Wednesday, February 17, 2016


This post will be short and sweet but I wanted to share my updated.  Today's workout was arms and a 3.5 mile training run.  I have to do workouts in two sessions most days because I just don't have time to do an hour of weights and then 30-60 minutes of cardio depending on what I'm doing. It's probably not the most effective way but my workout times have changed and I have to get it done when I can. I don't mind weights in the morning.  If I give myself half an hour to have some coffee, tend to the dogs, and whatever else, I'm usually awake enough to hit the weights before work.  Early morning cardio, not so much but I'm good with the weights.  Cardio always comes later.  I used to workout after work but my schedule is so crazy and all over the place (and some nights I'm home too late to workout - like I'm tired and want to relax).  Anyway, so I had to do that "fit it in" thing today. Weights went well. I increased some for some exercises, which I've been working toward this week. I really want to go as heavy as I can and hit failure.  

The cardio is the good surprise - my run today was awesome.  I ran for longer periods of time than I have been. My plan has been intervals - and working on speed during the intervals.  Today I decided to run differently... I just let my body do what it wanted.  And I had the best run I've had in a while.  I didn't bump up the pace too much. I did my usual warm-up and then I just ran and a comfortable pace.  I took a couple quick water breaks when I needed them but walking breaks were very few and much shorter in comparison with the running portions.  I'm not sure what caused it but I took pre-workout and  my energy chews during the run so maybe that helped.  Or my endurance is just better. Or the weight lifting is helping condition me. Or a combo of all of the above.  

I guess it doesn't matter what it was, just that it felt good.  I am continuing to feel awesome. 


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