Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Oh, Hello!

I was doing well at blogging back in June.  Here I am, once again, in Inconsistency City.  Man, things get busy and this just isn't a priority.  Workout, work, eat, sleep, fun, and...No blogging. So what have I been up to the last couple months? Well, I guess I said most of it a couple sentences ago.  My family was here from Kentucky in July, so that kept us busy.  Fourth of July was a pretty busy day.  We have spent time with friends and family... Just keeping busy in general, I suppose. No big trips this year.  In the Spring I was hoping to get to Wrigley for a game but I never got around to getting that planned!! This is year two (in a row!) of no games.  Insert sad face.  Maybe that means TWO next year... And I am planning a surprise Birthday trip/weekend for my boyfriend this fall, so that will be fun. I know he doesn't read this, but in the event that he does, someone in his family does, or some fun/surprise-ruiner reads this and tells him (intentionally or acccidentally),  I'm keeping it quiet.

So, my Combat/Piyo combination ends a week from tomorrow! What?! It seems so fast. I don't know if I've lost much, if any weight, but I know that I feel better, am stronger, and look better in some areas (upper body - shoulders and upper back especially - noticed my mid-section is smaller yesterday).  I should've taken measurements, but of course I "never got around to it."  I really need to stop procrastinating and just DO things right away.  It's not like I procrastinate with work. I'm the most organized, get it done now person when it comes to work.  But with other things...Not as much. Anyway, I would like to have seen a change in numbers throughout the program. BUT I feel them.

A week from Sunday (8/30) I'm starting another round of ChaLean Extreme.  I'm nervous about this because a few weeks later I'm starting another round of half marathon training. Working legs while training for a half seems to be advised against in most training plans. I think that instead of using heavy weights (the program is designed for this), I'll use lighter weights on leg exercises.  The point of CLX is to push the body to the limit and really do some major weight training. BUT I need to run and don't want to stress out the legs.  I guess, at first, it'll be trial and error to see how much I can handle.  I just know that I probably won't be squatting or dead-lifting 100+ pounds. Or maybe I will. Who knows what will work/feel good.  And the program is low reps sooooo perhaps.  FYI, on the 100 pounds - I can do that for like three dead-lifts.  So probably not looking at that weight for six to eight reps (doesn't sound like much, but they are sloooow reps!).

I have nothing scheduled from Wednesday to Sunday next week which makes me nervous.  I find I workout if it's written down and especially when I'm following a program. I  did miss one day of Piyo Drench (swapped for a walk) so maybe I'll make that up next week, which will stretch me out one more day.  Then I'll just have a couple to cover. I'm not sure what my schedule will look like once CLX starts.  I should really get a few weeks of some good runs under my belt before my actual half training starts, so I'll probably plan a few runs and some elliptical days.

I've done a few 5Ks this summer (two I blogged about in June, then did a local 5K at the end of July, and the Color Run on August first). I plan on a local Color Run next month, and who knows what else I will find between now and then. I'm definitely going to look for some fall races (hopefully some local, as those are much cheaper than traveling!) to further work on my half training.  February will, sadly, be here before I know it!!

Well, that's my update...Hope to get more consistent with blogging these days!!