Friday, February 12, 2016

Week One Wrap-Up

I suppose I should be writing this on Sunday because week one of my new lifting plan isn't actually over until then, but I'm far enough into it to be able to post a wrap-up... Or an almost-wrap-up. Whatever.

So my legs aren't as sore today...Just in time for leg day again! Woohoo! Ha.  Actually leg day isn't that bad for me. Since I workout at home, I had to find modified moves that I could do. I don't have a leg press machine or a leg curl machine.  I researched and found that alternate moves for those exercises are lunges and deadlifts.  I use my select techs for the lunges and my bar for the deadlifts. My hammies and glutes are feeling it for sure.  I need to play around with my lunges though. I either need to lunge deeper (although I thought I was going pretty deep) or increase my weight. I didn't feel anything in my quads and considering it's a new routine, I feel like they should've been sore as well. Or maybe my quads are just that strong? I'll play around with it today and see what happens. If nothing else, I can always add a set of another quad exercise.

So in addition to every body part worked this week being sore, I already feel stronger. And tighter. I started this routine on Monday so that's probably more of a psychological thing than an actual thing. But it's okay.... Because I FEEL better.  And feeling good is what keeps me motivated even if the changes won't be seen for a while. I feel happy, strong, and kinda like a bad ass when I'm slinging those heavy (for me) weights around. As far as feeling stronger, I think I am getting stronger. Yesterday I did chest and back again. On Monday I started at one weight and had to decrease by five pounds after a couple sets.  Yesterday I was able to keep at the heavier weight for all the sets.  Maybe stronger. Maybe a better today.  Who knows, but I'll take it and I'll keep working for more strength. It's a long process but one that is well worth it.  I am really loving this program (ask me again tomorrow morning when it's post-leg day!).  Shoulders is on the agenda tomorrow which I'm excited about. I really like working my shoulders and they're one of my favorite body parts. And, the arnold press is one of the moves and that is probably my favorite shoulder move. Please tell me those last few sentences weren't weird.

Eating has been going well... I have avoided junk this week. I've not had any cravings or feelings of wanting to binge.  Last night could've been a trigger day only because I didn't eat enough during the daytime (not enough healthy snacks) and was super, super hungry when I got home and felt like I couldn't get full. I ate a snack before working out (last night was just light  cardio; did my weights in the morning), and then dinner after. I guess it just felt like I had a lot to eat in a short period of time because there was maybe an hour between the snack and dinner (while I walked). But I needed both.  I guess I've been doing so well with eating more frequently and having healthy, filling snacks, that it just seemed like I ate a lot last night.  There've been times when I've felt that way, picked up something quick, and a snack, and whatever else on the way home and binged simply because I couldn't get full.  So, small victory for me - just going home and eating normal, healthy foods. I'm on day eight of my new binge-free streak. Getting sick after binging last Thursday (same reason; on the way home, super hungry and ready for something easy and fast) may have helped with that. I'm really working to be more aware and use the HALT method to assess what's happening in my body that is triggering a binge.

H- hungry. Your stomach is empty and blood sugars are low, so your body sends urgent signals to your brain to hurry up and eat.  Eat a balanced meal.  Eat slowly. Drink tea or water (sip) for about 20 minutes and re-assess hunger.
A- anger, stress, frustration trigger instincts for aggression. Brain seeks to conquer food and get a chemical release.. Instead, do a physical activity (workout, dance, sing to angry music, rant to a friend, even taking a shower can help --- I actually teach these a lot for anxiety in therapy sessions).
L - lonely. Loneliness and disappointment.  Seek comfort food, which can lead to a binge, which then leads to feeling further isolated. Talk to someone close to you, remind yourself of others who care, distraction with a book, movie, favorite show.
T - tired. The chemicals that control appetite can be all messed up when you're tired. Your body is feeling low on energy and may compensate by asking for lots of quick sugars (cravings). Take a nap. Rest.

I would add boredom to this - maybe that goes with the loneliness.  I used to binge when I had something emotional going on. Now I don't really have those feelings of sadness/loneliness, or anger. Sometimes I'd even binge when I was happy, as in a celebration. I was able to control that the first time I lost a lot of weight.  I am also in a different place emotionally so I am not finding myself in need of that comfort as I did in the past. My triggers now are hunger and boredom. Sometimes when I'm tired it's easier to reach for quick things which are usually junk which usually turn into binges. Tiredness is a trigger but not a major one for me. Boredom hasn't been so much of one lately because I have been busy fitting workouts in when I can (now instead of one hour a day I'm up to an hour and a half to two hours; that kills boredom).

Right now my biggest trigger is hunger. I'm working on that by making sure to eat smaller amounts more often and continuing to drink water. Water really isn't a problem though. I drink so much of it that I'd have to drink constantly to make my stomach feel like it's full. I average 12.5 cups/100 ounces of water a day. And that's on a low day. I have been over that all week. Monday was my high day with 18 cups/144 ounces.

Other than work and working out, I haven't done much this week.  Between the two I'm very busy so that's a good thing! I was hoping to get out of town for the day/evening tomorrow but we're under a Winter Weather Advisory and it looks like a ton of snow is on its way, soooo probably not. I wanted to go see Disney on Ice, but not enough to drive in a potential storm. There's a Sunday afternoon show as well, so if the roads and such are decent by then, perhaps it'll be a good day for a drive. Otherwise, no Disney on Ice.  Man... I should call this No Disney February. No half marathon. Now I can't even go watch characters skate around on ice. I do have a 25% off coupon for the Disney store so maybe I'll have to cheer myself up with something small. or that Raw Threads "look like a beauty train like a beast" shirt I've been eyeing for a while now.

Hope you all are doing great and have a phenomenal weekend - oh and happy Valentine's Day!!


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