Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'm Going Streaking!!!

Last week after hearing that someone apparently (hearsay so ya know...grain of salt) said that I don't run; that I only run through the McDonald's drive through, I decided that I would become super annoying and post a selfie to Facebook every time on run. I'm sure that if things get back to me, they'll make their way back to this person.  And if not, I don't care.  It's good motivation. I guess I was just in that mode of "don't say a runner doesn't run!" Funny side note - I've ran past this person on the street before; just this Summer in fact.  I generally reserve my post-workout pics for IG since I use that primarily for accountability, motivation, and the sense of community with all the other awesome #fitfam people out there! At that time I was quite annoyed that someone said that (and more but that's not fitness related so....). So I did what always feels good, told my boyfriend I was headed out, grabbed the dogs and my MACE and hit the pavement for a few miles.  Sometimes I really love running at night because it's peaceful and although I'm pushing myself, it's oddly relaxing.  Running at night is also sometimes creepy, hence the MACE.

It during that run that I decided I'm doing to do a run streak.  30 days is my goal.  I start a round of half marathon training soon and in researching streaks, I learned that it isn't good to streak when you're in training for something. I think I'll over-lap my training by a few days but since it's in the first week, I think I will be okay.

I'm on day eight of my streak and ya know what? I'm kind of liking it.  It gives me motivation to make sure I do at least a mile. A mile isn't much.  A mile doesn't take long.  A mile can fit in with my other workouts in the morning or at night.  A mile is a good distance - it can be easy and relaxed or it can be a good time to push hard to increase speed, work on intervals, or just do a normal run.  I can do a minimum of a mile a day.

I've finished with Combat and Piyo and started Chalean Extreme (CLX) last Sunday.  It's a pretty busy schedule but the longest workout in the whole program is like 45 minutes so it's easy to do that and run. There are days off, which will be longer run days for me.

My schedule looks like this:
Sunday - Burn 1 (and a run)
Monday - Run
Tuesday - Burn 2 (and a run)
Wednesday - Burn intervals and extreme abs (and a run)
**although this week I did abs today/Thursday instead of Wednesday
Thursday - Burn 3 (and a run)
Friday - Burn it off and recharge (and a run)
Saturday - Run

This repeats throughout the program but the workouts change about every four weeks and I'll do different phases. Now is Burn, which is followed by Push, and then Lean.  The last phase is a combination of the three.  When I start half marathon training my running schedule will change.  I may need to alter my schedule for the plan but we'll see when the time comes.  My training plan has me doing short runs (30 minutes) on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a long run on Saturdays.  I can still do the short runs with my CLX workouts because they aren't that long. However, that would leave Monday completely work-out free.  Rest days are good so maybe I'll keep Mondays for rest or active rest days and  do things like the elliptical, walking, or biking. As active rest days, they'll all be fairly easy activities.

So....That's my plan for the next few months.  CLX is about 16 weeks total.  I know some people do Burn, Push, and Lean and then call it quits.  The Lean for Life phase (which mixes the three) is an additional four weeks.  So that will take me into December.  Depending on my progress and how I'm feeling I'll start another program then.  I'm thinking maybe Combat since it's 60 days and that will take me almost to my half marathon. But TurboFire sounds like fun again - and it's been a while since I've done a round of that!  Or I'll stick with my training plan and then on off days stick with the elliptical, the bike, and walks.  I have some time to decide before December comes.  I don't know what I'll feel like doing in December, so I'll re-evaluate and make my decision then.

As of now, I'm really liking this run streak.  This weekend I'll be 1/3 of the way done - 10 straight days of running in some form! I definitely like it so far. There are times I feel tired and my legs are like "are you serious?" but by keeping most days short (1-2 miles), my legs quickly warm-up and feel better.

I don't think I'd have decided to do this Run Streak had someone not been talkin' about me. So, thanks!! Thanks to you I'm doing my first streak and feeling great about it! I'll be sure to wave if I should run past you while you're standing on the sidewalk again.  Bless your heart!

Until next time...