Monday, February 22, 2016

Week Two Wrap-Up

Week two went super well!!! I think I mentioned in another post that my lifting is improving.  I can lift heavier and I feel like it's transitioning to other areas of working out. I consistently upped my weight throughout the second week and today, the start of the third week, I upped it again.  However, some of the moves I may have gone too heavy because I'm questioning my form. We'll see though later this week.

 I feel that my running is improving again (yay!!!) and I have more energy in my other workouts (generally Turbofire right now).  I mentioned I lost some weight (11.2 pounds).  I am really trying NOT to get on the scale until Friday, as that's the day I went to the doctor. I was very tempted to peek but decided that would not be a good idea, especially considering I must have a ton of sodium running through my body from eating out this weekend.  Which, by the way, I'm really starting to not enjoy again.  I work my butt off lifting and running and whatever else. I torch some major calories. Do you know how bad a restaurant meal is in terms of calories? And, seriously, even those "light meals" at restaurants are not always so light.  My friends and I went out for Mexican on Saturday... Between margaritas and food, it wasn't pretty.  I thought to myself, "I just ingested what I burned." Luckily (?) I was so busy I hadn't eaten much (pre-workout, workout fuel, and a protein shake) so I had a lot of calories to work with. I just don't want to eat back what I burn... It makes me all stressy. And despite the good it does for my body, I feel like all that work is wasted by eating crappy restaurant food.

Hmm...This may be the part where I withdraw even more.  Actually, no. It won't be.  I only get together with this group every couple months so a splurge is okay now and then. I just have to continue to avoid take-out. I feel like my family has gone out a lot lately though because of celebrating various things. It feels like we've met for dinner weekly lately but I'm sure it's not been that bad... I think it's just because we went out two weeks in a row. I think... Something like that. I'd have to look back. BUT the point is that I really need to keep up with the healthy foods. And hopefully next time I go out with friends it won't be the day after going out with family.  I've been downing the water like crazy because I can FEEL the sodium. I know it'll be gone in a day or so, but I really don't like it. I work too hard for this nonsense.

So my two week weight loss was crazy. I don't expect it to continue to be that quick, although it sure would be awesome.  I did not expect to lose 11 pounds in two weeks. I thought that would be more like a monthly thing. I'm sure it was the change in routine that caused such a large loss so fast.  This is not typical. It will not always happen this quickly. However, I'm going to continue to work hard so that loss happens, as I need to continue to lose for quite a while.

After week two I am feeling stronger and still loving my workouts. I haven't gotten bored or felt like "oh I don't want to do this." Not once.  I feel like the old me again... Workouts are not a drag (this wasn't often that they were anyway but some days...). Workouts are one of the best parts of my day. I look forward to them. I'm even getting out of bed earlier for them - even on nights I haven't slept well!! Yes, friends, I am feeling like I am back to where I need to be. Such a huge part of this journey is mental and I am definitely in a good place as far as working out and eating well.

I have to add that I think my pre-workout is helping me to feel more energized during my workouts. I didn't really know that I noticed a difference before but lately I am.  I also am using it more consistently. I take my pre-workout drink about half an hour before I start. I also fuel after weights, before cardio (if it's all done at once) with some energy chews.  I am sure to drink a bottle (22 oz) of water during weights. I also try to drink that during cardio. If it's a longer run day, I'll aim for one half way through and refill.  I think that really paying attention to my hydration is helping as well.  I have protein shakes after workouts which is ending up to be pretty much breakfast since I've been trying to get them done early.

Today was a little bit of an odd day. I did my weights and 30 min of Turbofire this morning. I have a three and-a-half mile run on the schedule for today but at lunch only had time for just over two (had to do that, eat, and shower again before going back to work).  I'm happy to have been able to squeeze that in. Tomorrow will be similar to today - weights an probably a quick turbofire (30 min) in the morning. I'm not sure if I'll get to another cardio or not. It's the night I do group for work. And it's my Grandpa's birthday so I'm going to visit my Grandparents for lunch rather than going home.  I'm not quite sure where I'll fit in more cardio, unless I do it after I get home tomorrow night... Which would be around 8:00. If I'm being realistic, I don't see that happening. I'll have time to do both my weights and miles and the cardio the rest of the week, so I'm not too concerned. AND, I've gotten something done so it's not like I'm totally slacking or something... I would like more but I'm also a realist. Tomorrow will be okay...I keep telling myself that.

So that's the update for now... I'm taking progress pictures but keeping those to myself right now.  I don't really want to plaster too much of myself around the internet. And let's face it progress pictures are generally with lots of skin exposed. I just don't think that's so appropriate. Or what I want anyone to see right now.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!!!! Make it a great week!!


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