Friday, February 19, 2016

Lift Heavy, Chicks!

So there's been a long-standing belief that if ladies life heavy weights, they'll bulk up. There's a ton of information out there refuting this but some ladies still want to believe it. I promise you, the ladies who look like body builders get that way intentionally for competitions and such. They do more than an average heavy lift session. They take supplements and work to get to that shape.  Lifting heavy a few times a week isn't going to make you bulk up. We don't naturally bulk up from just lifting heavy.

You know what happens?

You build muscle.

You know what muscle does?

It burns fat.

You know what fat burning does?

You lose weight.

That's what happens when you lift heavy.

Now I should say with what I'm saying next... Results not typical. Bodies are different. Weight loss is faster depending on your starting weight.  Medications you take can impact it. Lots of factors go into weight loss.

Two weeks ago I went to the doctor, naturally I got weighed.  It was not what pretty but I expected it. Part of why I went to the doctor was to address that. The following Monday I started my new plan. I'm nearing the end of week two. So today, two weeks after going to the doctor I've dropped a decent amount of weight. I expected to lose some but not as much as the scale says. Unless my scale is crazy far off (which I'm testing by having others use their scales and then mine when they're over - crazy friend alert!).  I'll see if my scale is close to accurate with other scales and I'll know for sure... But if my scale is accurate, in the last two weeks I've dropped 11.2 pounds. Keep in mind, my lifting is about an hour a day.  I'm lifting as heavy as I can to failure.  I have also not binged (15 days!) and have stayed away from junk.  I'm also sticking to 30-60 minutes of cardio. I workout hard six days a week. Sundays are active rest - yoga, light walking. So it's a combination of things but I really believe that lifting heavy has been a huge factor. Nothing else has changed that much.

So, take me as proof.... Lifting heavy helps you lose weight. Period. The end. Have a nice weekend!


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