Friday, January 22, 2016


January has been going pretty well for me...Until this week.  I came down with some virus that's going around and it's really derailed me.  I have continued to workout, but cut back on my intensity. I've done a lot of walking this week.  Today I am feeling better so I got back into Turbofire along with walking. So, yay for that!! Eating hasn't been great... I haven't eaten much but what I have eaten has been comfort food. So that's not so good.  But I had a great week prior to that!!

I don't do resolutions but hit that point again where I'm like "okay...serious business again." Then I got sick. But from when I had a chance to shop and got things organized, I had an awesome like 10 days. Now that I feel better, I will be back in full force, so that should be like tomorrow!! Actually it started to day with a more in-depth workout and my eating has been a little better - healthier and a little more frequent.  So, back on track!

Oh - I DID end up working out at the hotel on NYE - did some running until some guy came in and kinda creeped me out.  He clearly was not someone who runs often but was trying really hard.  I'm like "I'm just trying to run and watch football..." He wasn't like creeper weird, just uncomfortable weird.  This is why I don't hit the gym - I like to be alone and not be watched! That aside, I was happy I got something done.

I am sad to report that I'm not going to do the Princess Half next month. I have had too much difficulty with my achilles so training was not up to par.  I am still waiting to get into the doctor (had to schedule several weeks out so that was a huge factor in my decision.  I want to make sure it's not something more serious before I do any heavy training.  It actually feels better now that I've rested it, but didn't want to push it or wait until the last minute to decide. So I deferred....I'll be doing Princess Half 2017 instead of 16.  I do have another half coming up in April. I've been light on mileage with my runs (obviously since I'm taking it easy). My appointment is in two weeks so I'm starting a 12 week plan on Monday... I can tolerate a few miles without difficulty so I thought I'd be safe to do that until I find out what's up at the doctor. If all is well, I'll be ready to advance my training and right after my visit. I also have a half planned for September. I may have to find one between those two....

I have to admit I've thought, several times, over the last couple weeks, that I should blog. But I just hadn't gotten to it.  Always something else to do... I don't always take time to sit down like I should. And, I enjoy it and wonder why I didn't do it.

Anyway, all is well here.... Hope you are all doing well too!! I'll update soon!!