Monday, October 19, 2015

Busy, Busy!

My workout plan has been kind of relaxed lately since half marathon training starts TOMORROW. I'm so excited!!! And so not excited!! It's already cold... And I hate running outside in the cold.  Now that my actual plan is starting, I'm hoping that will be motivating. It's either that or the torturemill, and honestly, some days it's a toss up.  Until it's super nasty, I'm going to remind myself that I'll have to deal with the torturemill soon enough so I should enjoy the days outside!

Anyway, so I've continued a mix of CLX and whatever other workout sounds good.  I've continued to do some Turbofire, walking, and threw some Combat into the mix.  I didn't do much running the last couple weeks... I wasn't feeling well and then I'm not quite sure what happened last week.  It was pretty cold...Maybe that was it.  That and the week flew by!! I also had a free trial for spin, which I LOVED. I will definitely be purchasing a punch card for spin and yoga classes.  I'm currently debating which plan I want to purchase, and making sure that I have room in my schedule to get a value out of the payment.  Always planning and figuring... That's me. Pretty funny for someone who has disliked math for....forever.

I'm thinking I'll do the unlimited plan which is only $80/month. I can take as many spin classes and as many yoga classes as I want in a month for that price. I should be able to do spin 2-3 evenings a week and yoga at least twice a week. For this month anyway.  I really like that it's month by month rather than some contract thing like some gyms have. I'm not locked in and don't have to worry about cancellation. I simply buy what I want each month (via an app), schedule the class, and it takes records the class as used. If a punch card (five or ten visits) is used, it will deduct one class from the card. Obviously, this isn't the same with the unlimited. Pretty cool way to do it and keep track! I believe there is a website too so if someone doesn't have a smartphone, they can manage their classes through the app.

So, anyway, spin was great!!! The instructor was really nice, friendly, and motivating.  The workout itself was good - I definitely worked up a sweat (which isn't uncommon for me, as I am a "sweater"). I liked how it was up and down a lot - some some standing and pedaling and some sitting.  The seats are not the most comfortable (what bike seats are, besides the granny style seats?) and even the instructor said she likes the up and down classes because the seats can hurt after a while.  It is about a 40 min workout, start to finish, so it is fairly easy to work into my schedule - and there are multiple times offered. Yoga also has various times so I should be able to get to a couple of those classes in a week, which will be much needed with all that spinning and running I'll be doing for my training. I hope that pigeon pose is included for a decent length of time. That's my favorite. And my body generally needs it! I'm excited to take a live yoga class. Mine have all been DVDs so I'm sure it'll be an entirely different experience.

I have been doing MUCH better at clean eating. Yay! I did indulge a little in some drinks this weekend but nothing outrages (because I couldn't handle that) but eating has been good. I did have a couple nibbles of some not so great for me stuff but not at all like it had been.  My boyfriend was pretty compliant with my wishes, so that's been nice. It's always good to have support and someone else who's on board (and his diet needs way more cleaning up than mine does, sooooo it's good for him!).

This coming weekend will be a challenge... We are headed on an adventure for his birthday so we will have to eat out. I know that at least one day will be a lot of walking, and unfortunately the drive there and home will be a lot of sitting. I'm going to take some workout gear and hope to get up early the morning we are there to at least get something done - it'll be a training day so even if it's only two miles, that will be something.  I'm hoping to get up super early the day we leave, but who knows how that will go.... I tend to have trouble sleeping when I'm excited. We should be home early enough for me to get my Sunday workout done so I'm not worried about that. One rest day won't be a bother, but I do aim for 10,000 steps a day and with all that sitting in the car, I'm not sure if that will happen!! But these weekends don't happen often so it'll be okay.  AND it'll be fun, so hopefully I won't obsess.

I suppose that's it for now .... I need to go get this (healthy!) dinner going.

Hope you are well!


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