Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So Many Things!

Remember when I was getting back into blogging consistently? Yeah, me too. Fail.

So - I've completed my 30 day run streak challenge... Actually I surpassed it because I wanted to do the full month of September.  I ran for 35 days before I took a rest from running. I've still been running, but not every day. In fact last week I wasn't feeling well so I did quite a bit of walking before I ran again. The first day being sick, even walking was rough. It's always clear to me when I have a bit of a fever because I exhaust so quickly, sweat like crazy with light activity, and everything takes ten times the effort is usually does. So my walk felt a bit like a run that first day.  I kept up with my CLX workouts too. Toward the end of the week I started feeling better so I added some running back into the routine and did some run/walks with the dogs. Now I'm back to normal.

On Sunday I randomly decided I wanted to do Turbofire. I'm not following the plan but wanted a little variety and some extra cardio.  So Sunday I did Fire 30, a short jog with the dogs, and my CLX workout.  Monday was Fire 55 and a walk (walked to/from work that day).  Yesterday was CLX and Fire 30 again. I really love Fire 30 - it's quick but so intense.  I also like that the 30 minutes fits easily into my day with other things!! Today was a longer CLX workout so I'm not sure what else will fit into the plan.  I'd like to do at least a 30 minute jog but I work a little later so by the time I'm home and have dinner... Dark. UGH... I hate shorter days!!! I like when it's dark until 10:00 so running at 7:00, or even 8:00 isn't a big deal. I believe it's next week, or maybe the following that my schedule will have more runs built into it (half training begins) so those will become priority and other workouts, like Turbofire will be supplemental.

I haven't done Turbofire in quite a while and my body can feel it! Even though I've consistently worked out (PiYo, Combat, runs, CLX, biking, elliptical, walking, etc...) I can still feel the difference in my body from doing Turbofire. It is much more intense than I remembered and I love it.  I love the muscle soreness that comes with changing up any program, so I'm pretty happy with how my body is feeling this week!! That also reminds me of how important it is to have variety in workouts!! The body adjusts and the benefits (for weight loss, to work the muscles in a different way, etc.) lessen over time.  So, change is good. Very good. I plan to continue the variety even when my running is more regimented with half training. We (finally!) have spin in our little town so I'm hoping to go to spin class at least once a week for additional variety.

In short, in terms of exercise, my body, my mind, and my soul are very happy thanks to exercise.

Eating has still been a little all over the place.  It's particularly frustrating when my boyfriend wants to order out or buy unhealthy foods at the store. I'm weak when it's around. And really like if he orders out some junk I'm gonna say "no?" I didn't this weekend but I did put my foot down and tell him, "no more of this."  Of course we have a trip coming up and then there will be eating out. UGH. I honestly have a love-hate relationship with food. I love how some of it tastes but I hate how some of it tastes. I hate that I HAVE to eat to live. I hate feeling hungry.  Food, you're an a-hole.  Speaking of a-holes, I still haven't eaten at McD's, haters.  Anyway, so I told the boyfriend, that's it... We are eating clean. No more take out, no more delivery. I cannot do it so it's not gonna happen. Unless he wants to end up with a super fat girlfriend.

So I suppose that's the update for now. Love exercise. Hate food. Such is life...For me anyway.

I'm still working on getting a runner feature going. I just clearly haven't taken the time to do so. Need to do that.

OH!!! I signed up for ANOTHER half... This one is the Gazelle Girl, in April.  Because 13.1 miles is fun. Winter training, not so much, but these two half marathons will keep me focused and working hard.... My body is going to need proper nutrition to perform at the best possible level.  Sorry, boyfriend, prepare for mantras and such to be plastered all over the house and for a no junk ban to be in effect.  Ha... Poor guy will be hiding it in his car and forced to munch outside!! Okay, maybe I won't be that bad, but.... Pretty close.  I suppose I'm preparing to go into hiding again...But I have to. I can't be out having dinner and drinks right now... Just can't. My body doesn't like it, which then makes my mind not like it.  And I just want all things me to be happy.

Okay, THAT is the update.  There won't be so much time in between posts.... PROMISE.


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