Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Surprise, Surprise!

Yesterday was supposed to be a little hectic for me.  It turned out not to be. Monday night we had some freezing rain which resulted in some cancellations yesterday.  Several, actually.  Anyway, so I got up early and did 45 min of Turbofire and headed to work where I found that I had cancellations. I did a few things and then went home to do some studying for something I have coming up, which took quite a while.  I then headed back to work for my afternoon and evening.  I knew I had to do something more (in terms of a workout) so I thought I'd just walk on the treadmill, or maybe do a walk/jog combo...Something easy, and light.  Well when I got home I realized there was a basketball game on that I wanted to watch. I don't have a cable box down stairs so I decided to try to find something on YouTube that I could do while watching the game that wasn't super distracting for others.

I found a video by Leslie, that Walk Away the Pounds lady.  I thought, "yeah, okay we'll see what this does..." My expectations were low. I found one that she made for the American Heart Association that said it was  three mile walk.  My next thought was, "this is a 45 minute video. I doubt it is actually three miles. How do they calculate this? Steps? Everyone has different steps..." I decided to do it anyway and maybe find something else to do after.  It started with a warm-up, which really made me think it was not actually three miles.  Then I learned that they use the beat of the music as pace and that the three miles is based off of that pace/the beat of the music. I still wasn't quite sure but thought, "okay let's see what this is all about. I'll give it chance."

I was pleasantly surprised. The pace was pretty brisk at times and there were some extra movements (side steps, kicks, and arms were added in) that helped add to the calorie burn. I took it up a notch and instead of just walking I added some bounce to my step so I was jogging in place.  I also decided to add some bounce to the side steps and kicks and such to make it more like what I do during turbofire.  If anyone has done TF, there's a part where you do a double bob/knee and jab.  That's what I did during the double side steps - added the bounce like in TF and used similar arm motions.  I did that for a few of the moves - just varied them to make them more intense in a way similar to what I'd done in other programs.

In the end, it wasn't not a bad workout! I actually burned about the same calories doing that as I did during the same time of TF in the morning. I attribute the burn to the increased intensity with the jogging and bouncing around. I do not expect that my results would've been the same had I followed the program exactly as it was.  I was unsure that the pace was actually the equivalent of three miles so I did another 15 min/1 mile video at the end for good measure and counted it as three miles versus four.  I guess for me to totally believe that I'm going a certain distance, I need to be able to prove it... I need to see the mileage on the treadmill or my Fitbit, or Strava telling me that I actually covered the distance that I did.

I'd say this is a good beginner level workout or a workout for someone who loves walking.  Without making it more intense, it would be a nice, light cardio workout. Again, I don't believe I would count on it for the miles, especially if you cannot keep up with the brisk pace, but it's something I'd do again just to get some extra work in or if I wanted to catch something on TV (like the basketball game that handed Michigan State their first loss of the season - should've gone to the treadmill lol). I definitely worked up more of a sweat than I thought I would and burned more calories, but again, I believe this is because I worked to make it more intense.

Today was supposed to be busy again but I had a no-show and my next client was a cancellation. I thought about going back home but I decided to stick around and blog.  I had already planned on doing some in-office pilates during the cancellation time so I'll do that.  I should have time for something a little more intense when I go home at lunch, and I'll probably hit the treadmill for a walk/jog tonight.

I'm working hard to meet my goal of 75 points (I believe I mentioned that in my last post) in my fitness group, which I didn't think I'd reach earlier this week. Five points a day Monday through Thursday and I'll reach it.  My pilates will only be one point because it's not very intense (although it can make the muscles burn!).  Turbofire or Combat (haven't decided what I'm doing yet) should be worth a couple points, then I'll only have to do a 2 mile walk or jog or combo to hit 5 for today.  It'll be broken up but should be do-able.  Tomorrow is questionable. I decided to work until noon to accommodate a couple people and fit in someone who cancelled, but I'm only working until noon. The boyfriend and I  talked about maybe going out of town, which will make my 5 points hard but if we stay home, it'll be easy to do. So with plans up in the air, we shall see!!

I will probably not post again until 2016, so I hope you've all had a fabulous year!!!


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