Wednesday, February 24, 2016

That Strange Thing That Happened.

Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day so my workouts were all over the place. I got them done; just had to break them up into three different times. So, I got an hour of legs done in the morning. Legs were torture yesterday.  I added weight and, dang, was it harder than I thought. Who knew what a difference five more pounds could make.  I may have added it too soon... Thinking back I'm not sure what I thought about my form throughout the sets. The first few were okay but I probably should have taken a few pounds off later. I don't know - it's always hard to tell; is it my brain saying "ugh this is too hard" or is it actually more difficult than it should be....Which is correct? Today my legs don't feel as sore as they did last week, so I'm guessing it was more my brain than anything yesterday. So that was done before work.

I had a longer lunch but it was my Papa's 89th Birthday yesterday so I planned to spend some time there. I went home and ran a quick two miles and walked for the remainder of the time to cool down, showered for the second time, and then went to see my grandparents. It was not a scheduled running day, but I just felt like running... I ended up doing some speed work intervals, so that was nice. Anyway, after lunch, it was back to work until eight (Tuesdays is my group night).

I got home just after eight and watched the second half of the Kentucky (basketball) game.  I knew I wanted to get that other 30 minutes of cardio done, so I sacrificed part of the next game (Michigan State) to do Combat 30.

A strange thing happened during combat.

It was easy. Like way easier than last time I did it. I had a hard time getting my heart rate to go up. Even with all the jumping and punching, it didn't go higher than 140.... And that was when I was really pushing the jump kicks just to get my heart rate up.  Mostly it stayed in the 130s.  I was able to work up a sweat with all the jumping around but as far as my heart rate; definitely not as high as during other things.  BUT it was a nice way to end the active part of my evening. I really enjoy  combat but now I'm starting to think that it should be come an extra... Maybe an active rest day activity.  Or maybe I'll just keep tossing it in whenever I decide it would be fun to do.  I guess we'll see.

I'm not sure if it's the weights; the weight loss; the fact that I've been doing harder cardio... OR WHAT, but Combat just felt so much easier and less intense than it had for a while. Strange. Good strange, but strange. Since it was nine in the evening, I didn't take pre-workout. I was actually super tired so it doesn't seem that it should've felt so easy. I guess, for me, it seems like when I'm tired, everything is about ten times harder.  My brain must have just been ready, despite being sleepy. I really like that it wasn't as intense because it didn't keep me up. If I do intense cardio too late at night, I am wired about have trouble sleeping.  I was worried about that before I started but really wanted to get that other 30 minutes in.

I have managed to stay off the scale, despite the fact that I keep wanting to jump on just because I'm curious. I'm working really hard to stay away from it. I have a tendency to get obsessive about loss. If I am on that thing too often, then I'll worry too much. For example, say as of today I haven't lost any weight since Friday. My brain would go "but you were consistently losing, so what's the problem?" Then I'll worry about what I ate over the weekend and if I've flushed away enough sodium, and on and on... Sometimes I push harder to workout more.  It just gets to be too consuming. So I'm really trying to limit it to once a week, on Friday mornings since that's when I started tracking it again. It just really starts to mess with my head... As does the full length mirror. I start to look, almost obsessively, for the changes in my body - even though I know that changes are not seen (especially by oneself) that quickly. It. Takes. A. While.  I'm doing weekly progress pictures just to keep track, but I have to keep hiding the mirror from myself. I had it out last week and then realized, "nope, I can't do this." It triggers me to look at my body and think negative things. So, that's enough of that nonsense. It's only allowed out on Fridays. I keep forgetting to do measurements which are really important, so I'm going to try to remember to start that on Friday as well. I'm bummed that I've forgotten to do that (although that day I went to the doc, I was sick, and measuring wasn't even a consideration). But, that's okay... I'll start here and continue to watch the changes.  I used to measure weekly, which seems to often to me.  I used to do them every couple weeks, or monthly, to monitor progress.  I guess I'll see what I feel most comfortable with when I start.

So that's the update for now... I'm actually quite proud of myself for taking a few minutes here and there to blog again. It's SO much easier to do when I am focused on my fitness and health and weight loss.... When I feel like I'm not giving it my all, or trying, it's a lot harder to write. But when I'm doing good things or have progress to share, it's much easier. This keeps me motivated and helps to keep me on track.  So, I really need to stick with it, even when things are difficult.

Hope your week is going well!!


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