to nap too. We were supposed to go to a friend's party but we were both fairly tired and decided just to hang at home and watch a movie.  I should know not to nap late in the afternoon - it makes me not want to do anything!

So, not my best race, but a good day overall!! I think that the friend time was the best part!

Sunday I decided to completely rest, which brings me to my next post...

Coming up next!


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